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Lindsay Lohan

Killin' It at Morgue Duty

11/26/2011 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan at the Morgue
Maybe structure is exactly what Lindsay Lohan needed -- because TMZ has learned she's not only on pace to complete her court-ordered stints at the morgue ... she's WAY ahead of schedule.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Lohan has already completed 10 of her 12 required morgue duty shifts -- impressive considering she still has another THREE WEEKS to spare.

In fact, we're told Lindsay doesn't just plan to knock out the remaining two shifts by the Dec. 14 deadline -- but she also wants to get a head start on the hours she has to complete by her 2nd status hearing.

Law enforcement tell us ... Lindsay has a pretty damn good reputation at the morgue -- polite, hard-working and never complains about the work.

Judge Sautner had said her sentence essentially put the keys to Lindsay's freedom in her own hands -- and at this point, it looks like she's making the most of her opportunity to stay out of the clink.


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AGENT smith    

I'm calling this a victory for OCCUPY BIEBER, OCCUPY HILTON movement Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!

1063 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

I really have no opinion on this. We have been fed false stories mixed with the truth so many times before. But, I do lean towards it is true and the playboy short leash theory.

1063 days ago



1063 days ago


Jesus Christ, TMZ -- 10 shifts is two f*cking regular 40-hour work weeks, or one pay period, and you act like her ability to complete that's just the biggest f*cking deal ever, please wipe her a** a little more will you.

1063 days ago


Is it possible that Lindsay has finally become an adult? It is possible although highly unlikely. Lindsay only complies with the Court requirements when forced to do so. The theory that Hef has required that Lindsay toe the line is one possibility. I have another. Lindsay cannot leave Cali without the permission of the Court/probation dept. Undoubtedly, Lindsay wants to go to NYC for Xmas and New Years. If she is not making a good faith effort to comply with Sautner's requirements, it is doubtful that Lindsay would get permission.

1063 days ago


Off to chop up some left over turkey and throw together a turkey salad for lunch ...I'm bound and determined to use up all that bird this time....both my hubby and the dogs are giving me sideways hubby because his turkey craving is taken care of for this year ..............and the dogs cause ther"re pissed that I havn't given the leftovers to them ........but (evil grin ) I just can't throw it out so somebody has to eat it (wink, wink,wink,)!!!!!!!
Done break the swing set while I'm gone....

1063 days ago


Yeah, maybe we need to stop ragging on her. hint hint TMZ

1063 days ago


NICOLE - Do trees grow right-side-up in your world?

1063 days ago


LOL tells you the state of our society. Trollers thumbing down and bashing folk wishing this YOUNG girl well and thumbs up for evil mother f*ckers hoping she fails. What's the state of your soul? I think you're all more lost than Lohan.

1063 days ago

george fudge!    

Sounds like her father may be doing his own 'morgue duty' sooner or later, maybe Blowhan will get a chance to clean out a refrigerated space for him.

1063 days ago

bird brain    

there are pictures of Lindsay Lohan at the morgue eating and smoking i thought there was no food at the morgue that is why they didn't accept those cupcakes

1063 days ago


Lindsay's current judge is fair and insightful, yet no pushover. She was smart to recognize that Lindsay's problems go beyond substance abuse and make her get therapy, as well as make her attend those shoplifting classes, and also to recognize Lindsay's need for structure so that Lindsay can pace her sessions well and doesn't put them off until they become overwhelming. She probably lacked structure in so many areas of her life for so long that she didn't know how to structure her time by herself and has really benefitted from having this judge.

1063 days ago


omg! this chick is full of **** y does tmz waste time reporting news abt her. she should be in jail not on the streets. she and kim k r bad infulence to the upcoming youth

1063 days ago


a better wig.

1063 days ago

Ellie G    

She is a saint I tell ya, a saint! Bahahahaha...Quack!

1063 days ago
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