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Men File Lawsuit

Claim Women Favored at Playboy Mansion


11/28/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "Leather Meets Lace" party at the Playboy Mansion has triggered a lawsuit, filed by men who allegedly had to pay for admission while "gorgeous ladies" did not.

Steve Frye is suing on behalf of all men who paid $1,000 to get into the shindig.  In his lawsuit, Frye claims he was fried when he learned "gorgeous ladies" got in free.

Frye claims the double standard is sex discrimination, pure and simple.  He also says offering these women free admission "promotes harmful, negative stereotypes."

He's suing for unspecified damages ... and a life.



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What a Jackass! Is he serious? Hef's party is private. If he want's to charge the guys...let 'em. Who cares. He's the idiot for paying it. He obviously has the money to burn or why would he have spent it to get in to a frickin party in the first place? What a schmuck!!!

999 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

Yeah and if they charged everyone and the only women who showed up were those who came with someone who paid for them then they would complain it was a sausage fest. Letting women in free is common for parties and clubs because it brings in a lot of women which is exactly what these men pay to see. Are you going to sue next because men bought women drinks and you did not get drunk for free? There has already been a case like this before and those men lost. Stop being mad that you have no game and your thousand bucks did not guarantee you a woman.

999 days ago


‎4 all my BiG GRLZ & BoYZ :) pass it onto allll ur soul brothers & sisters around the world!

999 days ago


The party was by the KARMA Foundation which has nothing to do with Heff or Playboy. They rent the mansion twice a year for the venue. The last real playboy party was a couple years ago. So there might be grounds for a lawsuit.

999 days ago


Good for this guy. If women were paying and male models were getting in free, eventually some women would sue. They sued in every other situation from hair solons to dry cleaners to everything else. The men who sued the night clubs for Ladiesn' Nights price discrimination won at the California Supreme Court level (contrary to that person who posted otherwise), and rightly so. Sex discrimimation spreads sexist stereotypes and they're usually against men. It tells men it's they're roll to subsidize women, to let court discriminate against them in child custody or child support or military conscription or criminal penalties. Playboy could find another way to do this like having auditions for certain girls to be there not as guests getting in free but as models selected for specific body image just like alot of strip clubs do. That would make it legal, and women who aren't on that selected list would have to pay just like anyone else.

999 days ago


Perhaps he should also sue to be young, rich, cool and good looking! He's had his 15 minutes. Hope Hef files a countersuit to recover legal costs, that should shut him up.

999 days ago


wow guess this guy was new to the's been like that for years how dumb is this guy

999 days ago


Some of the chumps that Hefner invites to his parties...I'm surprised he doesn't have to PAY the women to attend.

999 days ago


Well crap, well he might as well sue candy events, the Karma foundation, every club in Vegas, all the topless pools in vegas, etc. These are all places that give free or heavily discounted admission to beautiful women!

999 days ago


Guys usually have to pay for the women's drinks. Is he gay and doesn't know the process yet? Or he finally left his parent's basement for the first time to go out in public?

999 days ago


Well then go party at the playgirl mansion and get in free...keep in mind you prob won't find what you are looking for there lol.

999 days ago

Ms. Scarlet    

Blue-balled loser.

999 days ago



999 days ago


I can't wait until someone sues a company for selling coffee that maybe to hot! Wait ...What? Someone already did this?

999 days ago


Parties on private property can be organized with whatever rules the host sees fit. What was he going to the party for if not to meet women? And any guy who pays $1,000 to go to a party at the Playboy mansion is expecting... what? The women are like the merchandise that he is going to that store to consider buying - should the merchandise pay for the privilege to be displayed at the store? Does his ego demand that the women should pay for the privilege of partying with him? Too bad - he went to the wrong store.

999 days ago
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