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Ad Man Defends

Anti-Semitic Billboard

11/23/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The guy who greenlit that "Christmas Quality, Hanukkah Pricing" billboard calls in -- Brian Gordan claims he had no idea Jewish people would be offended, and you gotta see what happens when we tell him ... we ain't buyin' it.

Plus, Congressman Aaron Schock joins us ... and wonders why Jimmy Fallon isn't catching more flack for his mean-spirited welcome to Michele Bachmann?

And Harvey takes a stand -- President Obama's turkey pardon is pure hypocrisy! What do you think?


(3:40) Wodka Vodka puts up an arguably anti-Semitic billboard -- does it make it okay that guy behind it is Jewish?
(16:20) Jimmy Fallon's house band plays "Lyin' Ass Bitch" for Michele Bachmann's entrance -- wrong or funny?.
(18:30) Love or hate her -- Harvey says it was a cheap shot. But ... "lyin' ass bitch" is fun to say.
(20:30) Rep. Aaron Schock calls in -- he's ticked off about the "inappropriate" song and says an apology is in order. 
(22:20) Schock says "lyin' ass bitch"!!!
(28:00) Brian Gordan -- the Jewish guy behind the vodka ad -- is on the phone ... and he doesn't think it's all that bad.
(31:00) Evan -- who's Jewish -- rips into Gordon. You gotta see this!
(37:50) Polygraph expert Dr. Edward Gelb explains how drinking affects the test.
(40:05) Harvey's crazy connection to Gelb -- involving O.J. Simpson! 
(47:05) President Obama pardons a turkey -- which means a pissed off Harvey's going to rant about being a vegetarian.


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my boyfriend is jewish, and he and his friends make fun of it all the time. some are light jokes, some are darker. but that's between friends. honestly, i think people need to learn to laugh at their own religion, but i guess it could have been marketed differently. i still think it was funny though.

1043 days ago


The billboard was wrong and Harvey everyone is predjudice of something (overweight, age, color, religon, etc). Just a sad fact.

1043 days ago


who cares about what fallon played when she walked on stage, what happened on jimmy is nothing, she is a grown woman, she can deal with it on her own, we are making big deals about things that are just stupid, and we aren't paying attn to what really matters, our governments greatest tool is misdirection, while everyone is focused on michelle and fallon, no one is paying attn to the financial crisis and utter failure of our government and how corrupt it is.

1043 days ago


LOL this just kills me. All these nationalities and religions up in arms over any little perceived slight. Try being Scottish. We're portrayed as buffoons in almost every commercial, film or tv show that has a Scottish character. Do we bitch? No we just laugh it off. The rest of them all need to find a sense of humour.

1043 days ago


Why do you have problems with anti-semitism but have no problems ridiculing and denigrating the Amish, Harvey?

1043 days ago


bahaha the pic of the guy on the phone shows him not even holding the phone himself...wither that he has the most feminine awkward hand ever

1042 days ago

Stan Giesea    

I think Jewish comedians and Jewish persons in particular are known for being humourously self-deprecating. As a result, many non-Jews feel justified in stepping over the line. That said, I think the ad was funny and not at all mean-spirited.

1042 days ago


Really, Harvey? Do you scrutinize every story you publish that carefully? If that were so, you would have never published the story about Jack Wagner's daughter with the "no idea" headline or the reference to "foster" parents. Have you published a correction? No. Have you published, a retraction? No.

Any sorry, Evan, even if I agree that the Billboard was offensive, it was you who was disrespectful and stupid in that interview with Brian Gordon.

1042 days ago


Harvey, Harry Truman pardoned a Turkey in 1947, and every president since every year does this. Why comment on Obama alone. Please do your research.

1042 days ago


Mmm Turkey !!

1042 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Hey Fallon you passive aggressive little libf***: How bout using that song next time you introduce your godhead bill clinton? Course not.

Oh & don't you know, NOTHING is anti-Semitic unless it's something so obvious that no one can explain it away. And even then some people will debate it. swastika on a synagogue? Nope. Hate speech directed at Jews? Nope, they're simply expressing FREE SPEECH, right? Also, don't you know that only certain groups can claim being hated? This time around it's the latest flavor-of-the-month cause celebre:The Plight Of The American Muslim. Jews aren't allowed to claim anti-Semitism anymore because they're seen as whining. Yet, criticize their critics' latest pet group & WHOA you should be bannished from the earth & your name defamed for everyone to see! Lemming ********.

1042 days ago

Stan Giesea    

If polygraph tests are so reliable, why aren't they admissable in court?

1042 days ago


The "pardoned" turkeys don't survive very long. They are too fat and ill to last more than a few months. Look it up.

1042 days ago


How horrid. Harvey cuts off an interesting human interest story so he can follow his own whim and talk about eating turkeys. Don't appreciate how you swept Sharon Tate's sister off the line in a second. Unacceptable

1042 days ago


What about the hookers? Should they protest too?

1042 days ago
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