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Men File Lawsuit

Claim Women Favored at Playboy Mansion


11/28/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "Leather Meets Lace" party at the Playboy Mansion has triggered a lawsuit, filed by men who allegedly had to pay for admission while "gorgeous ladies" did not.

Steve Frye is suing on behalf of all men who paid $1,000 to get into the shindig.  In his lawsuit, Frye claims he was fried when he learned "gorgeous ladies" got in free.

Frye claims the double standard is sex discrimination, pure and simple.  He also says offering these women free admission "promotes harmful, negative stereotypes."

He's suing for unspecified damages ... and a life.



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I have attended several mansion partys, and yes I have gotten in for free but not every girl is allowed entry. You have to be approved for the guest list and if your someone attending a mansion party its known that the men have to pay to get in expecially for a charity related party, thats why the tickets are so expensive because the point of the party is to raise money for a cause and before you purchase the ticket there is a long letter stating all the details. I think this dude is just pissed he didnt get laid and he had to count his change to buy the ticket and now he is broke so he is doing anything he can to get his money back. If you cant afford to attend VIP partys in hollywood then you shouldnt buy the ticket douche bag. Guys in LA are such idiots, and all the men that attend these partys pay the money not because their concerned with the charity but because they think their going to get laid but its well known at the mansion that all the men that get into these partys are liars, they lie about what they do for a living, how much money they make, where they live, their all losers that haved dreamed of sleeping with a playmate since they have been a little boy and finally they scored a ticket into the mansion and they all have the wrong intentions and all are highly mis informed that the girls are easy, thats a common misconception and if your stupid enough to believe your going to get laid then its your own fault that your expectations werent meant. Just because a girl poses for playboy does not mean she is easy, a lot of women in playboy are beautiful, and believe it or not educated and have morals, if your looking for a trashy, easy, classless women that is going to jump into bed with you try the models that pose in penthouse or walk hollywood blvd. A lot of playmates are married to A list celebritys so i dont think their going to go home with some idiot that paid 1000 dollars that he probably borrowed from his parents to get into a mansion party

1058 days ago


there is a lot of gender inequity out there but don't know if you can sue for it
for example
check out your local dry cleaners
you may find that they charge more for a woman's shirt/blouse than they do for a man's -
same equipment-same lenght of time to do it, same chemicals, same technique, smaller amount of fabric even... but women have to pay more
sadly..gender inequity cuts both ways
and check out barber shop prices compared to hair salons
doesn't matter if the guy has long hair even- men have always had a better deal there too

1058 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHA are you slow or something jackass? What did you think you paid the $1000 bucks for???? To look at hot girls you retard

1058 days ago

Paul W    

Geez, what a dillweed this dude is! Hasn't he EVER been to any dance clubs at all?? Doesn't he know that every club in the world lets the women in first, and often for free, while the men are the ones who have to pay?? Simple law of supply and demand, dumbass. You want to get in free? Show up with at least one beautiful woman accompanying you...or better yet, two or more women, and have them stick with you as friends saying they want you to come in with them. THAT will get you in free.

Even all that aside, the Playboy Mansion is a PRIVATE RESIDENCE. They can let anyone in (or not) for whatever cost they choose, for what the market will bear. If you don't like it, don't go.

1057 days ago


Let me help you out with this,
Leather and lace is a charity party not Hefs party. Her doesn't own the mansion pb enterprises does. Therefore the irs requires it to be rented x amount of days per year to various organizations who throw parties there. Her actually pays "rent" to pb enterprises for him and any girls living there.
The girls who come in aren't just let in off the street and yes if you're unattractive you have to pay. You have to be friends with somebody invited or invited on your own. The Karma foundation has a few parties where they have a website application where girls can submit photos for the party list.

Hefs parties are his guest list only, his halloween, midsummers, Hefs bday, superbowl, easter and 4thI of july. Nobody can do the pay to get in thing for those. The parties where people pay to get in are charity parties. No decent girl would pay to get a place where you have to smile, take pics and entertain people. That's called atmosphere modeling and establishments pay about $200-400 a night for atmosphere models at their restaurant, club, bar ect. The bunnies are paid to be there at a promotional model rate from PB.

1034 days ago


This same dude is trying to sue the hip kitty in Claremont CA, saying he was charged ore for drinks because he was a man, this guy is a s***bag who makes a living sueing businesses and settling out of court, someone please expose him before he destroys another small business

188 days ago
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