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Black People Can Be

Oversensitive, Too

11/28/2011 2:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1_xf1ahdc7_1_coot9dgnGay people aren't the only ones who need to learn how to laugh at themselves -- T.I. tells TMZ Live ... the black community is also guilty of being overly sensitive when it comes to jokes.

T.I. called in, standing by what he said in the recent Vibe interview ... that gay people who try to stifle arguably homophobic jokes simply because they're offensive are "not American."

And T.I. insists ... the argument doesn't just apply to gay people -- it applies to anyone who can't take a joke, black people included.

But there's one exception ... the n-word. Then all bets are off.


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Celeb Gossip Addict    

Now I disagree with what he said on the Imus thing. I thought that was funny as well. Had he not said it first black blogs might have said it if they were even interested in a female college basketball team, which they are not. Once Imus blew it up, they definately made fun of the fact that the girls got their hair done for the press conference and that was funny too. Otherwise I agree with him. Lighten up everybody!

1060 days ago


Oh Please!! I watched this interview and I saw how Harvey set him up for this one. He deliberatly asked T.I. if he would apply the same rules to black activists (in other words equating people who don't support homosexuality with racists) and as I suspected he has now spun this headline in order to draw the proverbial line in the sand.
A human being having black skin is not the same as a human being who likes having sex with members of his own gender. I personally don't care what one person does consentually with another. It's not my business! But let's not pretend someones sexual deviation is no different then their race. If someone has a foot fetish does that define him as a seperate sex that needs their own advocacy group to combat intolerance and throw their weight around to present them as mainstream???

1060 days ago


The N-Word shouldn't be used by blacks either!

1060 days ago


I like to know how its not races against everyone else that isn't black when it comes to that all black tv station ? the black network . If the ones had a station like that , an all white network you sure would hear it from those black folks . Also if you don't like the word being used " N" than you black people need to stop saying as well ...

1060 days ago


The BEST response to T.I. comes from this open letter:

1060 days ago


Don't let TMZ turn this in to a racial thing. This is just another clever tactic to bully people into thinking their way.
This has nothing to do with racial discrimination. Harvey sat there and pretended to agree with T.I. and then THIS is the headline he slaps up on the webpage?
Every liberal activist group in the world tries desperatly to piggy back on racism. It's the model they all aspire too when trying to force every little alternative lifestyle on the world. Give it up!
Homosexuals weren't shipped over here and treated as slaves because of the color of their skin for centuries.
I'm white but I'm still insulted that parallels are being drawn here. Everyone wants to be the new black but none of you have "done the time" so to speak. Get off your high horse!!!

1060 days ago

Ms. Scarlet    

Everybody hates somebody for different reasons. A person can be tolerant of different races, sexual orientations, or weight but still hate smokers. A person who loves people of all religions might still hate people who are with a different political party.

We all want to be loved despite our own personal differences and imperfections but most of us find it difficult to love other peoples differences and imperfections. Nobody is perfect and humans have found reasons to dislike each other since we first arrived on Earth.

As long as you don't harm or interfere with someone's opportunity to live then there really shouldn't be an issue. I might not like what you have to say about me, but as long it's just an opinion then I'm not obligated to feel hurt or angry over it.

1060 days ago


You really can't take anything T.I. says concerning African Americans, as a whole, "SERIOUSLY"!!! This guy makes his living promoting "ANTI-SOCIAL", somewhat "NEGATIVE" stereotypes. Many mainstream African American organizations "DON'T" support the constant reinforcement of "DEROGATORY" stereotypes. What's acceptable to "HIM" may "NOT" be acceptable to someone who has enough "INTELLIGENCE" to tell the "DIFFERENCE" between someone "LAUGHING WITH US" as opposed to "AT US"!!! There are certainly other ways to "INSULT" African Americans without using the "N-WORD"!!! Unless various groups and individuals "DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND" and DEMAND "RESPECT" -- IT WON'T BE GIVEN!!!

1060 days ago


I don't even know who T.I. is and I don't care. This was just about TMZ doing what they usually do which is trying to push the gay agenda. The question about racism was intentional just so they could spin the story into something you're all farmiliar with. Now instead of thinking of the gay issue as something seperate you can all equate it with racism and all the thinking work on that is done for you already. Anti-black equals racist nazi so therefore anti-gay equals sexist nazi!
The truth is that T.I. just said whatever he was expected to say when put on the spot and now this is your new headline! T.I. thinks blacks are sensitive too"
The world isn't quite so simple. Do your own thinking and stop letting advocates push their agenda on you!
Being black is not an "alternative lifestyle". Black people couldn't hide their blackness from their wives or fool the town council into thinking they were white while going to some underground club at night to get their black on in the alley outside. They were just black and that's all there was too it.
Crap like this just trivializes REAL issues of persecution!
This whole story is just a way of diverting attention from the real issue.

1060 days ago


TI sit down and shut the hell up! Since when are we to listen to a crack head, trying to take guns in a plane, sell out to the FEDS yes you are a snitch, riding around in your Bentley with drugs you and your baby momma, sent to the slammer twice! Calling other brutha's n^ggas in your raps, You got what 6 kids and you want to now start and try to act like you have some sense now? You are so full of s*it!...Hell ATL is the capitol of gay people and you talked s*it about them too. That's where you are from right? Your just pushing your reality show that is getting ready to come on with you your tribe of kids and your big-bird looking wife. STFU You need to be explaining to us how you married such an UGLY woman

1060 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

dude, black folk had to go face to face with racism since the 40's (at least, of course, that is.) they weren't given the free legal anti discrimination hand outs that all these phuqn selfish and lazy minorities are all getting these days. black folk had to clench their teeth and go out and get what they worked for, great jobs and communities. no one just gave all that to them for free. they lost lives in world wars, family! wwii and vietnam. no other minority can claim such efforts. and that is why the n-word is off limits. because they fought that word fiercely. to the death. coming from all sides.

1060 days ago

Blue Lake    

Every time this idiot opens his pie hole something else offensive and stupid comes out. I'm finished with him!

1060 days ago


Im of mixed race (black and Italian) and while I dont use the N word I understand why blacks dont want white people saying it(simply put they dont know if your laughing with them or at them). Plus in the greater african american community its a term of endearment. while most whites and other races still use it in a racist and or condescending way.

Now I understand whites and other races who hang around blacks wanting to use the word. But I dont understand people of other races who (dont have black friends or even like black culture wanting to use the word). To me its just an excuse to be racist...Black people as a whole dont use the N word regardless of what the greater media and society would have you think.

1060 days ago

Home Skillet    

The black checkout clerk at Target shot me stinkeye tonight when, while making conversation, I said to her, "How was Black Friday?" C'MON! Giving me shift-eye because of THAT?! Beyond ridiculous, and over-sensitve ad infinitum. Keep up the oversensitivity, black community, and you'll wear it right out. I never owned a slave, my ancestors never owned a slave and FURTHER, my ancestors FOUGHT for freedom and equality for black people so you're barking up the wrong tree!

1060 days ago

buzz kill    

Hey this guy is two for two. Keep going

1060 days ago
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