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Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

Cuddling on the Beach in Hawaii

11/26/2011 10:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart
Jennifer Lopez and her new boy toy BF Casper Smart continued their Thanksgiving weekend romp in Hawaii, cozying up on the beach this morning ... in the first photos of the couple since word of their relationship got out.

Wonder who picked up the tab on this trip?


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Best thing Ben did was to say, "No Thanks!" to this crazy lady.

1004 days ago


OMFG!!!! These have to be old pictures TMZ, from Halloween? They have to be in costumes. There is no way any man in his right mind would go out in public looking like that, unless it was a costume. And shame on JHo. You are a wealthy, world famous celebrity and you are dating your back up dancer? Are you that hard up for love that you would date, let alone be seen in public with this total wannabe, poser dork? By the way, it is Jasper, not Casper.

1004 days ago


how old is this woman? she needs to grow the hell up...i'm feeling embarrassed for her kids

1004 days ago


Just need to say thank you Harvey and TMZ. On a regular basis, you show me how truly f-ed up these celebrities are, and in the grand scheme of things,(I may not have a lot of money, power nor fame) my life does not seem so bad.

1004 days ago


What is particularly disturbing is that for many out there, J-Low is a representative of Puerto Rican women and people who don't know any better, look at this hair-bleached, nose-jobbed, skanked out Hollywood whore and say..."yo, yo, that's a Rican chic.

The reality is that J-Low represents ghetto living, ghetto breeding and ghetto low-life. She is a disgrace to Puerto Rican women who on the island are quite beautiful and don't hover over men with their legs spread 24/7. Que cafre sucia!

1004 days ago


she has poor taste in men. He AIN'T cute and Mark "what's his face" looks like Skeletor. EWWWWWW

1004 days ago


Seems to me she is just a woman who doesn't know how to be alone. She must love that "in love" feeling, and when the butterflies and excitement goes away she's off to the next.

1004 days ago


She has the worst taste in guys.
Looks like she's turning into Madonna also

1004 days ago


Where are her kids? aren't her kids more important than running from one man to another one? Can anybody just stay single for their kids' sake

1004 days ago


Shame on you JLO!!! What kind of mother are u? I used to like you, now you just disgust me...Grow up!

1004 days ago


How charming....mother of twins dating someone young enough to be her son....Aren't we proud. NOT.

1004 days ago

bring back recent posts the references to Jlo and her affiliation whatever it is..too scientology...don't forget for a second..she couldn't give a crap about it..she is only involved on whatever level it is..because of biz...Cruise/Travolta/Smiths...allllllll run the big guns...she is smart in that way..just broke up with hubby cause he didn't want their kids in a scientology school..well..should have thought about that b4 gettin her preggers...she is doin what is best for her career!!!!!!!!!!!...she'll never change..just saying

1004 days ago


JLO apparently has insecurity issues. I no longer like her. No class!!! Next she'll be wearing tattoos all over her arms and neck. Hollywood is filled with a lot of dysfunctional morons!!!

1004 days ago


JLo knows it's never too early in her childrens lives to learn through JLo's example that it's OK to be an adulterous ho-e-poo.

1004 days ago

emily lopez pen    

ewww shes gross

1004 days ago
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