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LAPD to Travis Barker:

You're Pissed, Let's Talk

11/28/2011 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The LAPD wants a face-to-face meeting with Travis Barker -- hoping to find out why the rocker has accused an officer of crossing the line during a routine traffic stop this weekend ... TMZ has learned.

Barker was pulled over Sunday after an officer noticed the drummer's car had no license plate and illegally tinted windows. Cops confirm Barker was issued a "fix-it" ticket and sent on his way.

But after the incident, Barker BLASTED the cop on Twitter -- saying, "Officer FARD of LAPD, get a life man. Find some bank robbers or do something productive 2 do with your time. I know high school was hard 4 u."

Barker continued, "Pullin me over interrogating me & acting like u did over tinted windows till u scared the piss out my kids was uncalled 4.Job well done man."

He also claims the officer "had the nerve" to ask if he had guns in the car.

Now, TMZ has learned ... Sgt. Riggs of the Topanga Station tells TMZ, "I'd like to invite Travis to speak with me about the incident ... and possibly discuss the situation with the officers involved."

A rep for Barker tells TMZ, "We are handling this privately with the LAPD."


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Why should ANY further "discussion/bribe" happen in Private? The ticket, and intimidating questioning happened in PUBLIC, SO SHOULD THE RESOLUTION/BUTT KISSING!!!!!!!

1056 days ago


He also claims the officer "had the nerve" to ask if he had guns in the car. SO WHAT?! Every time nearly everyone is stopped, that is a question asked. BFD, cat's looking for special treatment or thinks he's special??

1056 days ago


learn the laws before you drive, if I was a cop n pulled over someone all tatted up like that, I'd ask if you had a gun too. Travis look nasty with that crap all over him. It's so funny to see these jerk offs get all butt-hurt and throw hissy fits,,good example for your kids. Pay your fines and shut up ya sissy.

1056 days ago


Travis is a spoiled little punk a$$. Why did Travis put his kids in that position? Putting them in a car with no plate on it, with overly tinted windows?

Stop and checks like that save lives and uncover all kinds of criminal behaviors. In fact that same day a stop and check for a missing plate, got a drunk driver off the road not 1 mile from where this happened. A drunk driver who was almost two times the limit and a repeat offender who the last time hit a car and seriously hurt two people.
Stop acting like a little b!tch thug, man up and you won't have these problems.

1056 days ago


Cop should have smacked his dunmb ass in front of his kids.

1056 days ago


Travis, for a nobody you have a pretty elitist attitude.

Travis Who???

1056 days ago


I love Travis. But seriously ridiculous. Cops always ask if you have guns. Its for their safety. Ive been asked if I had guns...Im a tiny lil "white girl" it's just how it goes. geeze, baby much? My kids were in the car too. They weren't scared, they laughed.

1056 days ago


"or do something productive 2 do with your time. I know high school was hard 4 u."


1056 days ago


You look like a thug, act like a thug, and are doing something illegal your going to get questioned kids or not. Travis is kind of a ********. Little disappointed to see that!!

1056 days ago


Travis get over yourself. Your not above the law, I'm sorry that fame has made you think this way. Fix your car and get on with your life. And if you kids are traumatized then it's you fault. Kids are in cars everyday that get pulled over.

1056 days ago


What? so this little ***** whiner, is above the rules that the rest of us have to play by. Asked if he had guns, no wonder, when your neck is loaded up with tats ( only dumb asses and bangers tat up their necks. Yes and I DO have tats. Man up and quit whining, pay your ticket! I payed mine for dark tint.

1056 days ago


hmmmm handling the situation in PRIVATELY....OK only cuz Travis PUBLICLY blasted the cops on Twitter. Ok douche maybe if you weren't looking to get noticed by using super dark tint to not be seen you might not get noticed lol.

1056 days ago


Travis get over it. Cops can pull you over for tinted windows and no license plate. You were treated like anyone else. he could have treated you as a gang banger or doper with all those tatoos. Show some respect.And thank him for doing his job.just because kids are in the car does not give you a free pass.

1056 days ago


I like how this guy wants to look like an a-hole, but not be treated like one!

1056 days ago


Dude really?? You think that being on MTV makes you above the law and allows you to roll without a plate?? How about you pay your registration fees like the rest of us you retard. or maybe try building your own kustoms instead of buying them bitch! d'agostino should repo your ****!! Let me guess you support the 99% too huh? That cop should have pistol whipped your ass for thinking somehow your better than him because you have money. Great way to set an example for your kids retard. Hopefully your latte didnt get cold while he was writing your fixit ticket..

1056 days ago
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