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Michael Lohan

Struggling to Speak, Breathe

11/27/2011 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is set to go under the knife tomorrow, but today ... sources close to MiLo tell TMZ he is having trouble breathing and speaking as he rests up for the surgery.

As TMZ first reported, Lohan will undergo heart surgery on Monday and have a stent inserted. Sources close to Lohan tell us heart problems run in the family.

We're told doctors feel Lohan should have had the procedure six months ago, and that's why he is in such bad condition today.


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In case anyone hasnt noticed, he is NOT hooked to the cardiac monitor, he has no IV, and he's not on oxygen....whoa, he's on deaths door step!

1024 days ago


yea. healthiest damn looking "sick" person i've ever seen. this man will do anything to make a buck. what a lousy human being.

1024 days ago


so staged!!basically same pose Bret Michaels used for his hospital photo shoot! is the heart problem due to years of drinking and "alleged" drug use? next story please,something more newsworthy

1024 days ago

Jill Rudusill    

Of course any type of surgery there is a risk, but having a stent put in is not that big of a deal. Usually this is in and out patient procedure. In some cases they might keep you over nite-that's it. I know a man that just went thru 11 hrs. of heart surgery and they did a triple by-pass on him and found a clot in his heart during surgery. After his surgery 2 days later they had to but a pace maker in him on top of everything else he had been thru. He has been hospitalized for 10 days and another week at least before he can go home. He has to have physical therapy on top of all that he has gone thru. My point is a stent is very common to have done.

1024 days ago


Don't you have to have a heart in order to have heart problems?? No man thats a walking piece of crap as he deserves tge attention the media give him.. ALL dead beat dads should get this much coverage..

1024 days ago

middle finger    

this is what the world is coming to once people like dina and milo start destoys the theory of natural selection...hope the lohan kids get fixed...

1024 days ago


so what is this saying? did he have a stroke or is he playing a game with the medical staff?
Placing of "a" stent is pretty common now days and not a major surgery by any means.
The fact that he needed it 6 months ago is not surprising, many walking around today need them too due to artery's clogging up and don't know it.
I just dont trust this scammer s***, If I were his doctor I'd want him out of there asap before he slips off a bed pan and sues the place.

1024 days ago


Funny how this Douchebag Loser can't speak, but he was able to have you guys @ TMZ to take the photo of him. It's just his way of staying out of the HOLE. Michael Lohan is and will always be a LOSER. I hope he dies a miserable death.

1024 days ago

AGENT smith    

I bet when Michael gets out of rehab he will continue his celebrity boxing, the guy is an idiot. If the cops hadn't arrested him he most likely would have had a heart attack during his fight with Kato Kaelin.

1024 days ago


what goes round... comes round, couldn't care LESS!!!!!

1024 days ago


I am so annoyed that there is a picture of him in the hospital UGH Seriously, enough is enough - some things like being in a hospital bed should not be posted ... UGH he is a jerk

1024 days ago


nice tits.

1024 days ago


Geez MiLo, stop breathing if you are having so much trouble, NOT.

1024 days ago


This pic looks phony. My Mom just came out of intensive care and she had to have a hospital gown on, plus she was hooked up to a tower full of meds and monitoring devices. That tiny machine he has is nothing. If he were really having problems, he would look worse than this.

1024 days ago


I guess there will be a family reunion with Lindsay at the L.A. County morgue.

1024 days ago
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