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Kris Humphries

I'd NEVER Sue Kim Kardashian

11/25/2011 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries has no plans to sue his estranged wife Kim Kardashian
Kris Humphries has no plans to sue his estranged wife Kim Kardashian over upcoming episodes of "Kourtney & Kim Take New York" ... sources close to Kris tell TMZ.

A report surfaced this week saying Kris was planning on filing a $10 million lawsuit against Kim because of how he expects to be portrayed on the show and because he has a larger role in it than originally planned.

As first reported by Gossip Cop, Kris has no plans to sue Kim. Sources close to Kris tell TMZ he still loves her and their relationship right now is "cordial."

According to our sources, Kris is worried that the show will make him look worse than he really is ... but he understands he has no control of it.


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Kris needs to run for the hills and not the ones on her back. The only mistake he made was signing a deal with the devil and her family because it looks like they are trying anything to make him look bad and Kim the victim. Sorry Kardashians we aren't that stupid! Look how they treat Bruce..... sad.

1009 days ago


First of all, NO Show can make you look BAD if you don't do and say stupid shyte. He knew who he was marrying point blank, he should not have called her stupid or fat. Ofcourse they are going to show all the bad stuff now that it is over. If he was a wonderful man who said wonderful things, this would not happen. Then they would have to cut, paste and lie to make him look bad. He brought this on himself...talking bout 2 years ago no one knew who she was!! He is a dufus who should apologize and beg and grovel to try to get her back. Plus I am no Kardashian fan, I just call em as I see em. Lamar is playing is Scott. Why he think he can be the man when Leather face Jenner is not even the man..Duh

1009 days ago

jordan miles    

kris (mom) was in the middle of their relationship, if u saw kims fairtytale wedding u can clearly see the mom helping kim pick wedding gifts, when it shouldve been kris hump. and kim! kim wanted to change her last name and the mom went nuts about it. the mom isnt a mom, never has been all she cares about is the kardashia brand, not family.. she has to control everything even bruce's money. thats y bruces kid*****e him cause of who he has become, no balls and no back bone.. with a cheap ass facelift gone bad!!! when i first saw the kardashian i didnt like khole cause she was very bitchy but u can clearly see her and lamars marriage is real.. kim is a fame whore, lay on her back do whatever it takes to get what she wants. they should stop making the kardashian shows, they clearly need a reality check.

1009 days ago


all the more reason to sue her, u moron!

she's in it for the Fame & money! She USED & abused you - now SUE HER!

1009 days ago


****tt for brains still hasn't figured out he was the plot line for season 4. What a loooozer!

1009 days ago


...It's pretty clear the man is still in shock.

1009 days ago


"E" needs to cancel this show. I am boycotting the whole network util this self centered pack of spoiled babies lead by their money grubbing no talent self centered ego bulging "mother" is off of the air.

1009 days ago


They are sooooooo gonna edit him to make him look like the bad guy. And not once will there anything bad about Kim. They have absolute power and they will have no mercy on this guy. Shame.

1009 days ago


Everyone NOTICE the comments for Kim Kardashian are reducing. Good news!


1009 days ago


I don’t care what he’s saying now I promise you Kris Humphries will sue Kim Kardashian. No one knew who he was until he got with Kim. I didn’t even know the guy was in the NBA and on top of that “the lock out”. I don’t see this guy sitting in a corner and staying silent for long.

1009 days ago

Basset Wrangler    

Join our class action lawsuit Kris. Maybe we can all make a few bucks off of your nightmare.

1009 days ago


He actually SHOULD sue her... you know she is going to edit the show to make it look like he is the bad guy and try to make him look awful. She is SO GROSS and has absolutely NO CLASS. I have zero respect for her

1009 days ago


more spin from the trash clan

1009 days ago


i think its pretty obvious that humphries signed contracts prior to dating and marring her to keep his mouth shut. they're going to make him look as though its all his fault when all the editing is done. i hope he at least gets decent money in the divorce. too bad humphries wasn't smart enough to have an attorney before dating or marrying her to protect his rights. sick of the way all the kardashians get away with all that they do and make millions doing so.

1009 days ago


Who'd you rather? Kris Humphries in Playgirl or hairy baboon butt in Playboy?

1009 days ago
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