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Michael Lohan

Struggling to Speak, Breathe

11/27/2011 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is set to go under the knife tomorrow, but today ... sources close to MiLo tell TMZ he is having trouble breathing and speaking as he rests up for the surgery.

As TMZ first reported, Lohan will undergo heart surgery on Monday and have a stent inserted. Sources close to Lohan tell us heart problems run in the family.

We're told doctors feel Lohan should have had the procedure six months ago, and that's why he is in such bad condition today.


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Dumbass will do ANYTHING to get some attention, just like his pathetic daughter! HoeHans are ALL losers!

1059 days ago

cheeseburger pronto    

he's the lowest of the low. struggling to talk... to the media. from his hospital bed. for a price i'm sure.

1059 days ago


Having a heart stent placed is a procedure, NOT heart surgery. If he was struggling to breathe, they would have already placed a breathing tube down his throat and assist his breathing. Give me a break.

1059 days ago

middle finger    

Richard with a D
where do you think lindsay gets all her problems from..
look at that picture of Milo..its a lohan stunt...
lindsay would do the same thing

1059 days ago


Can't be having that much trouble breathing or else his nurses are really really bad. He's not on any supplemental oxygen.

1059 days ago

Brenda Fazio    

What makes you so sure he took the pic himself and sold it to TMZ? More likely, a paparazzi took it and sold it. Only TMZ knows for sure... I give him the benefit of doubt on this because the hospital has released the same information unless you think he controls the hospital too. Hmmm......

1059 days ago



There are less than 3 weeks left before Perpwalk v27.0, and all of those weekdays are necessary to stay up-to-date with CS, so the vote will be to predict which location will Linds be paparazzi’d most often before the guillotine gets cleaned and oiled? Please select 1 (one) of the following:

The Chateau Marmont Hotel
The Clam Ahoy lesbian bar
The Roosevelt Hotel
Taco Bell
The Palihouse Hotel
Clam Ronson’s doorstep (door is closed/locked)
Fantastic Clam’s drive-thru
Ginger’s Celebrity Seafood Buffet
The Cameltown lesbian bar
Outside the gates of the Playboy mansion

If there are any that have been overlooked, please feel obligated to submit.


*I offer the 1st vote - Clam Ahoy (They still have Lusty Lindsay Limbo most nights)*

1059 days ago


Why would you pay this ******* for his fake, staged pictures. Guess what TMZ...having an "Exclusive" from this piece of **** is pretty sad. No one cares...he is the parent of a has been. Stop encouraging the maddness. It makes you look desperate.

1059 days ago

Stent Patient    

I had a stent put in a blocked artery last year and they run a surgical thread from your femerol artery up to your heart and open up the artery and put in the stent, you do not have a chest incision at any time and you are awake for this procedure. I had trouble breathing before they did the stent and I was placed on oxygen. This is a very commonly preformed procedure. I went home 24 hours later. It was no big deal. Best of luck to you Michael...Get well soon.

1059 days ago


y'all are killing me with these comments, i.e., set the camera up himself......ROFL. healthiest looking sick person I know. stop, he could really be sick, in that, case, wishing you a speedy recovery, lay off the booze and drugs and beating up helpless women.

1059 days ago


Please, Lord, let this man live and breathe but still struggle to speak badly of his family. Let him live but think twice before opening his mouth to the press. Oh, and Lord, please let him struggle to ever raise his hand against a woman again. Amen

1059 days ago

middle finger    

I think I see a mcdonalds wrapper behind him..
Que the Stunt double...
he even went as far as to get the props from the show "ER"..
oliver stone would be proud of the acting and set

1059 days ago


Get your hand off your weiner isn't going anywhere.

1059 days ago

bring back recent posts    

,,,who HONESTLY is watching KKK tonite?????????

1059 days ago


That's funny, I saw him yesterday and again just a few hours ago walking up and down the hallway, chatting with passersby, looking way healthier than this photo. Dare I say staged?? But he IS in a hospital, so I wish him the best.

1059 days ago
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