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Wyclef Jean

His Haitian Charity

Accused of Funny Money Business

11/27/2011 5:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Wyclef Jean and his former charity, Yele Haiti, are facing new allegations that the bulk of the money they raised for the people of Haiti after the earthquake was misappropriated ... and some went right into his family's pocket ... allegedly.

Yele Haiti took in $16 million in 2010, according to records obtained by the NY Post. But the paper claims only $5.1 million went to emergency relief efforts, including food and water delivery to makeshift survivor camps.

According to the Post, a company called P&A Construction received $353,983. That company, the paper says, is run by Warnel Pierre ... Wyclef's brother-in-law.

The Post also says the documents show $1,008,000 went to a company called Amisphere Farm Labor Inc. -- a company the paper says never filed the proper paperwork in Florida so they can do business. However, the Post says a man listed as the company's head bought three properties in Florida last year, including a condo in an upscale waterfront community.

The charity came under fire in January 2010. Jean responded then by saying, ""Have we made mistakes? Yes. Did I ever use Yele money for personal benefit? Absolutely not."

Jean resigned as head of the charity in August 2010.

Jean issued a statement, which reads in part, "The percentage of funds used is consistent with NGOs and Not For Profits operating in Haiti at the time. I have acknowledged that Yele has made mistakes in the past, including being late in IRS filings, but that is old news."


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He's been caught doing this on multiple levels in the past. He is sleaze to take advantage of a cause like that. I have no idea why people would continue to donate to anything he is associated with.

1008 days ago


why black people should care about black countries?
Whites will take care of it.

1008 days ago


what a lowlife

1008 days ago


The nerve of this lowlife to brag about how big his house is and how much $ he has. This lowlife used charity $ to purchase his home and used shell companies to keep the $ in his pocket.

God don't like ugly and karma is a BEACH, MoFo. Can't wait until you get yours. You are one low down dirty crook.

1008 days ago


It is because of people like him, that people are afraid to donate to a charitable organization anymore.

Too much of this is going on.

1008 days ago


Sickening that he exploited the grief, loss and pain of the Haitians, to pad his and his family's pockets.

He should be ashamed! How can he sleep at night knowing he scammed people who work hard for their money and who gave generously from their hearts, thinking they were helping the devastated in Haiti.

People like him are the lowest life form and I hope there is a special place in hell for people who exploit the hurting and scam the compassionate hard working.

1008 days ago


YOU ARE BUSTED. no mo weed monay!

1008 days ago


I hope this is a career ender for him. His music sucks and he used the Haitian crisis to bolster his career. He belongs in a haitian prison cell.

1008 days ago


If it's what! All charity doesn't go to the cause. Are "they" mad because they're not getting a piece of it?

1008 days ago


Thats just dispicable taken money from people ****tered from an earthquake and usin it for yourself and family.

1008 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Typical and expected. Screwing over his own countrymen for greed. The rich are always trying to screw the poor.

1008 days ago


Hmmm, I'm definitely not surprised by this news.

1008 days ago

Bill Leslie    

what a surprise.

1008 days ago


I don't know why anyone would give money to this man's charity.

1008 days ago

get a life ho    

he says he didnt use the money for "[ersonal benefit "

He doesn't say none it went to family and friends .,.,

nothing but another common criminal .,.,.,,

1008 days ago
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