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Michael Lohan

Struggling to Speak, Breathe

11/27/2011 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is set to go under the knife tomorrow, but today ... sources close to MiLo tell TMZ he is having trouble breathing and speaking as he rests up for the surgery.

As TMZ first reported, Lohan will undergo heart surgery on Monday and have a stent inserted. Sources close to Lohan tell us heart problems run in the family.

We're told doctors feel Lohan should have had the procedure six months ago, and that's why he is in such bad condition today.


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Haven't we seen this photo before? I think the last time he was in the hospital. I don't think they let you be bare chested either. Most patients must wear hospital gown (don't they?). Anyway, I actually don't wish ill will on the guy; actually am hoping he will see he might be on Life #9 out of 9 and to make some positive changes in his life. If he wants to make money off his own photo, have at it. At least he's not selling Lindsay out this time. And perhaps it will go towards some of that child support he owes...

1030 days ago


Somebody pull the plug

1030 days ago


He's not that sick. Not on oxygen. B.P. Cuff on bedrail instead of arm. No visible IV's. You can tell by the equipment that this is definitely not the ICU. Plus this guy looks awfully healthy. I call B.S.

1030 days ago


This picture is not current at all. My husband had stents for a 99% occluded widowmaker and he had tons of stuff on him, including oxygen. If Lohan was having breathing issues, at least he would have a nasal cannula on. I call BS on TMZ.

1030 days ago


1: no oxygen on this patient who is "dyspneic" and has pulmonary embolisms
2: where's his gown?
3: HIPAA was probably not violated as this looks completely posed....
4: I love how hi***** is just gently posed on his bed

i dont wish illness, but i dont give sympathy too easy when its done for attention....

1030 days ago


darn TMZ....

i love how hi***** is placed ever so carefully on his bed

1030 days ago

Good riddance!    

I'm really surprised Mr. Fisty isn't posing in some sort of crucified pose! I sure wouldn't shed a tear if this punk kicked the bucket, but since the good die young, I bet his nasty, violent ass will continue be be a menace to society for some time.

1030 days ago

james sutton    

Do ur sources say who's paying for Mr. Lohan's surgery ? ?

1030 days ago


Can't believe nobody in the comments has mentioned that scary thing next to his head!

1030 days ago


TMZ...You need to pay us for commenting. What is this loser famous for?

1030 days ago


If you can pay this loser for stupid pix, so why not pay us?

1030 days ago


Is this photo suppose to invoke sympathy ? He's so stuck on himself that he has a picture taken of himself with his chest exposed like we are to get all excited about looking at him. He's a nobody why on earth does TMZ and other news agencies continue to promote him ?

1030 days ago


P.S. Tmz is this a stock photo ? I believe we saw this on a previous post.
And that thing next to his head is his cap, that he took off so he could pose for this.

1030 days ago


Could this photo be any more staged? This guy is such a drama queen with his breathy voice filled with desperation. Never in my life has there been a 'shobiz family' so pathetic who continuously whore themselves out for public comsumption. A clowncar of losers.

1030 days ago


How very Lohan to have a picture taken of you in your hospital bed. If he were having trouble breathing, pretty sure he'd be on oxygen. What a loser.

1030 days ago
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