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I Tweet to Pay My Bills!

11/26/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Terrell Owens
T.O. filed legal docs in one of his child support cases, claiming he doesn't have nearly enough jack to pay his baby mama's attorney's fees, but in making his argument he revealed he's making a bloody fortune by tweeting.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Mr. O says he makes between $2,800 - $6,400 per tweet.  In one instance, he pulled in $2,800 to tweet for Cutters -- a football glove company.  He raked in $4,800 for tweeting on behalf of Old Navy.  And he got $6,400 for tweeting about Fantapper -- a sports social networking site.

T.O. also discloses he's earned residual money for an episode of "Punk'd" and for his appearances on "Any Given Sunday" and "Necessary Roughness."

And get this ... T.O. scored $10 grand for promoting Yahoo Fantasy Football and $20 grand for promoting a Super Bowl party.

So why is T.O. trying to get out from under paying his baby mama's attorney's fees?  It's because he spends like a mutha. His average monthly expenses are $82,178.30, plus $44,602 in child support.

T.O. says he has no new sources of income and is basically broke.

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He is a cancer to society, another Disese bag athelete that does not want to support his kid, I hope that kid pisses on his grave one day... People we need to stop supporting these Losers, buying into thier garbage,,, UNLIKE HIS TWEETS!!!!!

1060 days ago


Wow way to reinforce the stereotype of black entertainers who blow cash and go bankrupt. Always seems to happen to basketball players, rappers, actors (Mr. Snipes?)

This guy will be a broke joke soon enough with the way he goes through the money. That few grand he gets from tweeting? its pennies compared to how much he's going through I would not be bragging on that one.

Prioritize for retirement( yeah because your career will not last that long),insurance, home, family.

OR just be a dumbass who blows it on bling and ends up crying later. Your call.

1060 days ago


I can't really comment because I don't know what the expenses entail and can't imagine having that much in expenses as I have never made millions.

1060 days ago

Throwback kid    

Why doesn't Kim Kardashian date TO? He's black and in good shape and he's a former athlete just like she likes. He is also unemployed like Rob Kardashian and Scott so he will fit right in with that family

1060 days ago


I have no sympathy for this man. I live in a 1500 sq. ft home. I make about $1200 a month. I live comfortable. I'm able to pay my bills and have food on the table. I live a good life. Sure, bein' rich would be nice but that's not important. I have what I need.

This guy spends more in a month than I would make in about 6 years. Quit spendin' money on your parties and hookers and take care of your kids T.O.

1060 days ago


And what this guy makes to "tweet" is ridiculous. I bust my ass at work, workin' 40 hours a week at only $10.50 a hour. This guy can sit on a computer and every time he "tweets" about some lame company he makes thousands of dollars? Yea, I hope the courts busts this guys bubble and makes him pay that high amount to his kids. Drain this chump.

1060 days ago


I also hope the judge sees it like I do. If he can spend $80k a month, $40k a month on his kids should be no problem. Your kids should be more important. Cut your monthly expense in half and take care of your kids...

1060 days ago


What a great career plan: devote years to permanently damaging your brain by slamming it into a person running at you (all day long for years), you have to retire by your mid 30's, then you spend 82,000 a month while not wearing a condom and not considering all the physical rehab your body will start to need in a few years. I'm sure there's lots of great dependable jobs out there for people who have ball throwing experience. Like maybe newspaper delivery?

1060 days ago


a man supports his children

1060 days ago


LOL a fool and his money.

1060 days ago


Thankfully, I have no idea who this POS is. But since he seems to like spreading his sperm around, he should use his twitter money to get clipped. There are enough douchebags in the world.

1060 days ago


So your saying T.O. is a 99%er!

1060 days ago


You know what's gonna be funny? When one of his kids become a star sports player. Whether it be football, baseball, basketball, etc. And when they are makin' millions, I bet he'll want to "support" them then.

1060 days ago


This is why you save your money, fool.

1060 days ago

Peter Pan    

Hope he knows he has to pay income tax on that nice payday. Wouldn't want to end up like Wesley Snipes...

1060 days ago
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