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Charlie Sheen

The REEL Reason

I'm Blowing Through Colombia

11/29/2011 3:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is NOT in Colombia to do coke -- he's there scouting locations for a new mystery movie he's developing ... (and possibly to do coke).

As we previously reported, Sheen's currently traveling around the country with a camera crew -- and now, the Warlock tells TMZ it's all part of an effort to remake a classic movie from the 70s, set in South America.

Sheen won't disclose what the movie's about -- but claims he's already reached out to Nicolas Cage about starring in the film.

Sheen tells us the project is still in its early stages .... and right now, he's just trying to get a feel for the terrain.

When asked to describe the movie, Charlie simply told us ... "Epic."


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Rogue Warrior    


Gotti roll!

1024 days ago


With Nicolas Cage the movie will tank. Spend the money on whores and drugs, Charlie.

1024 days ago



It's interesting that more and more people, not only C. Sheen are coming our way. Colombia is not only a safe and interesting country, but it's also a place full of opportunities, great locations and people. Regarding the cocaine... Nowadays we see more and more that this and other drug related businesses are on the downfall. We have been systematically (and sadly) replaced by locations closer to the major consumption centers (you guys). This is evident by the decrease in violence down here. Any way, It's nice when we get to see people from abroad trying to expand their horizons while looking for cost effective solutions for their plans (be what they are) in a country where a vast percentage of the local (non-inmigrant) population speaks at least two languages. This is the link (by the way) to the original news article: (it's in spanish). I am a Colombian, living in Barranquilla (2 hour ride to Cartagena) who loves his country. Find me and pictures of my city at: Take care.

1024 days ago


Can you pls refrain from making stereotype comments about Colombia! Talking about a place you don't even know where is located is abbusive (rude) and really shows your ignorance!!!

Colombia is much more than that!!! Like the States is also more than cocaine consumers!!!

1024 days ago

Colombian Papi    

Why would he go to Colombia to do Coke??? All the Coke is here in the U.S.A!!! LOL!!!!!!

1024 days ago


Probably "Sorcerer" remake. Classic Friedkin movie from the 70's.

1024 days ago


Since many years ago, Colombia and US are doing a big effort to fight against narcotraffic and it´s a lie and pure ignorance to say or assume that all the cocaine is from Colombia; it´s also produced in many other countries which have been victims of the huge and excesive appetite for drugs in developed countries such as europeans ones and US. Colombia,(proudly my contry) has a lot of good things to offer: fruits, diversity of flora and fauna, beautiful beaches and sceneries, big business centers in the principal cities, and the most important, very kind people. It´s maybe also fair and appropiate to say that Colombia is a very different country from the caricature you present in Hollywood films such as "Colombiana", "Mr & Mrs Smith", "Clear and present danger", Colombia, in Bogotá and all our cities we have high quality water to drink, there is not chickens running trough the streets, our cities are not a f**** selvatic town where you can get yellow fever or malaria....You should keep your words in your headlines because it draws a wrong image of a country and hurts its tourism industry...and it doesn´t help to many honest people who work to make a better country for us and the world. Colombia is a country with a lot problems, with many people fighting against drugs and with many people suffering because of it. It´s not funny at all to find ingorant people around the world making jokes to you about the problems of your country assumnig that you`re a f***** drug dealer or a loser idiot who consumes. Colombia is a country with problems just like anyone; U.S is a great nation that also have a lot of problems but is a country with a lot of virtues and good people too, just like my country.
I´m just asking some respect and delicacy with that kind of comments and headlines. Tnks.

1024 days ago


BS, he's there for the blow!

1024 days ago


Fitzcarraldo ??

1024 days ago


Guessing the movie will be also costarring Lindsey Lohan, and Shannon Dougherty with the soundtrack done by MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice and Danny Bonaducci.......

1024 days ago

Capitan Justicia    

Would TMZ dare to make a Holocaust joke if Charlie Sheen was visiting Israel? Why the prejudice and bigotry against Colombians, TMZ? Btw, guess which is the leading drug-consuming nation in the world? It's not Colombia, but the good ol' USA! Just say no to drugs!

1024 days ago


Tired of people always putting my native country Colombia down. For those who don't know any better, Colombia is a beautiful country that has a lot more to offer than "cocaine".

1024 days ago


Many companies in the USA went bankrupt for lack of customers. Drug consumers are increasingly buying drugs and the drug trade is growing more and more.
The tons of cocaine entering U.S. can not keep up with demand.
This means that the need for drug of American addicts is resposible of drug trafficking in the world.
When will they stop using drugs, so that the drug business is going bust too?

1024 days ago


hmmm epic movie from the '70's - blazing saddles??

1024 days ago

tall white guy    

I went to Cartagena Colombia last year. It was awesome! Best seafood I ever had and 95degree weather everyday. I took a volcanic mud bath inside a volcano and went island hopping. I did not do coke but someone from my group did and he said it was inexpensive.

1024 days ago
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