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Sublime with Rome

Yeah We Fought

... But We're NOT Broken Up!

11/26/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sublime with Rome
Don't panic ... Sublime with Rome is NOT calling it quits, despite an on-stage blow up at a concert in Hawaii earlier this week ... TMZ has learned.

Fans were shocked when drummer Bud Gaugh stormed off the stage in Maui on Nov. 20 -- after hurling profanities at the band's manager, Mike "Cheez" Brown.

TMZ spoke with Cheez ... who tells us the drama began when he grabbed his guitar to play a song with the band at the end of  the show, as he's often known to do.

But this time, Cheez says, Bud had an issue with the performance -- and screamed at Cheez to get off the stage. Bud then got the crowd to chant, "Go home Cheez."

Cheez, surprised by Bud's reaction, remained on the stage -- but Bud stormed off. The band, stunned by the outburst, completed the show without the drummer.

Now, sources close to the band tell TMZ ... the guys have buried the hatchet -- after laughing about the incident the following day.

As for Cheez, dude tells us he plans to stay off the stage for a while ... until Bud gives him the all-clear to play with the group again.


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I wish this band would just go away. I hated them in the 90s, in no small part because of what a loser the lead singer was. When he died I thought that was the end of it, then they kept playing their music constantly on rock stations. Now that they found a new loser to front the band it is like some sort of never ending nightmare.

1028 days ago


Who???? No one here seems to know who they are. Is it a really, really slow day at TMZ?

1028 days ago


story isnt over I promise.. too bad people at tmz didnt do enough homework on the situation. asking 1 person about something involving a bunch of people seems unfair, espically when its fact there was an issue on both ends. eric wilson alone is not sublime.

1027 days ago

nick burnett    

For all you trolls, who talk **** on a band you've never heard of... Look them up then talk to me. Rome is the best thing thats happen to the band since sublime got discovered. After going through many different singers and band members(long beach dub allstars,and a few others). They've finally found someone who can be put up there with bradley. BTW MARY P THIS IS THE WHOLE BAND expect for bradley... and if you don't like them you've probly only heard panic on the radio. Go look up take it or leave it, Or any cover he's done for sublime.

1027 days ago


Sublime? You've never heard of Sublime (with or without Rome?) Damn. Stop listening to so much Justin Bieber and get educated. These guys are icons in the music world. UNKNOWN BAND? What? Are you listening to Miley Cyrus too?

1027 days ago


What kind of moron doesn't know who Sublime is? Pull your heads out of your a**es and listen to some real freakin' music. Good lawd!!!

1027 days ago

tippy katz    

completely s*cked before the lead singer died, and even worse now. douches.

1027 days ago

Hate Kim K    

This band sucks now. Will never ever come close to what the were when Brad was lead singer. The guy had amazing vocals.

1027 days ago


Its all untrue! I heard Bud is leaving the band because he is sick of management and unhappy with the way the band has been handled. Doesn't matter SWR= sewer, a toxic wasteland! Good on ya Bud, get out while you still have a soul!!!

1027 days ago


Wow, you people are retarded. How the **** have you never heard of Sublime? Rome is simply the new singer for Sublime after Bradley Nowell passed away in 1996. And they've got quite a following. Quit with your "no one knows who you are" bull****.

1027 days ago


FAIL, youre not sublime break up or get a new name. leave brads legacy to be... its all his music anyways. ROME can never fill his shoes! money hungry fake ass friends bud and erik are!

1026 days ago

A Mom    

I guess you have to love music to know Sublime and be a true So.Cali. TMZ is known for gossip of Actors not musicians. Anyway they are awesome. "Santeria" "Doin Time" "What I Got" and so many more. Check out wikipedia for Sublime

1026 days ago

The PMG    

This is a band that shouldn't have gotten back together. Rome is good, but he isn't Brad.

1026 days ago


I would rather that they just continue as Sublime. This "with Rome" thing is lame and as if fans don't know it already who the guy is and who he replaced...

1025 days ago

bob look great man and doing a great job with the band. you got them selling out venues and actually finishing shows unlike brad used to do which Bud should appreciate including the money in his pocket. Same sh%t Brad had to deal with when he was alive..same old Bud issues.

1025 days ago
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