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Conrad Murray

I'm Glad I Did that Documentary

11/30/2011 9:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Murray doesn't regret for a second doing the documentary that infuriated Judge Michael Pastor, because he wanted the public to hear his side of the story.

Murray -- who declined to testify in his trial -- spoke with friends and family after the sentence.  We're told Murray said he knew he was going to get the maximum sentence, so it didn't bother him that he became Judge Michael Pastor's human punching bag over the things he said in the documentary -- in particular, trashing Michael Jackson and not accepting any blame for his death.

And we know more about Murray's reaction to the sentence.  He's saying he's "surprisingly upbeat" about the sentence, telling one friend, "I'm just relieved it's finally over," adding, "Don't worry, I'm fine, and I'll be out soon."


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mac the knife:



So why did Michael Jackson settle, you ask? It appeared that the judicial system was not on his side. When civil and criminal proceedings arise over the same allegation, the defendant is entitled to a stay of discovery and trial in the civil action until the criminal matter is resolved. In Michael Jackson's case, the civil trial was scheduled to occur before the criminal trial, which would have been a violation of Jackson's constitutional right to not self-incriminate. Jackson's attorney, Johnnie Cochrane, tried to get the civil trial postponed until AFTER the criminal trial but was not granted his request. He also filed a motion blocking the District Attorney's office from obtaining evidence used in the civil proceedings; again, he was not granted his request. If the civil trial had occurred, the prosecution would have been privy to Michael's entire defense strategy. This would have given them time in between the civil and criminal trials to come up with a way to counter Michael's defense. By settling, Michael did not have to go to court in the civil case and reveal his defense strategy to the prosecution.

Other reasons include the fact that the civil trial could have taken 8-9 months, which would have cost Michael millions of dollars in legal fees. Add to that the possibility of losing in court and one can see that paying the Chandlers $20 million might have actually been the cheaper alternative. Keep in mind that civil trials are very different from criminal trials in that the jury's verdict does not have to be unanimous. Only 51% of the jury would have to rule against Michael and he would have lost the civil trial. This could have later been used against him in the criminal trial as well. When you look at the case from a legal standpoint, Michael's decision to settle makes a lot of sense. Once the civil trial was settled, the criminal trial continued and there was not enough evidence to charge Michael.

Perhaps a more telling question is why would you accept money from someone who allegedly molested your child instead of fighting to put them behind bars?

Click here to read a detailed explanation of why Michael Jackson settled with his accuser.

An Innocent Man Wouldn't Have Settled...

Back in 1993, when the first set of allegations materialized, there was not enough evidence to indict Michael Jackson. The case was brought in front of two grand juries and charges were never brought. There was no corroborating evidence, no child pornography found, no witnesses to inappropriate behavior on Mr. Jackson's part and no other victims. Surely if Michael Jackson were a pedophile, authorities would have found something incriminating against him. They searched his entire house, interviewed hundreds of children and found nothing. On top of that, there is ample evidence that proves the entire thing was a scam.

So why do people still insist that he was guilty in 1993? Most people refer to the civil settlement that Michael Jackson reached with the accusing family. Anyone who uses the civil settlement as evidence of Michael Jackson's guilt lacks a basic understanding of law and needs to do a little research before making baseless assumptions. Since most members of the "Michael Jackson is guilty" club are lazy, I've done the research for you. I've even written a little analogy to help those with no legal knowledge understand the situation more clearly. Read on to learn why Michael Jackson settled the civil lawsuit in 1993 and why it means absolutely nothing in terms of him being innocent or guilty...

Imagine you are a professional dancer and have been entered into two competitions. You are required to perform the exact same routine in both competitions but the second one is much more significant. The first competition offers a cash prize of $100 while the second competition guarantees the winner a highly coveted spot at one of the most prestigious dance schools in the country. You have no desire to win the first competition as $100 really wouldn't benefit you much in the long run. Your entire career, however, rests on whether or not you win that second competition.

Now imagine that the person you're up against in the second competition will be coming to watch you perform in the first competition. Your opponent is going to be watching the entire routine, taking notes on all of your strengths and weaknesses and using this information to improve his/her own routine and make it better than yours. You approach the judge and ask that the order of the competitions be reversed so that the more important competition takes place first; this will prevent your opponent from knowing in advance what he/she is up against. The judge denies your request. You then ask that your opponent be banned from attending the first competition. Again, your request is denied.

Now you are faced with two choices. You could either a) perform in the first competition and risk your opponent having the upper hand in the more important competition or b) drop out of the first competition (since you don't care about a lousy $100 prize) and risk people thinking that your dropping out had something to do with your inability as a dancer. What would you do? Would people's opinions be more important than your own future? Would you compete in the first competition just to prove that you could win it if you tried?

If you want some insight into Michael Jackson's predicament in 1993, take this scenario and increase its magnitude by a thousand. The civil trial was supposed to take place before the criminal trial which would have been a direct violation of Mr. Jackson's constitutional right to not self-incriminate. Because of double jeopardy anyone accused of a crime will never have to defend themselves twice on the same allegation unless one trial takes place in a civil court and the other takes place in a criminal court. This was the situation with Michael Jackson in 1993. A criminal trial is always between the State and the accused; a civil trial, on the other hand, takes place between two private parties. The civil suit against Michael Jackson was filed by the Chandlers in 1993; the criminal proceedings were completely independent.

Typically, when there are two trials dealing with the same allegation, the criminal trial takes place first. For example, in the O.J Simpson case, the criminal trial was resolved before the civil trial began. Jackson's attorneys filed a motion asking for the order of the trials to be reversed. They cited numerous cases such as Pacer, Inc. v. Superior Court to support their request. The Federal case held that, "when both criminal and civil proceedings arise out of the same or related transactions, the defendant is entitled to a Stay of Discovery and trial in the civil action until the criminal matter has been fully resolved." Other cases cited include Dustin W. Brown v. The Superior Court, Dwyer v. Crocker National Bank, Patterson v. White and Huot v. Gendron.

The family's attorney Larry Feldman argued that if the civil trial were to be postponed, the plaintiff- being a minor- might forget certain details about what had supposedly happened to him. The judge felt that the boy's "fragile state" was more important than Jackson's 5th Amendment rights and ruled in the boy's favour. Jackson's attorney Johnnie Cochrane filed another motion asking that District Attorney Tom Sneddon be blocked from obtaining evidence used in the civil trial. Again, the Jackson team lost this motion.

Let's pretend for a moment that Michael Jackson had gone through with the civil trial. What would have happened? He would have presented the court with all of his evidence of extortion and Mr. Sneddon would have been watching the entire thing unfold. He could have then taken Jackson's most critical evidence and found ways to discredit it so that he would have nothing left to defend himself with in the criminal trial. For example, let's say the defense team proved that Jordan Chandler was given the memory altering drug sodium amytal before making the allegations. Jackson's lawyers would have revealed this discovery to the court while cross-examining Evan Chandler (since he'd already admitted to using the drug for "dental purposes") and it would have been a huge factor in proving that the allegations were a lie. The defense would have also called upon medical experts to testify that sodium amytal is strictly a psychiatric drug and cannot be relied on to produce fact. Sneddon, seeing how damaging this revelation would be to his case, could have then found experts of his own who could argue that sodium amytal is actually a truth serum. Sneddon would have had months to figure out ways to downplay the significance of the use of sodium amytal.

The defense would have also called Geraldine Hughes, the legal secretary for Barry Rothman (the attorney who represented Evan Chandler in his custody case). Ms. Hughes would have told the court everything she knew about Rothman and Chandler's extortion plot and would have made an explosive witness for the defense. Now keep in mind that Mr. Sneddon has a history of witness tampering. He is currently being sued for $10 million by lawyer Gary Dunlap who claims that Sneddon maliciously prosecuted him. According to Dunlap, when a judge refused to change her ruling in Sneddon's favour, Sneddon brought bogus charges against her, publicly humiliated her and ruined her career. When it became apparent to Sneddon that this judge would be a witness in the Dunlap case, he threatened to bring more charges against her. Just imagine what might have happened if Sneddon knew in advance who would make the best witnesses for the defense in the criminal trial.

As you can see, if Jackson had gone through with the civil trial, he would have put his entire defense strategy in jeopardy by revealing it to the prosecution. Although this is the most important reason for Michael Jackson settling, there were many other factors involved. One must understand the various differences between civil and criminal trials in order to fully comprehend Mr. Jackson's reasons for settling.

In a criminal trial, the burden of proof lies with the affirmative; in other words, it is up to the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty of a crime. In civil trials, the jury's verdict is based on a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant violated the plaintiff's rights. In short, in order to be convicted in a criminal trial, the jury must be completely convinced of your guilt. In a civil trial, however, if the jury thinks you might have committed the crime, they can still rule against you.

The defendant in a civil trial also has less rights. In criminal law, police must obtain search warrants before searching or seizing items from a person's property. In civil law, a lawyer may demand information from the defense about any matter relevant to the case. They can even take the deposition of nonparties in a civil case and order them to bring do***ents with them. This is known as the discovery process and it does not usually involve the court. Discovery may include: written questions to be answered under oath; oral deposition under oath; requests for pertinent do***ents; physical or mental examinations where injury is claimed; and requests to admit facts not in dispute.

In criminal law, if the defendant chooses not to testify, their refusal cannot be used against them. In a civil trial, however, the defendant must be cooperative for depositions and testimony. If the defendant in a civil trial invokes their fifth amendment privilege, the judge will tell the jury that they may make an inference against the party who refused to testify. If Michael Jackson had not settled the civil lawsuit, his entire personal life would have been put on display for everybody to see. Defendants in sex abuse crimes are often asked extremely personal questions on the stand; imagine what this process would be like for somebody like Michael Jackson who is admittedly shy and whose personal life is always subject to severe media scrutiny.

The civil trial would have taken months to resolve. Michael Jackson would have been up to his elbows in lawyers fees while at the same time putting his career on hold, limiting his source of income. Such a long, drawn out process would have also caused him and his family immeasurable amounts of stress. Even after the civil trial was resolved, he would still have the criminal proceedings to deal with. Why go through all of that twice, especially if going court in the civil trial would have given the prosecution the upper hand in the criminal trial? Why risk your chances of being acquitted when there would be absolutely nothing beneficial about going through with the civil trial? What would you have done? If you say you would have fought tooth and nail in both the civil trial and the criminal trial, well, that's very noble of you but until you are actually in the position that Michael Jackson was in, don't tell me that there's no way you would have settled the case.

Keep in mind that the settlement did not prevent the boy from testifying in the criminal trial. The Chandlers would not cooperate with authorities; this was their own decision. Larry Feldman stated himself that the civil settlement had nothing to do with Jordan Chandler's refusal to testify. The media, however, has gone out of their way to promote the idea that Michael Jackson bought the family's silence. For example, they will use sentences like "No charges were brought against Michael Jackson after he paid his accuser $20 million." Technically, there is nothing inaccurate about that statement but the implication is that charges were never brought because of the civil settlement. This is known as false cause- when people assume that because event A occurred before event B, event B was a result of event A. In reality, however, the case fell apart because Jordan Chandler would not testify and there was no evidence to corroborate his story. The criminal investigation was completely independent of the civil proceedings and the settlement did not affect the investigation. Simply put, there was no evidence to prove or even support the claim that Michael Jackson was a pedophile. This is the only reason why charges were not brought. Michael Jackson did not buy his way out of anything.

Logically, it doesn't even make sense to say that he paid them off. Chandler asked for $20 million at the very beginning and Michael Jackson turned him away. This was before the boy had even made any allegations; Chandler basically said, "give me $20 million or my son is going to make accusations against you." Why didn't Michael Jackson pay him off at that point? If he was guilty wouldn't he have paid him to go away? What, he was just like, "Nah, turn me in first, ruin my career and get my ass investigated by the police and then I'll pay you off?" It doesn't make any sense at all.

If it is still your contention that Jackson's plan was to settle the civil lawsuit in order to bribe the boy into not testifying against him in the criminal trial, can you please explain why Michael Jackson asked for the civil trial to be postponed? He wanted the civil trial to take place after the criminal trial was resolved, which would have made it impossible for him to "bribe" the boy into not testifying. Jackson's actions contradict the notion that he wanted to buy Jordan Chandler's silence.

A more logical explanation as to why Michael Jackson settled is that he was innocent and although he initially refused to be blackmailed by Evan Chandler, he had no choice in the end. Once the alleged abuse was brought to the attention of authorities, it suddenly became apparent to Jackson just how ugly things would get. The media went into overkill, the District Attorney was seeking a conviction instead of justice and the civil lawsuit filed by the Chandlers had backed Jackson into a corner. He could either go through with the civil trial and risk a weakened defense in the more important criminal trial or settle the civil lawsuit and risk people thinking he had something to hide. Obviously, Michael Jackson valued his life more than he valued the opinions of other people so he opted to settle the lawsuit. Settling the civil suit was the easiest option for Michael Jackson and from a legal standpoint, his decision to settle makes sense. Unfortunately, the settlement is constantly used against Michael Jackson by a lazy media who refuse to do any research before writing a story.

An innocent man wouldn't have settled? Whatever. Do your homework before you use legal proceedings that you don't understand to prove a person's guilt.

Now that MJ has passed, Jordan Chandler is saying that his father made him say it. How sad is that? An innocent man was shamed and blackmailed and the authorities let them get away with it?

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mac the knife    

oh yeah.. I was a ware of all that when it was happeneing..

Evan Chandler wanted to squeeze Mj for all his worth.. why he did hire Larry Feldman whilst t he criminal investigation was going on--using Jordan's age as excuse..

by the way-- Gloria Alred was their first lawyer.. after 2 days or so.. she dropped them! & rothman that sleaze Evan was dealing with--recommended Feldman..another sleaze.


meanwhile GIL GARCETTI IN 1993 WAS HAVING NONE OF SNEDDON'S RUBBISH.. GARCETTI DID SAY IN A HUGE PRESS CONFER.. HE WILL NOT CHARGE MICHAEL JACKSON FROM ONE KID'S ALLEGATIONS! THE DA'S OFFICE INTERVIEWED HUNDREDS OF KIDS MJ HAD CONTACT WITH THROUGH THE YEARS.. & FOUND NONE.. except of course, didnae dimond then with Hard Copy cajoled that Francia maid & ended up suing Mj over her kid.. wh was neither here nor there.Oh I remember.. Larry Feldman contact Diane Dimond over the confidential file the chandler made against MJ.. WHY IT WENT PUBLIC..

funny.. when I first heard from the blurp of the 11 PM news.. thata biy was accusing of Michael etc.. I KNEW IT WILL BE JORDAN CHANDLER.. & HIS FAMILY.. BEFORE THEIR NAME WAS EVER MENTIONED then it was kept quiet.


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human nature and mac the knife ...
Since MJ legacy has risen like a phoenix..
I think it will be just a matter of time before the story of Tom Sneddon and his obsession with MJ goes mainstream..
The reason I think it will is because , everything" MJ" turns to gold.... it would be a commercial bonanza..
I think it will be too good for someone to pass up the chance to make a fortune ..
These people think they got away with their garbage, but not so fast....:))

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1065 days ago


Jackson legacy expected to thrive after trial


LOS ANGELES (AP) — The private world of Michael Jackson, fiercely shielded by the superstar in life, was exposed in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray. But rather than suffering harm from revelations of drug use, experts say Jackson's legacy and posthumous earning power will survive any damage done and could actually grow after he was portrayed as a victim of a money-hungry doctor.

Jackson died before he could launch a series of highly anticipated comeback concerts in London as he tried to regain the towering status he enjoyed when he released the "Thriller" album in 1983.

But his death did breathe new life into record sales and boosted other projects to generate hundreds of millions of dollars for his estate, even as his already tarnished personal life took another hit by revelations about his drug use.

Jackson zoomed to the top of the Forbes Magazine list of highest earning dead celebrities and his executors are moving quickly on more projects designed to burnish the performer's image and expand the inheritance of his three children.

A Cirque du Soleil extravaganza, "Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour" opens in Las Vegas this weekend, a precursor to a permanent installation at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, and fans are expected to flock there for a "Fan Fest" exhibit of Jackson memorabilia.

After the trial, a judge made it clear that the defense effort to cast Jackson as the villain in the case had been a miserable failure. Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, called a reckless opportunist and sentenced to the maximum four years in prison.

Judge Michael Pastor also blasted Murray for experimenting on the pop star with the operating-room anesthetic propofol to help him battle debilitating insomnia, even though the drug was never meant to be used in a private home.

Some experts say the revelations made the King of Pop look more like a regular person coping with a difficult challenge.

"In the final analysis, not a lot of damage was done," Jackson biographer J. Randy Taraborelli said. "I think the trial humanized Michael Jackson. It presented him as a human being with problems."

As evidence unfolded, "It definitely made our hearts go out to Michael Jackson. He was a person suffering a great deal and not getting the help he needed," the author said.

Taraborelli said the entertainer's family, fans and estate executors were concerned before the trial that testimony would paint Jackson as responsible for his own death while resurrecting past accusations of child molestation and bizarre behavior by the King of Pop.

But the judge limited testimony and evidence to Jackson's final months and specifically ruled out any mention of the 2005 molestation trial.

Thomas Mesereau Jr., the attorney who won Jackson's acquittal in that case, believes the Murray trial did damage Jackson's reputation but said the impact would likely be short term.

"It certainly didn't help to have all this testimony about drug use," Mesereau said. "But as time passes, people will focus more on his music and the negatives will fade."

While Murray was ultimately shown to be negligent, the portrait of his patient that emerged during the trial was one of an aging superstar desperate to cement his place in entertainment history while providing a stable home life for adored children, Paris, Prince and Blanket.

The image of Jackson as a caring father had never been illustrated quite so vividly. A probation officer who interviewed Jackson's mother, Katherine, said she told him: "Michael Jackson was his children's world, and their world collapsed when he left."

A leading expert on the licensing and branding of dead celebrities believes the trial engendered so much sympathy for Jackson that in the long run it will eclipse negative fallout from his past.

"I don't think any tawdry revelations that may have come out of the trial will have any impact on his lasting legacy," said Martin Crebbs, who is based in New York. "We as a society tend to give everyone a second chance. Michael's legacy will be like Elvis and the Beatles. It will be his music, his genius. and his charitable works "

Crebbs has represented the estates of such deceased luminaries as Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Steve McQueen and Mae West.

He is not involved in the Jackson estate but praised its executors' efforts. Beginning with the rapid release of the concert movie, "This Is It," he said, "They have done a brilliant job of reminding us of Michael's genius."

Taraborelli also cited the film based on rehearsals for Jackson's ill-fated concerts as a spectacular move setting the stage for a posthumous comeback of the Jackson entertainment empire.

"It made you want to embrace him," said the author of "Michael Jackson: The Magic and the Madness."

Jackson's eccentricities and bizarre behavior often made headlines. Whether it was traveling with a chimp named Bubbles, sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber or dangling his baby Blanket off a balcony, he managed to alienate many people. The molestation trial pushed him further from the mainstream.

"That all ended on the day the news was announced that Michael was dead," said Lance Grode, a former music executive and onetime attorney for Jackson who now teaches legal issues in music at University of Southern California.

"The public decided they prefer to remember Michael as this great superstar and music prodigy and to forgive and forget any negative things they had heard over the last 10 or 15 years," Grode said. "Nothing came out at the trial that was nearly as bad as things they had heard in the past."

Grode said evidence of public acceptance is seen in the Jackson estate's ability to generate a half-billion dollars in the wake of his death.

The Cirque show, which launched in Canada, is slated for 150 dates across North America through July and expected to run through 2014 internationally. The permanent Las Vegas show is due in 2013.

The year he died, Jackson sold 8.3 million albums in the U.S. — nearly twice as many as second-place Taylor Swift — and "This Is It became the highest-grossing concert film and do***entary of all time.

Joe Vogel, author of a new book on Jackson's music, and others said the most shocking part of the Murray trial was the playing of a recording of a drugged Jackson slurring his words while dreaming aloud about his future concert and his plans to build a fantastic state of the art children's hospital.

Vogel said the recording, found on Murray's cell phone, reveals the dark side of Jackson's world.

"Michael had a difficult life. He said once that you have to have tragedy to pull from to create something beautiful and inspiring. And that's what he did. His music has staying power," Vogel said.

Rich Hanley, a pop culture specialist who teaches journalism at Connecticut's Quinnipiac University, said Jackson had "complexities on top of complexities."

"There may be collateral damage to his reputation from the trial. His inner sanctum was penetrated for the first time," he said.

However, "his music is eternal. It brings universal joy to people and will continue as much as Elvis' work continues to attract new fans even though he's been gone for generations," Hanley said.

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Conrad Murray sentenced to four years behind bars

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Dr. Conrad Murray was sentenced Tuesday to four years in the Los Angeles County jail -- the maximum sentence allowed under the law -- in the death of Michael Jackson. He may serve no more than two, however.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor, in a lengthy statement delivered before sentencing Murray for involuntary manslaughter, said he felt a significant responsibility to determine the appropriate sentence, utilizing his "sense of fairness and decency."

"There are those who feel Dr. Murray is a saint," Judge Pastor said. "There are those who feel Dr. Murray is the devil. He's neither. He's a human being. He stands convicted of the death of another human being."

Automatic credit for good behavior lowers the actual time served to two years, which puts his projected release date in late 2013, Los Angeles County Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

Murray is not eligible for early release electronic monitoring or house arrest, which some county prisoners get under a federal court order aimed at reducing jail overcrowding, Whitmore said. "He does not meet our requirements for any kind of home monitoring," he said.

Members of Jackson's family, who sat in court for Tuesday's sentencing, appeared pleased with the judge's decision to ignore defense pleas for leniency.

A statement from the family, read in court by a lawyer, said they were "not here to seek revenge," but they wanted a sentence that "reminds physicians that they cannot sell their services to the highest bidder and cast aside their Hippocratic oath to do no harm."

It included a message to the judge from Jackson's three children, Prince, Paris and Blanket.

"We will grow up without a father, our best friend, our playmate and our dad," the children said.

Defense lawyer Ed Chernoff acknowledged that it was unlikely Pastor would accept probation for Murray, but he still made a case for community service over time behind bars.

"He could do things for the community on probation that he could never do sitting in that little room," Chernoff said.

Even without jail time, Chernoff said, he will suffer the rest of his life because of the loss of his medical career and the stigma of the conviction.

"Whether he is a barista the rest of his life, whether he is a greeter at Walmart, he's still going to be the man who killed Michael Jackson for the rest of his life," Chernoff said.

Deputy District Attorney David Walgren, arguing for the maximum four years in jail, said Murray was "playing Russian roulette with Michael Jackson's life every single night," by using the surgical anesthetic propofol to put him to sleep in "a reckless, obscene manner."

Murray showed his lack of remorse or acceptance of his personal responsibility in an interview nine days before he was found guilty, Walgren said.

"I don't feel guilty because I did not do anything wrong," Murray said in a do***entary aired days after he was convicted.

Pastor delivered a 30-minute explanation of why he was sentencing Murray to the maximum jail time, even though the doctor was technically eligible for probation.

Murray's "faux do***entary" made it appear he was just a "bystander" in Jackson's death who was "entrapped" and "betrayed" by his patient, Pastor said.

"Yikes! Talk about blaming the victim," he said. "Not only isn't there any remorse, there's umbrage and outrage on the part of Dr. Murray against the decedent, without any, any indication of the slightest involvement in this case."

Pastor said that while he had considered the entire "book" of Murray's life, he also had "read the book of Michael Jackson's life."

"Regrettably, as far as Dr. Murray is concerned, the most significant chapter, as it relates to this case, is the chapter involving the treatment, or lack of treatment, of Michael Jackson."

Jackson died "not because of an isolated one-off occurrence or incident," Pastor said. "He died because of a totality of cir****tances which are directly attributable to Dr. Murray ... because of a series of decisions that Dr. Murray made."

Murray, he said, became involved in "a cycle of horrible medicine."

He cited Murray's "pattern of deceit and lies. That pattern was to assist Dr. Murray."

A tape recording of Jackson's slurred voice was Murray's "insurance policy," Pastor said. "It was designed to record his patient surreptitiously at that patient's most vulnerable point. I can't even imagine that happening to any of us because of the horrific violation of trust."

He said he wondered whether that tape would have been offered for sale, had Jackson not died and a rift had developed between the two in the future.

One of the 12 jurors who found Murray guilty said in an interview airing Tuesday on HLN's "Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell," that the recording did not play into the verdict.

"We talked about that audio a little bit," Debbie Franklin, known as "Juror 5," said. "We didn't really understand why it was presented. I still do not understand what that was about."

Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter three weeks ago after a trial in which prosecutors successfully argued that Murray's reckless use of propofol to help Jackson sleep, without proper monitoring equipment, led to the singer's death.

"We had decided the three issues we were going to focus on were the not calling 911, not having the medical equipment and him leaving the room," Franklin said. "That was the bottom line for this case."

Testimony during the trial revealed that Murray gave propofol nearly every night in the two months before the singer's death on June 25, 2009, as Jackson prepared for his comeback concerts set for London the next month.

The judge set a hearing for January 23 to decide on the prosecution's request that Murray be ordered to pay Jackson's estate and his children more than $100 million in restitution for the "wage and profits lost," as provided under California's "victim's bill of rights" law.

The singer's "estate estimates Michael Jackson's projected earnings for the 50-show O2 concert series to be $100 million," the prosecutors said.

With nearly $2 million in funeral expenses and 10% interest added each year, the prosecution is asking Pastor to order Murray to pay Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson more than $120 million in restitution.

While it is doubtful that Murray, who is unlikely to ever practice medicine again, could pay very much of that sum, it could prevent him from reaping financial benefits from any books, interviews or film projects in the future.





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Sorry - Accidentally posted this on the wrong board! Duh1

Hi HN & Mac The Knife!

Mac: Personally speaking, if it were me = I too would Divorce him and change my name and move away! I would not want any association with ConQuack in any manner, shape or form! As for Sneldon - Phantom had posted a video some time back - and it showed whree the the Officials had erected a Memorial Plack of some kind to Sneldon - which the narractor thought it was disgraceful in more ways than one! I would ask Phantom if he/she would object to posting the link to it again. I was appauled at it myself! And I truly do pray that it is destroyed somehow by someone! JMO

HN: Thank you for all your hard work on researching that! I didn't know that her name was Blanche. I thought that perhaps - they were already Divorced and/or Legally Separated - wasn't sure. Cnn't understand why she would want to remain married to the Quack, after haveing that many girlfriends and cvhildren by some of them! Not to mention, all the crap he has done since he hooked up with MJ and is now in prison. Makes no sense to me! I do know that his wife is also a Doctor and that the Practice that they had in Nevada was a shared practice between them.

So he no longer has his Medical License in Nevada - Wonderful! And he no longer owns the home there - probably used the aquity to pay for his lawyers, and/or girlfriends, child support, security team, whatever. Lost his home in CA because he couldn't meet the mortgage. Not sure about what is happening in Texas with his home there and medical license.n I can only hope that the Medical Board there had enough sense to cancel out his medical license - so as to never practice medicine there again.

I saw on Dr. Drew where he was stating that he felt that Murray should get his medical license back and be made to perform medical service to the community as restittution. Sorry, but I completely disagree! I think (like Judge Pastor) that Murray is a Disgrace to the Medical Profession and is a Danger to others and should NEVER BE ALLOWED TO PRACTICE MEDICINE IN THE US OR ANYWHERE - EVER AGAIN!!!!!

But back to the subject at hand. I agree with you - I too think that they must be Legally Separated. However, what makes you think that he would have married "the Instrutment" over one of the other girlfriends? Odds are you are right - and that is the one with whom he would have choosen to marry. But he has children by several of the others as well. I just don't see it myself! What do these Bimbo's see in this jerk? Mac is right! Murray looks like a Gorilla! Infact, I am sorry to say - a Gorilla is actually nicer looking - JMO. LOL And God knows, he has No Character, No Intelligence, No Anything!! But then again, look at what kind of women he prefers - guess it makes sense.

Anyways HN - thank you for all your time and research and hard work! Please keep me posted on anything you may learn. I can always depend on you, MiMi, Cherwood, Nan, LC4Michael, TSIG (who I miss alot), and the others for all the updates on things With everyone's input, at least we all can have a clearer picture of things as they occur. so it is beneficial to everyone. But don't think that we are taking you for granted - we are not! All of us appreciate all the time and work you have done and for posting the results here for us all! Tjhank You again!

Love, Hugs & God's Blessing's to All of You!!

1065 days ago

mac the knife    

thanks HN.. well you know it.. he sure isn't going home for christmas OR ANYTIME SOON..

shoot.. he & his defense are so lame.of course, defense has to go through motions of appeal..but still..but IF Mooray was expecting something t o come of it.. FORGET IT!


boy. Chernoff is bloody quiet.. it's flanny whose been whoring himself placing his big nose/foot down his throat.. BOY.. HE'S SOOO LAME..the bull that comes out of his mouth!

anyway.. this ordeal will soon be over.. and when Mooray gets out-- 2-4 yrs from now? HE'LL BE NOBODY.. THAT SMUG,FULL OF BRAVADO LOOK WILL BE SWIPED OFF HIS FACE.. that's for sure.

this is another t hat popped into my mind.. as flanny kept insisting mooray was mj's best friend.. oh yeah? THIS IS ALSO THE SAME FOOL WHO SAID.. OH i GAVE PRINCE COMFORT.. THEN PARIS THEN BLANKET..RIGHT?!

can anyone believe Michael told him.. he's his only fried?

1065 days ago


yep i agree..
just from a financial viewpoint ..
the press knew that garbage wasnt true but the money was in the salacious they ran with it..
now he is missed by millions and people no longer really care about any of that stuff..
so what is the next step?.
they wont want to get off the gravy train , the media and jouranalist are not going to admit their part in it ...
so it will go to tom sneddon and company, because I just can not believe they are going to leave a pot of gold just sitting there..
i am feeling pretty confident that the boys in santa barbara are having somewhat of an oh s@@t moment..
and I cant wait..
you know June Chandler really only got a little over a million bucks for all her trouble.
evan lost it right away.
and the francia kid is still dumb as dirt , never really made anything out of his life..talks about how he rides his dirt bike ....
arviso ..ziltch
Jordy is the only one who got the big settlement..
Everyone knows his name , most despise him.
He is fully aware his parents put him in this position , all for money..
not sure if he leading the wonderful lifestyle the demon would like you to believe..
probably doesnt trust anyone ..
wonder if he will ever have a family...
and howhe would explain this to his child ...
you can only go around telling people your parents made you for so long..

Michael jackson was a man on trial facing twenty years accused of the most horrific things ,...all this starting with his fathers false accusations...
and he didnt have the guts to walk into that courthouse
just hid like the rest of the men in his family.
how do you live with that ..
when you are young you think you are immortal but...
when you get alittle older you do start thinking about mortality and reviewing choices made in your lifetime..
I wonder how that is going to sit with these people if they believe in a judgement day

1065 days ago


This is Totally Off-Topic! But I saw this article on Cats and it was so cute that I wanted to share it with all of the Cat lovers on the board. Hope that you will enjoy it!

..How Can We Get Our Cat to Sleep at Night?
.Posts .By | Pets – Mon, Nov 28, 2011 12:03 PM EST
By Dr. Marty Becker,

Q. Our young cat is keeping us up all night. I think he sleeps all day when we're at work, and all night he wants to play. What can we do?

A. Cats have night vision that puts any man-made invention to shame. When you think about that, it's not surprising that a lot of cats, especially young ones, love prowling about in the dark. If you have other plans (such as sleeping) they really don't care. It's showtime at the Cat Cabaret!

The "solution" to this problem used to be to put the cat outside, turn out the lights and go to sleep. But these days we know that remedy isn't the best. Free-roaming cats generally don't live anywhere near as long as indoor cats, because of the hazards of life outside. From cars and coyotes to cat-hating neighbors, there are plenty of dangers for a cat outside. And, of course, there's an argument to be made that these cats cause problems just by doing what comes naturally, including hunting and burying their feces in the neighbors' gardens. Keeping your cat inside is safer for your cat and more considerate of your neighbors.

SEE ALSO: Why Does My Cat... Meow at Me?

When you bring a cat indoors, though, you can't just shut the door on him and call it a day. You have to provide for a cat's physical and mental needs by creating an enriched environment for him. That's the subject of a wonderful new book called Your Home, Their Territory: Creating the Right Habitat for Your Indoor Cats. The author is my friend and colleague Dr. Tony Buffington of The Indoor Pet Initiative at The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center.

Since I know that this behavior is common among indoor cats, I asked Dr. Buffington to weigh in with his suggestions for getting a good night's sleep with a cat in the house.

Change meal time. "Feed the cat before you go to bed vs. before you leave in the morning," Dr. Buffington suggests. Because we are all more likely to sleep after a meal (think about the postprandial pause after we push back from the Thanksgiving table!) feeding just before your bedtime will make your cat more likely to snooze, too.

SEE ALSO: 10 Human Foods Dangerous for Pets

Make time for playtime. "Providing play opportunities will help 'wear the cat out' before bed," Dr. Buffington says. If a long day at work leaves you too exhausted to play with Kitty, get a toy that your pet can play with on his own, like the Fling-ama-String, one of my Dr. Becker's Best from the Global Pet Expo. Set it up at the other end of the house and hit the sack!

Widen your cat's world. "I'd suggest they enrich the environment so they're not the only source of the cat's stimulation and activity," Dr. Buffington says. "Add feeding puzzles, window perches with bird feeders outside, cat videos, etc." This keeps your cat busy all day and makes him more likely to sleep all night.

I love these suggestions from Dr. Buffington. Not only will they help you sleep, but they'll also make your cat happier as well. Talk about a win-win!

1065 days ago


Pegasus--I believe Dr Drew has become "Hollywoodized"When Conrad Murray finds,and states he has done nothing wrong,WHY? would you put him in a position,to do harm AGAIN.That would be "Community MISSERVICE,and open a can of worms best left to fester in jail,What Conrad Murray did had me confused from the beginning.FORGET THE FRIENDSHIP,Murray claims,ALL CONRAD MURRAY DECISION'S are NOT that of a man that went through Medical School.

1064 days ago


Anything for money,first kill,try to save our a..,blame the victim of course and finally make a do***entary BASED ON LIES.

1064 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Given all you know about MJ from this trial, how well do you think he would be doing right now, on his tour, if he had never met Murray?

1064 days ago
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