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Miley Cyrus

Calls Herself a 'Stoner'

and a 'Pothead'

11/27/2011 1:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus talked her way out of the bong scandal by saying she smoked salvia -- but at her birthday party last week, she seemingly admitted to a room full of people ... she's a major pothead.

In a video obtained by The Daily, Miley gets on the mic and addresses the crowd at her party at Beacher's Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. Once the cake has been brought out, Miley says, "You know you’re a stoner when friends make you a Bob Marley cake. You know you smoke way too much f***in’ weed."

Her good pal Kelly Osbourne, standing right next to her, even made reference to the salvia incident, saying, "I thought salvia was your problem."

It was just before her birthday last year when Miley was videotaped smoking out of a bong. She claimed it was salvia and not marijuana.

An email to Cyrus' rep was not returned.

Kelly Osbourne has taken to her Twitter page to defend Miley, saying in part, "u guys if @MileyCyrus is not recording/filming/touring she is works everyday how could she possible do all that if she was a stoner! #think."



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ya know , I think the real problem here is her choice of friends, everybody & I mean EVERYBODY says & does things when we're having a good time that we don't mean or that we are just trying to be funny . a film clip like this , taken at a party with people she thought were her friends is taken out of context. We also need to remember that entertainers today are EXPECTED to do outrageous things to remain in the public focus I think we need to give Miley (& others) a break

1025 days ago


Such a role model for young children.

1025 days ago


Reader, get help for your obsession with the Kardashian's. How embarrassing for you. I set my DVR to record their show just because of your posts in the comments on TMZ.
How ridiculous. Your silly little boycott nonsense only will get others to tune in who are curious.

Get a life Reader, wasn't it bad enough you were so obsessed with Kate Gosselin.

Your family must not give your old @ss enough attention.

1025 days ago


Disney must wreck these girls self esteem. Like Spears and Lohan she is walking down that same path to being a hot mess. Guess her parents should have waited to gloat about their great child raising skills.

1025 days ago


Notice she didn't call herself loser, liar, or dumbass redneck.

1025 days ago


These people haven't yet realized how precious and fragile life is. If and when they do, they will start taking better care of themselves. Marijuana is NOT good for you, no matter how much enjoy getting high. And what kind of "friend" makes a cake for you that will be seen by the public and photographers that suggests you are a pothead, an illegal activity? I seriously question Kelly Osbourne's motives. She is a person thrust in the public eye because of her drug-addled, brain-scrambled, famous parent. The media has seemed to make a pet project out of her, allowing Ozzy's latest popularity rub off on her. All she has done, though, is appear on tv being mean to people. She dropped out of school in the eighth grade, because her mother, Sharon, says school is not important. She's already been in rehab at least once, maybe more. She was a dope head and drunk in her teens.
I don't know about this Cyrus family. Somebody needs to knock some sense into them.

1025 days ago


Yeah I always knew she was smoking the green in that video. If it was Salvia she would of been triping balls. Believe me I know. Anyways shes a DOUCHE!

1025 days ago


i laughed at the kelly osbourn tweet..many people work every day and still smoke pot.seems like the drugs have fried her brain #think

1025 days ago

She's baaaack    

That young Miley is such a waste of manufacturered Disney flesh. That young Ozborne girl, on the other hand, was, is, and will always be a dirty little cow. She lost weight and got styled. Big f'ing deal. No one is fooled.

1025 days ago


Miley Smiley might be down with the boycotting of E!Channel tonight! Bless her heart.

1025 days ago


I have a bit of a different spin on it. I would have eaten, drank, and been merry, but wait three hours for the guest of honor to bestow her presence on me? I don't think so. All the little hangers-on, including Kelly Osborne, waited to be able to get next to her, the woman of the hour. It was her birthday and everyone was waiting to say "happy birthday," those two words. My two words would have been phuque you as I was out the door.

1025 days ago


Admitting you like pot doesn't even put you in the same ball park as the complete train wreck that is Lindsay Lohan, so I don't get the comparison at all. One's stayed out of jail and gets to party her ass off responsibly, and the other lost all those privileges and can be found at her local morgue.

1025 days ago


Get better friends that don't rat you out at every turn... Speaks to what kind of person you are....

1025 days ago


Could Kelly Osbourne look anymore wasted?

1025 days ago

Keifus E Mathews    

SO WHAT..She smokes a little weed..Her life, she can do what she wants to, worry about your own life people!!

1025 days ago
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