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Lindsay Lohan

Killin' It at Morgue Duty

11/26/2011 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan at the Morgue
Maybe structure is exactly what Lindsay Lohan needed -- because TMZ has learned she's not only on pace to complete her court-ordered stints at the morgue ... she's WAY ahead of schedule.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Lohan has already completed 10 of her 12 required morgue duty shifts -- impressive considering she still has another THREE WEEKS to spare.

In fact, we're told Lindsay doesn't just plan to knock out the remaining two shifts by the Dec. 14 deadline -- but she also wants to get a head start on the hours she has to complete by her 2nd status hearing.

Law enforcement tell us ... Lindsay has a pretty damn good reputation at the morgue -- polite, hard-working and never complains about the work.

Judge Sautner had said her sentence essentially put the keys to Lindsay's freedom in her own hands -- and at this point, it looks like she's making the most of her opportunity to stay out of the clink.


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Commit to attend the next fundraising star-studded celebrity event and make that giant donation now. The injustice of last July 6th will be vindicated no matter what the cost, and Linds will stop at nothing to make sure this happens, so she's selling her products right there on the Courthouse steps.

What better place than a glittering gathering of important celebrities to sell Lindsay Lohan-brand cat litter? This stuff is certainly well-thought-out. While it seems to be a bit more powdery than conventional litter - and the cats tend to leave behind thousands of tiny white paw prints, it does keep your pets occupied - for days at a time. AND, the need for cat food is greatly diminished, too. Bonus.

At one million dollars per 2-kilo package, it shouldn't be difficult to cash in on as many sales as Linds (DUIna) wants, and it’s simple for Linds’ skilled team of research engineers (DUIna) to manufacture. The product itself seems to be available in bulk directly from Bolivia. AA Ali wanted to be there too, but DUIna convinced her to keep working on her next multi-platinum award-winning billion-selling album.

1028 days ago


Your right about one thing Julie, the Lindsay Lohan product that Lohan Inc is selling is ruined , out of shelf live, finished, done...Know body wants it....As for the person Lindsay Lohan if she ever wants to be sucessful in life she has to sperate herself from that product and all its faults and defects and let the public foreget it and all its bad reputation....and reinvent herself...and a new better product...with NO connections to the old...Unless she is willing to do that and Lohan Inc lets her do that she will always be associated with that bad product.......but if she keeps trying to ride on that reputation she won't ever sucess....which ever Lindsay she claims to be....
Just as you would say the name Hiedi Fliess....she will always be the Hollywood madam or the scandel that is over 15 yrs ago....though she has left that life behind it still follows her around and is brought up every time someone say her name....She created that reputation and is living the conequences of it today just as Lindsay will have to live with her ruined reputation for the rest of her live.....

1028 days ago


Let's see how long this lasts.

1028 days ago


Linds is the female equivalent of Troy McClure in the real world.

1028 days ago


Woot ! She is good at Morgue Wrk. Great Future.

1028 days ago



do you read what you have are arguing with you self......
Hiedi Fliess is no weaker then Lindsay Lohan her her blaming others for her reputation what the hell do you like Lindsay does ....she has never ever taken responiablity for one thing that has gone wrong in her life...its always somebody elses fault, the police's fault, the judge's fault, the jewerly stores fault, etc etc....
She is the one who is the architect of her own bad reputation....she is the one who doesn't follows rules, she's the one falling down drunk, shes the one screwing men in open windows while snorting drugs, she's the one , no one else....
And she is the one who has to change no the public. but herself....Like your mommy told you as a child you are labeled by your actions and it sticks like glue for the rest of your life....
So nobody is buying this new reinvented Lohan triap so try again.........

1028 days ago


Then I guess my tatoo would have to say " Here's the woman whom I wanted to be..." after all at 65 If I ain't got there yet I'm leaving it dam short ain't I ?? LOL

1028 days ago


You may as well be yourself because everyone else is already taken :D

1028 days ago

Red Cloud    

It's obvious some of you here cannot deal with the fact that Lindsay seems to be getting it together and complying. TMZ spoke with law enforcement sources. Why would TMZ lie about that???? A few weeks ago Harvey was certain Lindsay would not comply and he was telling a caller on the live broadcast no way will she comply!!!!! Why would he suddenly change his tune? It is far more likely this story is true than not. Her legal troubles will be over....SOON!!!!! Next, TV appearances and big screen!!!!


Drink? Don't drive.

1028 days ago


Hope she keeps it up. Who knows? Maybe something has finally clicked with her. Everybody has a different point at which the light dawns.
She certainly needed a strict community service schedule set up, so she should thank the judge for that. Did she have to stay in town for Thanksgiving again? Did she ask to leave and was denied? If so, she should thank her probation officer for that. That would have helped her realize that if she wants a chance to visit family in New York for Christmas, she needs to get ahead on the community service. Did Hugh Hefner really tell her "no pictures in the mag if you're in jail and then no money"? If so, she should thank him for that. Did Shawn submit her humongous bill and tell Lindsay that she'll need to get another lawyer for her "next case"? If so, she should thank Shawn for that. Every bit of motivation helps.
Now if there were just a way to definitely keep Lindsay away from booze and other drugs... If she could just be stone cold sober for a long enough time (at least a year or more, we know shorter periods don't work for her), her remaining brain cells might start routinely functioning well enough that she wouldn't need all this adult supervision. But this is certainly the most hopeful Lohan story I've read in a long time. Maybe she will make it through this time after all.
We'll know that Lindsay is fully recovered from the insanity of the past few years when she's able to admit to everything she's done and sincerely apologize to all the judges and others she has aggravated for both her own words and actions and what she has allowed others to say about them (yes, that includes the Linnocent crowd). That's probably many years in the future, but that will be the sign she's really healed. Nevertheless - just keeping up with her community service sentence as ordered is an excellent start on that particular journey. Baby steps, as they say.

1028 days ago


aussie Australian

1028 days ago


Thank You Jwoolman,
very nicely put.....reputation and respect isn't easily regained once its lost or tarnished...Lohan Inc seem to think that is should be instantly restored the moment she finely does something right..and as takes time as in months and years to regain it not minutes and days or weeks......she needs to earn it...and that takes time and intend.....Lohan Inc doesn't understand that.."They want it Now" like the commerical....It ain't gonna happen........

1028 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

ketjo: 23 minutes ago
A dear Lady I meet years ago died this week of a massive stroke in Ireland at her home Dragonshold....
You got the honor of meeting Anne McCaffery? Ok, this is something I AM jealous over. She was brilliant and her passing is such a loss. I was weeping when I heard the news of her death.

1028 days ago


You know, everyone screws at some point in their life. Yah, she's done it a lot, but doesn't mean she can't change. Everyone has the ability to change. I think it's great that she is doing so well there. I would really like to see her walk away from Hollywood for a while and just work a normal job. It would do her a world of good.

1028 days ago


Looks like Miss Lohans found herself a new career workin at the morge.

1028 days ago
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