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Amanda Knox

First Thanksgiving Home

11/25/2011 11:26 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Knox was out running errands yesterday in Seattle with her sister and mother ... her first Thanksgiving home since her murder conviction was overturned.

Clearly, she has a lot to be thankful for this year.


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The first verdict was based on a 427-page report. There, six Italian judges provided their reasoning for finding American Amanda Knox guilty of the brutal murder of her roommate.

Are they all incompetent and did they all totally wrong? NO!. The scale tipped slightly towards Knox because of the evidences that some things in the investigation procedure were not done correctly.
But that means, that the reasoning of the first verdict could not be right consistently.

The investigation procedure could not be redone. So Knox was not declared innocent but not guilty as charged. Kercher family left with just a question: who killed Meredith? The prosecution insisted that the claimed absence of "defensive" wounds to the hands meant she had been pinioned by two people while a third wielded the knife.

My opinion: it was Halloween night, girls, also Meredith dressed sexy, Knox and Sollecito, high, had some plans for the night...terrible plans.

1065 days ago

Chris Meyers    

*Rolls his eyes* Yeah Knox and Sollecito had "devious plans". Devious plans my butt, there was no motive, and she was convicted on tabloid garbage which is rampant in Italy, which is why she was later released. Now the subset who visits this site are typically those in society who follow the same kind of tabloid garbage, just American style. Therefore, you people have the proclivity to believe all this inane dramatic BS. All the signs of the murder in that case lead one to believe it is a MALE perpetrator and has strong sexual overtones. That African guy has all the correct markings of the type who would do it.

1065 days ago


GOD FORBID, I am not saying she helped to murder her roommate, but, I am saying she has the expression of someone who has a great deal of regret for not telling the entire truth. According to reports, the Italians no longer wanted the case on their books, because, neither the victim nor th

GOD FORBID, I am not saying she was involved in the murder of her roommate, but, I am saying her expression seems like that of a woman who has not been forthcoming about the truth, as she knows it. It was reported that the victim being English and Ms Knox being American, the Italians were anxious to rid the case from their books. Unfortunately, some unanswered questions will linger for years to come.

1065 days ago


She was railroaded by an over zealous prosecutor in a system that values oratory and presentation more than the truth. In America we take the fairness of our judicial system for granted. As an attorney, Harvey must, undoutbly, concede this. In the US and Britain, perjury is a serious infraction of the judicial system. Based on Viking law,a Nordic culture, there is the belief that the truth is absolute. Mediterranean cultures believe truth is a matter of opinion, "You have your truth, I have mine." It is up to the judge, or tribunal, in those courts to examine and balance these "truths" to find the accurate interpretation. Their task is not to find the truth, but to find a solution. Colorful oratory skill, emotional affect and presentation weigh heavily. The societies are products of Ancient Rome, a society noted for the value of oratory skill, as portrayed in many a Shakespeare drama. He or they(?) was an or were admirer(s) of the drama of Roman oratory that have made those plays what they are today. Amanda Knox has a stoic emotional detached affect indicative of her northern European roots. Such affect can be misinterpeted by more emotional cultures as being inappropriate and a sign of guilt. Please, leave the girl alone. Even the Kercher family doesn't believe in her guilt anymore. They have move further on, and are searching other avenues for the truth.

1065 days ago

Valerie Tyson    

Like getting away with murder.

1065 days ago


She probably looks so pissed off cause some talentless jackoff who calls himself a photographer is invading her privacy. I don;t know if she is a murderer but I know you cant tell that from a picture. a poorly taken one at that.

1065 days ago


Thankful she got away with murder and the press at home has done everything in it power to ignore all the facts. Seriously, your roommate is raped and her throat is slashed while you are in the house and two hours later you are laughing and doing cartwheels in the Italian police station all caught on CCTV. What the hell is wrong with the press in this country. If she wasn't a cute little all-american she be rotting in dark cell

1065 days ago

Chris Meyers    

"The expression of someone who has a lot to hide?" Hahaha You haven't been to Seattle have you? Let me tell you something about the real world, and especially that of LA. People don't go around smiling here like queers for in the middle of the street. That is how people look. Your entire analysis is some female hormonal "theory" as to how she looks in this picture. GOD FORBID heh

1065 days ago


Will you please stop posting pictures of this woman? She's not a "celebrity." Leave her alone and let her move on with her life, in peace.

1065 days ago


Are all the bots off for the weekend? All the comments are about the story not my daily deals on Nike airs =/

1065 days ago


who cares. still think she's guilty. and she is not that good looking. y'all got bad taste.

1065 days ago


GOD FORBID, I am not saying she killed her roommate, but, I am saying if she had been forthcoming about some of the details of her involvement, perhaps public opinion would sway toward her. As it is, much of the public is wary of her integrity. Still, there are unanswered questions as to why a young, attractive woman was so brutally murdered. These are questions Amanda Knox will face for many years to come, unless, she comes forward and state the truth, as she knows it. According to reports, the Italian government wanted this case off their books because the victim, being English, and Amanda Knox being American, they had no reason to hold anyone accountable for the murder. It seems the only interest they had was to get the case out of their country regardless of who may have committed this horrible crime. Thank God, our American system is far more superior to the Italian system. Just don't anyone jump on me because my comments are what has been reported and written about.

1065 days ago

Chris Meyers    

Yah, clearly it's a taste thing. Why can't Amanda Knox be one of the dark haired, large butted, trashy, fat Americans that are seemingly glorified in today's "enlightened" age? You can say what you will about her, but she'd look good in Europe, whereas you can spot every average American from a mile away there. Even the ones that think they're beautiful. The size discrepancy is amazing.

1065 days ago


This poor girl was railroaded by the Italian legal system. Fortunately she was acquitted because the entire case against her was based on bias and here say. As an American that lives in Europe, I've seen first hand what can happen in these kinds of factless-based legal systems. Italy is not alone. But people need to leave her alone. This poor girl rotted in jail for years - for a crime there was absolutely no evidence she committed - and somehow she got past it. Give her a break. Imagine if it was you in an Italian jail cell having been convicted of a crime due to naïveté and because you didn't act the way they think you should.

1065 days ago


If anybody actually carefully reads the 427 page Massei verdict they'll see Amanda and Raffaele are innocent. One example. Computer records place AK and RS at RS's apartment at least to 9:10 according to the prosecution and 9:40 according the defense. Time of death based on digestive analysis was between 9 and 9:30. An Attempt was made to call Meredith's bank at 10 but lacked the country code. Massei tries to assume Meredith was just playing with her phone but the realistic answer the killer unfamiliar with the phone made the call. Meredith's phone then received an SMS at 10:13. Massei again the phone was with Meredith at the cottage. However this is very unlikely because the call was handled by a tower far away near the location where the phone was found the next day and not by the tower across the street that handled Meredith's call. This only gives AK and RS a 30 minute window to travel 10 min to the cottage, meet with Rudy, kill and rape Meredith, then travel another 10 min to dump the phones. Since a semen stain was found at the crime scene this whole course of events is basically impossible. The most likely events were Rudy attacked Meredith around 9-9:15., this gives him at least 45 min to rape and murder Meredith. Then travel to the point where the phones where dumped. All this was in Raffaele lawyer's written appeal. This is one of the many reasons why they were ruled innocent.

1065 days ago
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