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Amanda Knox

First Thanksgiving Home

11/25/2011 11:26 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Knox was out running errands yesterday in Seattle with her sister and mother ... her first Thanksgiving home since her murder conviction was overturned.

Clearly, she has a lot to be thankful for this year.


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I wonder if she'll kill and carve the turkey ?

1063 days ago


I think I see cloven hoof!

1063 days ago


some of you ppl are amazing - i followed this trial from day 1 - amanda was rail roaded, between the totally misahanded dna evidence, the horrible investigation of the crime scene, the horribly long hours of interregation where she wasn't allowed a lawyer, to the fact the DA who prosecuted her was/is under indictment for faking evidence to convict innocent ppl - her conviction was overturned because there was never enuff evidence to prosecute in the first place - look back at this prosecutors history of creating evidence and wild theories of cult and devil worshipers - maybe she doesn't smile cuz she still has trauma, ptsd and nightmares - every one here should be thankful that this has not happened to you, and have compassion for what she went thru

1063 days ago


She looks schizo, somebody get this girl help. She looks she's going to snap.

1063 days ago

Big Daddy    

I assume the other two ladies in this picture are Mom, and Sis. Amanda is used to photogs bothering her, however something new, and unwelcome to the others. I imagine Amanda is tired of this too. Please leave her alone. It's beyond me why people want to get an education in another country. Good way to get roped into their judicial system if you mix with them to much. And try acting like you have rights in these countries. LOL

1063 days ago

Throwback kid    

I don't know if she took part in the murder or not? But there is something very off about Amanda Knox and I get a negative vibe from her. I hope I am wrong but I have a feeling she is going to be in trouble again, maybe with drugs this time?

1063 days ago


She is hot! Something so sexy about her. . .

1063 days ago


To all idiots here talking about "poor" Amanda:

the true victim has been completely forgotten, with all the media's hype about Knox. The true victim is Meredith Kercher,killed in a brutal sex game which went wrong. Her throat had been slit and she had been sexually assaulted.

After Knox and Sollecito have been "freed", Rudy Guede 30 years sentence was reduced to 16 years, because it was not clear if there were other persons involved or not. Very comforting, isn't it?

So nobody really knows who did the crime. What a torture for the Kercher family. It's hard to believe for them, that everybody who partied with Meredith that evening, or saw her, talked to her or lived with her in the same house, where suddenly and by pure chance not there, not even around, when the brutal murder happened. I am not paralyzed by the free-Amanda campaign, sometimes the truth is just as it obviously seems.

1063 days ago


I have not read the court transcripts. And I admittedly do not know much about the murder or the trial. But, like many others, I do not believe her complete innocence. Just something in her defiant look in almost every picture I see of her that reads, "yeah? prove it." I will agree she has a lot to be thankful for - she's home, she's loved AND she's alive.

1063 days ago

Mr, Know it All    

This innocent girl was released from prison after four years in hell. Most people would be pretty damn upset if some lame photographer jumping out every time you step outside your home and snaps your picture. Of course the slime balls at TMZ are quick to buy the photo and put it on this site. Time to leave her alone Harvey Levin. Karma is a bitch.

1063 days ago

Chris Meyers    

Hah I love white people. Yah, she must be "schizo", look at her. Yeah, if I were wrongly convicted of a crime, suffered enormous amounts of stress, lost weight, came back home and had to deal with being stalked by "journalists" whose job consists of taking pictures and then writing one line as an "article", I would be more than just glancing coldly. I'd take a tire iron to the photographers, the cameras. That would give the prissy little politically correct feminized society some fits wouldn't it? Wonder what you'd say about me?

1063 days ago


She has had a traumatic experience,no doubt.

1063 days ago


Did she kill the turkey too?

1063 days ago

Chris Meyers    

And really what more can you say about a society that seemingly feels completely comfortable and assured that appearances and meaningless physical appearances and desires are the only thing important. They've removed morality, they're removed any order in society, and turned everybody into people who make all judgments based on pictures. Now I could simply state that if you look at before and after pictures of Amanda before and after her incarceration, that MAYBE she looks a little bit different (and has lost a whole lot of weight) because of the incredible stress. You think? And to think this materialistic society worries so much about physical everything when they are the fattest, more slovenly they have ever been. It's like they don't even know that they can't put on enough make up to ever make up for that.

1063 days ago


What??? No staged photos of Casey Anthony on Thanksgiving, paid for by TMZ and the morons who think it's funny to dress like a murdered 2 year old on Halloween???

1063 days ago
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