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Conrad Murray

He Could Get More Time

Because He Killed MJ

11/29/2011 6:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Judges, prosecutors and criminal lawyers who have spoken with TMZ agree ... Conrad Murray should not get the maximum sentence -- 4 years in prison -- but the fact that he killed Michael Jackson changes everything.

It's not supposed to be this way -- the fame of the victim should be irrelevant -- but it's hard to ignore the fame of the victim.

The people we spoke with say the typical sentence for someone in a similar position -- no criminal history, an otherwise unblemished record -- would be a "blended sentence" -- a year or 2 in jail, and then a year or 2 of community service. 

Judge Michael Pastor made it clear when he denied Murray bail -- he views the crime as extremely serious, possibly telegraphing a maximum sentence.  It's hard to tell what Pastor will do, but almost everyone considers him a fair but stern judge.

The fact that the D.A. is asking for $100 million in restitution shows how much of a difference it makes that MJ is the victim.  The reality is  -- in terms of money -- Michael is worth more dead than alive, so there should be no restitution.  His 3 kids will now get hundreds of millions in a windfall.

Here's the reality ... Murray will not serve a day in prison.  Because of a new California law, any time he gets will be served in L.A. County Jail, and the amount of time will automatically be cut in half.  And, Murray would be eligible for house arrest.



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Regardless of what Michael was or wasn't, did or didn't do, Dr Conrad Murray violated his oath as a physician! Greed got the best of him and now he will pay for it.

1058 days ago


Michael Jackson was a drug addict and Murray was just his high priced drug dealer...That's it. I don't care how talented Michael Jackson was...he was a drug addict he knew what could happen...and it did.

1058 days ago


Murray deserves a medal, not a prison sentence.

1058 days ago


The L.A. County Jail is worse then Prison.
Some seem to believe because he wont go to a state prison he will be better off, that's not necessarily the reality.

1058 days ago


YES!! Dr. Murray deserves the maximum sentence. He is not remorseful and takes no responsibility for his actions. He still doesn't seem to understand that he did something wrong.
Nobody should encourage or enable someone who is battling addiction issues, especially a doctor. Everyone makes a choice in life to do the right thing or go the other way. Dr. Murray could've counseled MJ to seek help and walked away. If another doctor gave propofol to MJ then he should face the same consequences as Murray even if MJ survived. An addict is obviously making poor choices in their life but that's why they need someone to step in and encourage them to seek help. Nobody forced Murray to accept money from MJ and pump him full of propofol every night. It's just wrong. In the case of Anna Nicole Smith, those enablers should have been punished like Murray.

1058 days ago


He got the max bcuz it was MJ if it was any regular person he wouldnt have got that much time... It just goes to show how much the law thinks Celebrities are more important then ur every day joe... so note to everyone if you Want to get away with murder, DUIs Shop lifting etc just become famous!.. Jackson Family is out to keep their name in the media bcuz their only semi Talented and Meal ticket family member is now gone.

P.s what about all the other doctors that gave MJ Drugs too... They should be Charged as well! It was a Mixture of the Drugs that killed him!

1058 days ago

Bonnie Krehbiel    

I think he needs to be hung. personally, yes, he was a dr and he had an obligation to help Michael, not enable him. Shame on him, he went against all his beliefs and his oaths. He shortened the life between Michael and his kids. Hang him!

1058 days ago



1058 days ago


Oh good, Conrad is off to jail. Even the judge was disgusted with his behavior. That speaks volumes. At least now we don't have to worry about him killing anyone else for fame. Who's delusional now? RIP Michael. Love lives forever.

1058 days ago

small asian penis    

If he were your doctor, would you go back to him if you had the option?

1058 days ago


I believe Dr. Murray should lose his license, because what he did was unethical, but as for 4 years in prison, no. MJ dug his own grave. Just like a crackhead on the streets, if they overdose, do the police go after the drug dealer? No. MJ was a junkie, ya he might not been smoking crack, but he was still a junkie. He knew what he was getting himself into. He killed himself, no one made him take those drugs. He wanted them.

1058 days ago


people have to stop acting like conard had MJ at gun point forcing him to take the meds!! if anything both MJ and conard are at fault, but i do agree that they should take away conards dr license and not let him practice medicine anymore!! for being dumb and chasing money the wrong way...

1057 days ago


I am a Michael Jackson fan, but I feel that Michael Jackson killed Michael Jackson. He took those drugs voluntarily even if he was an addict, he still chose to take them. People nowadays act like they have no choice if they are addicted. Addiction is not a disease, it is a choice. If you say it is a disease, you are removing the blame from yourself. People need to be responsible for their own actions. Conrad Murray should not have gotten a 4 year sentence!

1057 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

I think the four year sentence and actual time Murray will serve will be a benefit for the Jackson family. The frequency of keeping MJs name in the news increases the potential for profits.

Now that you know the undeniable truth of how MJ was leading his life, how well do you think he would be doing on his tour if he never met Murray?

1057 days ago


The people we spoke with say the typical sentence for someone in a similar position -- no criminal history, an otherwise unblemished record -- would be a "blended sentence" -- a year or 2 in jail, and then a year or 2 of community service.

You are joking right? murray did kill another patient in 2007,TMZ you gave us that story remember?

Just because Michael was famous doesn't make murray a KILLER? What a shame,as if Michael wasn't human but today unfortunately thanks to the psych- ologists,iatrists,etc people function without having what is called CONSCIENCE!

Why does a murderer who kills another person but the victim isn't famous end up in jail for many years?

1057 days ago
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