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Men File Lawsuit

Claim Women Favored at Playboy Mansion


11/28/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "Leather Meets Lace" party at the Playboy Mansion has triggered a lawsuit, filed by men who allegedly had to pay for admission while "gorgeous ladies" did not.

Steve Frye is suing on behalf of all men who paid $1,000 to get into the shindig.  In his lawsuit, Frye claims he was fried when he learned "gorgeous ladies" got in free.

Frye claims the double standard is sex discrimination, pure and simple.  He also says offering these women free admission "promotes harmful, negative stereotypes."

He's suing for unspecified damages ... and a life.



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Sounds like this guy thought the $1,000 cover automatically gets him a playmate for the night - guess no woman was interested in him.

1062 days ago


What a creepy, sore, loser!

1062 days ago


Dude, give it up....that's Hef's place....he can choose charge guys not women because it would be a "sausage party" at the mansion. There are bars across the country does this marketing to bring in women because if there is no women, guys will not stay there. GIVE IT UP, MORON!!

1062 days ago


Hell! I would shell out $1,000 for a chance to party at Playboy's Mansion for saying I was there. As I stated before, Playboy Mansion is a private residence, so they can charge men, let women in for free..I like to meet the women there...even though, I might not get lucky, but you never know. He must creep those women there.

1062 days ago


Of course he should have sued. Men paid $1,000 to get into this party and women got in for free. The Playboy Bunnies were already there, I'm talking about women from the public getting into this party on the Playboy Mansion grounds for free while men had to pay $1,000 each. That's clearly a violation of not one but several California anti-discrimination laws. He'll likely win his suit because the California Supreme Court has twice unanimously ruled that you can't charge consumers different prices based on their sex, specifically ruling that Ladies' Day and Ladies' Night promotions are illegal.

1062 days ago


I just have to know, did women have to pay if they were found not as attractive?, I gotta know

1062 days ago


The stupid f*ggots that are suing should just grab a personality.

Get over it losers, the PB mansion is all about the hot girls. Go home and whack off.

1062 days ago


Just think what kind of "girls" would show up if they had to pay $1000 to get in. The object of the game is to get as many "good looking" ones there, buddy.

1062 days ago


Are you kidding? Not to mention this is crazy. Ive been to this party 4 times. Its a great event and its FOR CHARITY!!!the $1000, most of it goes to veteran cherities. Im a vet and im insulted by this guy.

1062 days ago


Leather Meets Lace was a great Party! Google it

1062 days ago

Steve F.    

The real reason for the lawsuit is to help put a stop to gender discrimination, which is clearly illegal in many states including California. These type of Ladies Free events also sexually objectify women, which I believe that most of you commenting would not tolerate if it was your daughter or sister, mother, etc. How about the next event, they let men in for free and charge the women, you can bet NOW,the ACLU and many other activist groups would be up in arms and deservedly so. Last I heard, I thought we were in the age of enlightenment and gender equality. Discrimination of any kind is for losers.

1062 days ago


GOOD Job! Charging Women and Men different prices is just as illegal as basing prices on a person race. "Ladies Night" is as discriminatory as "Hispanic Night, Caucasian Night or African Night". This lawsuit is proper and way overdue. Amazingly this is 2011, and big businesses like Play Boy are still discriminating!! What separates America from other places is when a business violates YOUR rights, they can and should be sued! That's why we are lucky to be in this great country called America! In the future we will look back and wonder why it took so long to have "Equality for All"!!

1062 days ago


dude, gay much?

1062 days ago


The suit has no merit, but it does bring up some interesting questions. Why don't handsome men get in free? Who determines if the woman is gorgeous? Have women deemed non-gorgeouos been turned away or made to pay for entrance?

1062 days ago


Dumbasses, morons, and douchebags should come equipped with idiot lights, like the ignorant name callers below.. Whoever below commented that charging men and letting women in free has been constitutionally upheld must be from New York, a state in which that is ture. However, in California, where the discrimination took place, what Mr. Hefner did is blatantly illegal Moreover, California legally deplores most forms of discrimination including discrimination based on sex or gender. California law is well established in the Unruh Act and there have been hundreds if not thousands of successful lawsuits to rid the state of such discrimination. Idiot lights blink most rapidly from the brainless who believe that letting women in free to attract men is like using sugar to trap flies. My guess is not one of those true believers has ever owned, operated, or worked in a business within the entertainment industry. The belief that women in free attracts men with money is as bogus as the world is flat, except perhaps in geographic areas where most men fail to graduate six grade, sleep with their cousins, and think “****faced” is a men’s cologne. Even Gloria Allred should be able to win this lawsuit since the discrimination is irrefutable, which means there is actually clear and convincing evidence the law was broken. Seems to me Gloria generally prefers the sensational “he said she said” cases absent any corroborating evidence. This is one of my favorite brainless comments from below, “BTW, can I sue all those MEN ONLY exclusive clubs, sheesh.” What men only clubs? In which cave have you been living in for the last 30 or so years. In the name of “feminism” the Allred’s of the world legally exterminated “men’s clubs” in California and most other places in America. In California they exterminated them with the Unruh Act. Yes, that’s right, the same law that protects Mr. Fry. So for those of you of voting age whose information apparently arrives by Pony Express, still have to graduate grade school, and don’t use prophylactics when having sex with your relatives, please find something better to do than share your ignorance with the rest of the world. Try this one on for size, how about if Hefner charged black men $1,000 while white men and big buxom women partied for free? If you have trouble with big words ask your neighbor if they will show you how to use their dictionary, then look up “buxom”.

1062 days ago
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