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Michael Lohan

Struggling to Speak, Breathe

11/27/2011 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is set to go under the knife tomorrow, but today ... sources close to MiLo tell TMZ he is having trouble breathing and speaking as he rests up for the surgery.

As TMZ first reported, Lohan will undergo heart surgery on Monday and have a stent inserted. Sources close to Lohan tell us heart problems run in the family.

We're told doctors feel Lohan should have had the procedure six months ago, and that's why he is in such bad condition today.


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Joe the Plumber    

So fake.

999 days ago


If he is having trouble breathing, then why isn't he on oxygen?

999 days ago


having a stent inserted into an artery through the groin area is NOT heart SURGERY
many in my family have had it done
usually home the same night feeling so much better!
so don`t be overly dramatic about it
it`s a good thing for him really...means that the artery isn`t 100% blocked- because if it was her would have to have open heart bypass THAT is SURGERY!!

999 days ago


JILL WAS TOO RIGHT WHEN SHE SAID EARLIER ON HERE...and I copied it for all in case you didn`t see it....
jill: 17 hours ago
funny he wasn't in such bad shape to jump out of a 3 story balcony. he didn't have any heart problems when he was running from the cops. but a week into rehab and he can't breathe. it's not even a good fake story.

999 days ago


Why does it look like a cat is near his head?

999 days ago

middle finger    

I think he sent a copy to the judge,the PO,and Kate major..Just to gain a little sympathy

999 days ago

cheeseburger pronto    

he's faking it for hospital meds instead of rehab. and sympathy. vile.

999 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    


999 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Why doesnt ROL have this story? They are his go to site.

999 days ago


Blood Red Witch:
Why doesnt ROL have this story? They are his go to site.
he doesn't have 1 go to site. it's usually 3, depending on what he wants to put out. maybe tmz paid more for the pic. lol

999 days ago


Milo, as a nurse, let me give you some advice. A. DON'T try to talk. B. Quit having people take pics of you in your hospital bed for the pity factor. C. Quit contacting TMZ with your drama queen crap. D. SHUT UP, nobody WANTS to hear from you. Ok, I feel MUCH better now, LOL.

999 days ago


All those times he said he had chest pain he was telling the truth.As far as his behavour, he is a addict alcohol/drugs and with that comes the crazies and setbacks,slipping and sobering up.I for one wish him well and pray for his recovery.I also hope his family is with him at this very sad time.

999 days ago

middle finger    

I have to laugh at these two...Lindsay and her father are the reason low IQ people should be fixed..
The feud between Michael and Lindsay heated up last week when he staged an intervention, barging into her home with the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept.

He claims LiLo is abusing drugs again (she denies this) and is a bad influence on 16-year-old sister Ali Lohan. Michael was widely criticized for the move.

As for today's Tweets, the impostor also accused Linds of sleeping with Tommy Mattola at age 17 and has HIV.
he would know being the father and on drugs himself..
look at this pathetic family.
Dina= fake rockette slut who makes out with her own daughter.
Milo Jr = techno faeg with no skills
Ali = eating disorder that has been bar hopping with lindsay since she was 14..(home schooled idiots)
Lindsay = oh ok...
child protective services should remove cody before the lohan ruin him too

999 days ago


so is he having bypass surgery? or stent placement with an angioplasty?? HUGE difference!! i work in a cath lab and this story doesn't make sense!!!!!!!

999 days ago


He seriously had someone take a pic of him and send it to TMZ? How appalling!! I guess any attention is good attention to a Lohan.

999 days ago
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