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'Idol' Champ Scotty McCreery

Massive Lip Sync Flub

at Thanksgiving Day Parade

11/24/2011 6:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It was definitely Scotty McCreery's voice this morning during a special performance at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade -- but there was one big problem ... Scotty's lips weren't moving.

It's no shocker singers lip sync at the big parade -- but this morning, the newly-minted "American Idol" winner made it painfully obvious ... when he started "singing" one of his songs just a tad too late.

Check out the clip. It's pretty damn awkward.


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Lame, but not at all surprising.

1066 days ago


Why would a professional singer ever lip-sync?

1066 days ago


Not surprised in the least. It has been common practice for years to have the performers lip-sync at the Macy's parade as a means to avoid any technical abnormalities (i.e. microphones shorting out). I've seen far worse than him at these parades. Hell, look at Shelby Lynne's "performance". Couldn't have looked any more awkward given the fact that they didn't even give her a mic. I don't knock McCreery for this at all, given the fact that he's new to the spotlight and hasn't had much experience pretending to sing at a parade.

1066 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Don't worry the other runner up effed up the Star Spangled Banner on national tv as well in the Packers/Lions game. These songs are sung by 2nd graders on up and they have no effin problem singing them.

1066 days ago


Much ado about nothing....just play the clip with the speakers off and you hardly notice it.

1066 days ago


No surprise at all. ALL of the performers lip-sync at the Macy's parade to avoid any technical issues (mic problems, etc). It's cheesy as hell and utterly pointless as far as I'm concerned. But every year they do it. I've seen far worse lip-syncing than him on these parades. Hell, did you catch Shelby Lynne's "performance" today. Talk about unnatural. They didn't even give her a mic.

1066 days ago


goodness! they've been doing this parade for so long the organizers of this parade should have known by now not to ask the singers to sing during the parade as they have to lip-synch anyway. yeah..embarrassing alright and the twitter people will be like vultures again trying to rip one's reputation because of just one mistake. IMO, this is no big deal. just shows you the singer is really a singer because he is used to singing live and not faking it. and just shows you how pathetic our world has become because we sensationalize even a small mistake/fumbling but we disregard how he or she recovers beautifully.

1065 days ago


Fun fact: almost all performers lip-synch now. Producers with a "products for consumers" mentality got entertainers (notice I didn't use the word "artist") thinking the end performance is more important than the integrity to make it happen.

And they all did it at the parade; Scotty was just the only one caught.

1065 days ago


No surprise. Every performer on the parade lip syncs. There were more just like him

1065 days ago


he sucks.he didnt deserve to win.

1065 days ago


Avril had one too but it wasn't caught close up.

1065 days ago



1065 days ago


Everyone that sang was lip syncing. I saw a few start late.

1065 days ago

Chantell Schultz    

Look we all know that the singers at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade lip sync, right? Is it really that big of a deal if Scotty McCreery made a mistake? I can think of many other singers at the parade who made obvious lip syncing flubs. Cee Lo Green, Mary J. Blige, Shelby Lynne, Zendaya, Michael Feinstein, Neil Diamond, Avril Lavigne, and Savannah Outen were just some of the singers that I saw mess up while lip syncing. If you ask me Shelby and Michael's performances were the worst because there is no way they could be singing so clearly. I'm not trying to defend Scotty's mistake but merely stating there were far more mistakes than him. I feel that people are making this bigger than it really is. Scotty is an amazing singer! And every singer makes mistakes because they're human.

1065 days ago


They were all lip singing. Even the Broadway shows things and all the singers. Even Cee-lo and that Avril chick.

1065 days ago
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