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Lindsay Lohan

Killin' It at Morgue Duty

11/26/2011 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan at the Morgue
Maybe structure is exactly what Lindsay Lohan needed -- because TMZ has learned she's not only on pace to complete her court-ordered stints at the morgue ... she's WAY ahead of schedule.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Lohan has already completed 10 of her 12 required morgue duty shifts -- impressive considering she still has another THREE WEEKS to spare.

In fact, we're told Lindsay doesn't just plan to knock out the remaining two shifts by the Dec. 14 deadline -- but she also wants to get a head start on the hours she has to complete by her 2nd status hearing.

Law enforcement tell us ... Lindsay has a pretty damn good reputation at the morgue -- polite, hard-working and never complains about the work.

Judge Sautner had said her sentence essentially put the keys to Lindsay's freedom in her own hands -- and at this point, it looks like she's making the most of her opportunity to stay out of the clink.


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Canada Guy    

OK TMZ, I'm confused. Your last post on Lindsey, you said she was pranked at the morgue because she was arrogant, rude and only talked to people when she had to.
Now you say she is polite and hard working.
Is a bit of consistency too much to ask from you?

960 days ago

AGENT smith    

I just wanted to say that if it is true Lindsay is doing a great job. TMZ needs to be more responsible in their stories and not so vague about their "law enforcement sources". I guess that means that TMZ paid someone who works at the Coroners office(not law enforcement) for the information or at the probation department. I don't think that Radar or any other sites will touch this story.

960 days ago

Red Cloud    

Poor, poor non-fan*****ers. Gotta feel pity for the poor buggers!! She's complying and that means her career is getting back on track. She's trending up, not down. No jail, just Leno, Letterman, movie deals, fashion gigs, etc., etc....and big money. Check out the news about how so many more people would rather have lunch with Lindsay than Kim K!!!!!!

Check out the Fiore site. they scored a new director, so the movie WILL happen. And Lindsay is still on board.

960 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I can buy that she has been going to CS. Hef and his huge payday I think have her on a short leash, and Lindsay Lohan is all about the money. She would not do CS because she is responsible, or it is the right thing to do, she does it for money. In a twisted way, she is being paid to do her CS.
No photos? She did not call the paps. They don't follow her, she calls them.

960 days ago


It's about time that Lindsey takes the Judge's orders seriously. Her wanting to get a head start on for her 2nd status hearing doesn't show me anything other than her determination to do what she wants to do, when she wants to do it and to hell with the Judge's timeline.

960 days ago


Exactly right Grandma Cracker,
A very short leash and money danging at the end of it.....A no photos and papz because its part of the deal.......
Funny how they want you to believe that the papz have a radar that lets them know when she leaves big as LA is the only way they find her is if she lets them know were and when and even how or goes to places she knows they will be....or on occasion like last weekend one of them gets lucky.......LOL

960 days ago


good to hear a report of good instead of bad,give credit to ones that try and help ones who try to make a better life for there self,we all have problems some just stay in the closet and others come to light,Lindsay i hope you try to make a difference for your self and people that gossip,well there life is bored and they judge others and should look at there selves.i hope you stay on track and get a good friend who will listen to you,not because they get paid to ,but because a true friend will be there for you,any time of news likes to focus on the famous because thats what they get paid for,and negative stays on tv longer then good news.i hope you stay focus and may GOD BLESS you and watch over you,i do admire your courage, your hard work has begun to pay off, tabloids are starting to publish good news instead of go girl

960 days ago


This is a bogus story. She DOESN'T have a good reputation at the morgue, in fact she takes numerous cigarette breaks & complains non stop.

960 days ago


Whether or not she does this community service without getting in more trouble shes done for good no going back. Nobody will ever hire her to be in a popular film again. Lohan would of faded away years ago the only reason why shes still talked about is because shes a pathetic loser whos a criminal, and drug and alcoholic. She was never a good actress in the first place the teen movies she did were ok but all the films shes done as a adult have all flopped or gone straight to DVD. Shes just like all the other actresses that had a good career going for them and blew it like Tara Reid, and Micsha Barton. She just needs to go away now shes a joke. As soon as this community service is finished she'll be back to her old ways drinking, drugging, driving drunk, wearing no knickers, and clubbing people like her will never learn.

960 days ago


TMZ whitewashing the tale.
The L.A Times reports that L.A. County Morgue attendents have repeatedly complained that Lindsay 1) takes way too many smoke breaks, and 2) spends way too much time tweeting instead of working.

Why does TMZ characterize this as "hardworking?"

960 days ago


good job watch the cops they are not cool and the law suck get a mm card ask your doctor ok i have to

960 days ago


For the avator fans......mine is a fully blossomed antique rose that is just starting to get a little ragged around the outer edges....sort of like me...... and its apeally named
" Appalachain Lady "
Though my hubby thinks the Dragon one suits me better.....LOL

960 days ago

AGENT smith    

My humble opinion is that there would have been multiple pictures posted on the internet of Lindsay there. CS starts at 8 am and is a thirty to sixty minute ride for Lindsay. The photographers only have to wait at the Coroners office from maybe 7:15 till 8:00am and if they get a shot of Lindsay Harvey will pay them $250-$500 for it.

960 days ago


ilovegossip: 42 minutes ago
Nicole, it only came out in court that she had done 22 hours, nobody had stated it prior to then, not even "sources".

Yes they did
. Judge Sautner is going to be extremely unhappy when she learns how much community service Lindsay has completed. Sources connected with the Probation Department tell us, as of September 30, Lindsay logged a grand total of 21 hours,

960 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Now Michael Lohan is story #1 and Lindsay Lohan is story #2 on TMZ. Dina must of needed a payday.

960 days ago
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