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Kris Humphries

I'd NEVER Sue Kim Kardashian

11/25/2011 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries has no plans to sue his estranged wife Kim Kardashian
Kris Humphries has no plans to sue his estranged wife Kim Kardashian over upcoming episodes of "Kourtney & Kim Take New York" ... sources close to Kris tell TMZ.

A report surfaced this week saying Kris was planning on filing a $10 million lawsuit against Kim because of how he expects to be portrayed on the show and because he has a larger role in it than originally planned.

As first reported by Gossip Cop, Kris has no plans to sue Kim. Sources close to Kris tell TMZ he still loves her and their relationship right now is "cordial."

According to our sources, Kris is worried that the show will make him look worse than he really is ... but he understands he has no control of it.


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Kris H is a classy guy    

Kris H you are one classy dude. This is what you call love. I believe you love her, otherwise you would sue her for every dime she has. To bad she can't see this. I was a huge KK fan. I watched your weddig and thought this was a life long commitment for sure. I do not believe in divorce. For better or worse for richer or poorer I am in it till the end. I have been married for over 20 years. It has not been an easy time, but when you love someone and make this huge a commitment, you give it everything you have to make it everlasting. She will realize some day that you are the best thing she ever let go. God will bless you my brother. Keep the faith and you will be justly rewarded.

1027 days ago


56,000 and still going!

1026 days ago


The BRAND is DEAD!!!!!!

1026 days ago


Kris you're an idiot. Get back your ring and run this bitch through the courts.

1026 days ago


No worries Kris, we all know you got caught up in the Kardashian machine. You are not the one who looks bad right now, Kim killed the brand with the way she has treated you! I for one will never watch another episode of the KKK shows.

1026 days ago


Well, Kris if she edited the script to make her look like a victim, I would set the record straight. Sueing her isn't the right method. Just state that you are very upset how the editing is taking place. And you don't feel that it is very fair for her to be doing it.

1026 days ago


Kris Humphries should be thankful he still has a **** after ******* that ugly whore

1026 days ago


Sue the living hell out of them. Why do you want to look like such a jerk. You shouldn't even sign the divorce papers..Make a fool of them, as they did to the public. Unless you knew what you were getting into.

1026 days ago


It is EXTREMELY obvious that she is going to make him out to be the ******* in the relationship... Spoiled fat a$$... I can't stand any of them - well Rob kind of won me over on Dancing With the Stars, but Kim, Kloe and Kourtney show us all how stupid they really are every time they even open their mouths...

1025 days ago


Oh, and by the way mama Kardashian - the engagement and wedding ring should go back to Kris - I believe that in the state of California those are purchased with the expectation of an actual marriage - not the PR stunt that this on was... And because - lets face it - this wasn't actually a real marriage to your spoiled brat - she has no right to the rings...

1025 days ago


I watched tonights episode of Kim and Kourtney take New York. How Scott and Kris H. take these ladies silliness is beyond me. Kourtney wants to keep Scott on a chain and to stay around the house, however, when he is there, she treats him like a child. They don't sleep together and haven't for a long time, however she wants to keep tabs on him. Regarding Kim, The same goes for her. She put up more of a fight for the Austrailian guy leaving back in the Spring than she put up for her husband leaving. Kris H. Has had to put up with a lot being in this family. Kim stated in tonights show that she needs her own space, well why did she get married. She and her sister treat these men like puppets and when they speak up, they turn around and make it about the guys, putting the blame off on them. They don't need husbands they need puppets jump Scott - how high Kourtney ---Jump Kris - how high Kim. May I go to the bathroom Kim no, wait 2 or three minutes. I don't know what the next shows are going to be, however you can bet that it will portray these men as puppets. Stand up for yourself and bid farewell!!!!

1025 days ago


Every time I read any comments about the Kartrashians, 99% of the comments are negative. What I want to know is how are they staying so popular and relevant? Will they EVER go away?

1025 days ago

steven katona    

i'd love to pound that ass. he's a fool but you know what??? he'll be able to get all that cheerleadin ass he wants cause NBA is starting up again. so who cares? he's finally single but was she awesome in bed???? maybe so. he aint complaining that much. maybe she's good in bed and now he's a superstar again she'll want him back. he'll get some groupies and she'll get jealous. i'd date her in a second but only cause i can handle a woman of that caliber. you gotta be a superstar to be able to tame a wildcat of that magnitude. i've seen her in action. she reminded me of a few ex's i had maybe worse. her spells and charms have no effect on me. all that glitters aint gold and just like kris i too probably would love to tax that ass so its not about the money. its just that she's not ready to be tamed. keep an open relationship kris. make sure you have many girlfriends to help you forget about this kardashian nightmare! i know kris will find love again. maybe by next playoffs. but in the meantime. kim's romantic adventures should start becoming apparent. where the hell is tmz with the insider scoop???? where's kris with the insider knowledge to bring forth some new gossip on this superstar!! who's she dating now????? who's the secret lover????? what's kris's suspicions??? fans wanna know!!!

1025 days ago


i think its frikin hilarious b/c Kris Humphries is one of the rudest,most inconsiderate, and self-absorbed people i may have ever seen on a reality show or seen ever. He will probly sue b/c E! wasnt suppose to film too much of him b/c it wud show who he truly is-a big ****. And if I was Kim I wud b so embarrassed about who he is, that i actually married him that i wud want to sue him for making me look like more of an ass than i really am for being with that jerk. Not sticking up for her by ne means cuz i dont care but wen ever i see him on tv, i just want to shove my hand threw the tv and slap the **** out of him for being such a **** and then slap her for being such an idiot to actually like, love, then marry that douche

1025 days ago

trainwreck voyeur    

These Kardashian people are all pathetic! It’s time for them to all go away.

Kris H., you made a huge mistake, consider yourself lucky you only wasted 11 months of your life on this POS family. Live and learn.

1025 days ago
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