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Bristol Palin

Blow Through a Red Light?

... You Betcha!

11/29/2011 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin
The Accused
-- Bristol Palin

The Crime -- Failure to stop for a red light in Alaska on November 19.

The Fine -- $210

The End.


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In Alaska, if your last name is Palin, it is OK with the Wasilla police department if you run a red light as long as Tripper has his seat belt on. Willow still has more tickets than Bristol does.

1020 days ago



1020 days ago


What about all the problems that Biden's daugther has caused? I haven't heard a thing about that. So what if she got a traffic ticket? No one would have gave a **** if this was anyone else other than a Palin.

1020 days ago


What do the Massey brothers think of all this attention the Diva and her son are generating. All they are is a babysitting service and she used their house for the free rent.

1017 days ago


Sounds like Sarah Palin should start bragging about Bristol's driving record. This family has such low standards--not sure if all people in Alaska run red lights if they are in a hurry but Willow has gotten a lot more tickets than her sister. That is why they drive SUV's--it is important than this family doesn't get hurt or their "believers" would blame it on the left wing Democrats.

1015 days ago


Not sure why some of these posters cannot believe that the Wasilla Princess ran a red light. Rather than accepting this as truth, they try to focus the attention on Joe Biden's daughter. What do they think--she was chasing Bristol and that's why she ran the light? Nobody has ever said that Biden's daughter wasn't in the wrong--but Bristol Palin's family says that she is the role model for all teenagers in America and Candies pays her $300,000 for doing so. Bristol also is contacting People and US and the media every week trying to get them to publish stories about her and her son, as they are "celebrities." Joe Biden has not used his daughter to get more attention for their family. Big difference.

1012 days ago


What has America and the Republican Party turned into. It represents themselves as the Party with Family Values and then they chose Sarah Palin, who has such a dysfunctional family that it is a reality comedy, to represent these values. No value on education-no value on common sense--no value on morality--no morality on truthfulness--and then Sarah says she speaks for mainstreet America. Her daughter has a child out of wedlock; Willow and Track both have alcohol and drug addictions; Piper has problems respecting adults; Todd has no respect for the boundaries of marriage; and Sarah loves money and publicity more than her family. Now it is supposedly alright for Bristol to run red lights and Willow to speed through school zones-all because they are rich enough to own expensive vehicles and rules are made to be broken. The GOP should have realized that the Palins were going to be a problem when they had to pay over $150,000 to dress this family of grifters up so that they were presentable on the campaign trail. The Palins actually believed that Bristol was the best dancer when she was towed across the dance floor because she lacked the talent and physical ability to dance. And then Candies paid her top dollars to convince the public that hers was a virgin birth and that she was the voice of abstinence. Third strike for Bristol was when she used her friendship with Kyle to get free rent in California and be on a reality show--a showcase of those Alaskan values of gimmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

1012 days ago


In Alaska, it doesn't matter if you are dumb or not. Going to school is for the real dummies. The Palins know that what counts is your looks and who you sleep with.

1010 days ago


Dayum,she looks so OLD...

1001 days ago
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