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MJ's Death House Auction

Secret Messages on Furniture

11/23/2011 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson furniture auctionSeveral items from the upcoming Michael Jackson death house auction -- including a mirror from MJ's inner sanctum -- contain messages the public was never meant to see ... and now, TMZ has obtained pictures of the secret inscriptions.

The mirror reads "Train, perfection March April Full Out" ... and according to a rep for Julien's Auctions -- the company behind the sale -- Jackson wrote the motivational message to himself in the months leading up to his "This Is It" tour.

The chalkboard on the right contains a heartbreaking message from one of Michael's children -- "I love Daddy. Smile, it's for free!" Both the mirror and the chalkboard have remained undisturbed since the singer's death.

Clearly, neither message was intended for public viewing -- but we're told the items are hitting the auction block on December 17 ... as is.

Check out the gallery for more of the semi-creepy things going up for auction.


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I'm with you Yvonne! It sickens me that the owner's are trying to profit fromthe sale of these items to the MJ Fans! When a lot of the things should be given to MJ3 (if they want any of it) in rememberance of their father! Then whatever the children do not want - then go ahead and sell the remainder of the things. JMO

1035 days ago


This is so sad what a shame !!! Nothing nothing is normal anymore it all about MONEY !!

1035 days ago


I understand that house was rented furnished! The owners of the house own the furniture and they are auctioning it because people who can buy that house don't want it, because of what happened. I understand there was some damage to the alarm system, and they'll probably use the money to fix it.

1035 days ago


Dearest Phantom, Thank you for all your nice Poests of MJ wishing you and all MJ Fans Happy Thanksgiving and a Beautiful Thanks giving to the TMZ Team !!!Wishing Michaels Family a peacefull Thanksgiving!!

1035 days ago

What I Think    

Who cares about the furniture? I want to bid on Wacko Jacko's bones and feed them to my dogs.

1035 days ago


A Beautiful Man lost in Time. Dreamer of Dreams. Every woman's desire. Living walking dancing to his Love filled Songs. The Face, a Mans Face once so perfectly framed like a Alabaster doll.Hair so blackend like a Ravens wing.Smile to make the sun seem Brighter.Dance my Raven beauty prince, my all so once so lost desire. Dance with all your might to make us get lost to another Time.Once so long so far the world was perfect and not so harsh.Now its Heart and Harder it went. Time will tell from this horrible hard events we will on day leave behind.My Raven Prince with alabaster Hands so dance to your Music so perfect and nice a Dream world to create an escape to Music into another Time and another world. My beautiful Raven Prince play, play your songs to our desire Prince. Lets spread our wings so we can take flight to the sounds in the air of a song of love and all time desire.My Dearest lost raven beautiful prince.

1035 days ago


Man you are sooooo cold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cold!!!!!!cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Show some LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

1035 days ago

Rita Bosico    

MJ and kids rented this furnished house.

None of this was MJ's
ALL of it belongs to the OWNER.
THE OWNER is auctioning the items.
It is NOT THE JACKSONS doing the auction.

Think of it this way...
If MJ was staying in a hotel suite
and THE HOTEL auctioned off the stuff in the rooms.

And I have checked the facts.
MJ was never a pedophile. He cared for children - paid for their health treatments, offered them care and therapy and even paid for surgeries and transplants and improved their living conditions in orphanages. he personally visited them bringing them toys that he himself bought and put in the batteries and gave to thousands of kids in hospitals and orphanages to bring them joy and hope. THAT is the truth.
Learn the truth. Michael Jackson came to make the world a better place. I for one know that he did just that.

1035 days ago


Tendrian que conservar las cosas para empezar a armar EL MUSEO DE mICHAEL Jackson ,.No todo es cash en el mundo.I love you Michael Jackson ,forever .Justicia !!!!!!!

1035 days ago


The Art of the Deal............
This story and many of the ensuing comments are why RESEARCHING the FACTS before making statements is SO crucial.....
I'm no advocate for the family, but many posters need to realize that they have NOTHING to do with anything OFFICIALLY related to Michael and his brand. This is the reason they had to call that LAME Tribute to him, "Forever Michael". They have NO RIGHT to his brand/name "MICHAEL JACKSON", and no rights to any of his property for that matter. The Estate owns all things Michael that are part of his LEGAL BRAND: Name, assets, etc. The family owns NADA....
And in any event, NEITHER of the above owned the contents of the Holmby Mansion. Right after Michael died, there were TONS of stories about the owners and the fact that they were selling it. Remember as some posters already stated, MICHAEL WAS ONLY RENTING THIS MANSION which was ALREADY FURNISHED!! Of course, the owners could have given the chalkboard and mirror to PPB, but then what do we expect? Noone would've even looked twice at this auction if it wasn't for those items that show clear ties to Michael. Do you REALLY expect them and Julien's to trade in their GREED for scruples at this point? C'mon now!!
Bottom line, there's been nothing but stories based on people or companies trying to cash in on Michael's name ever since they locked up Murray. It's as if these people are DETERMINED to kill Michael all over again--including so-called "FRIENDS" (read CASCIO,) and family (take your pick.) We were able to celebrate for 2 minutes after they brought Murray to justice, but now it seems there's a whole other WAR waiting in the wings: The MEDIA'S continual degrading of Michael in the news...
Thing is, there are so many things regarding Michael's death that weren't exposed:
-the FACT that he made statements leading up to his death that he would be killed for his portion of the Catalog
-the fact that Murray called his Personal Assistant Michael Amir Williams when he knew he was in distress, instead of calling 911
-the fact that Randy Phillips of AEG and Frank DiLeo just HAPPENED to be at a hotel near Holmby dining together when they got the call about Michael
-the fact that Tohme MATERIALIZED at the Press conference with Jermy to announce Michael was gone and then turn up at Holmby and fire the staff there when he had been FIRED by Michael back in MARCH of 2009...
-the FACT that suddenly Sony has risen as the GIANT of the music Industry after purchasing EMI's publishing Division...
Now if we could only get the Media to quit being the LAZY COWARDS they're known to be and actually do some INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING, we may get a few of these questions answered. But I won't hold my breath and plan to try getting my own answers. After all, the Media is only giving the people what they want....
There's a reason why "Jersey Shore" is one of the most popular shows on TV in this country....OUCH....

1035 days ago


What happens after you die?

1035 days ago


These 2 items in particular should be given to Michael's children.

1034 days ago


Like the note says, "Smile...". It's for "free"dom of spirit.

1034 days ago

What I Think    


Michael Jackson

1034 days ago
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