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Michael Lohan

Struggling to Speak, Breathe

11/27/2011 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is set to go under the knife tomorrow, but today ... sources close to MiLo tell TMZ he is having trouble breathing and speaking as he rests up for the surgery.

As TMZ first reported, Lohan will undergo heart surgery on Monday and have a stent inserted. Sources close to Lohan tell us heart problems run in the family.

We're told doctors feel Lohan should have had the procedure six months ago, and that's why he is in such bad condition today.


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He's not even wearing oxygen!!! Please!! This is idiot is probably making money selling this story. Having a stent placed in not surgery, it's a procedure.

1024 days ago

middle finger    

Breaking News saint peter has just issued a statement that Milo wants to take on jesus in celeb holly Boxing

1024 days ago


If he's having a stent put in, he's not going under the knife. Quit being so damn dramatic. If his ass was in such bad shape, he would have been wheeled in immediately for bypass.

1024 days ago

AGENT smith    

The bandage on his hand and elbow are from swinging in the trees outside his hotel trying to flee the cops. He scared a few local chimpanzees who thought he was in heat and they bit him and he fell from the tree and the cops caught him.

1024 days ago

Yep I said that    

An old drama queen. Any thing with the heart is serious BUT when they place a stent you are mildly sedated, they do an incision in the groin area insert the catheter see where the blockage is then place a stent, you lie on your back for 8 hours until the incision closes then you can go home or they may keep you over night. If he was having so much trouble breathing they would have done him by now. STOP posting crap about this no body

1024 days ago


Obviously he has been on drugs/alcohol. He cannot survive without going thru detox. If this happens the doc's are at fault.

1024 days ago

middle finger    

does anyone see the wedding ring?
guess he finally made lindsay an honest women

1024 days ago


Oh Mike, shut up and die already.

1024 days ago


FWIW, stent placement is not surgery. Basically a long tube is inserted through an IV in the groin or arm. The stent is placed in the artery through the tube. He won't be given anesthesia or have any incisions. He could go home the next day if he is stable.

1024 days ago

Trix LaRue    

Hope they didn't pay too much for this picture...I think that's a smile on his face.

1024 days ago

bring back recent posts looking pillow...that's rare! lol

1024 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

First thing the doctor does when entering the room is stick two fingers in his booty. Why? I don't know. That's just the way the doctors introduce themselves.

1024 days ago


I was wondering why I felt nothing seeing this man in his condition and then I read the comments here.I feel so much better about myself! He is such low class s*** that he deserves what he gets. I agree...he does look like he posed for this picture and actually hired the photographer.'What goes around comes around'

1024 days ago


This guy is so slimey. Bet he has a direct line to tmz to call and tell them to send a slacker over to take a photo. And golly, no family or drama queen girlfriend at his side?? No oxygen to aid his breathing?? Where's his pal Dr (show me the $$$) Drew to whip him and the hospital into shape??

All there is is a guy still begging for attention after playing stupid games with a woman as gross as he is. Well, good luck to him, but the best thing about this article is tmz, though still pandering, corrected "stint" to "stent."

1024 days ago


While I wouldn't want to comment on Mr. Lohan's health, only wishing him the best, I would like to ask TMZ how they know he's having breathing problems, especially with the total LACK of ANY oxygen equipment attached to Mr. Lohan, or showing anywhere in the photo.

1024 days ago
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