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Katherine Jackson

'4 Years Is Not Enough'

11/29/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson wants Conrad Murray to rot behind bars -- telling reporters outside the courthouse, the doctor's 4-year sentence is "not enough."

Speaking to KTLA ... Katherine added, "Four years won't bring my son back" -- but she admits ... Judge Michael Pastor was extremely fair with his sentencing.


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katherine jackson can kiss my A.Z.Z.

1058 days ago

Teresa Miller    

I understand that everyone is upset about the death of Micheal Jackson but I also think that the people who were handling Mr Jackson bofore Dr Conrad have should of been brought up in court to also take some sort of responsibilty in Mr JACKSONS death as well. Clearly Mr Jackson was a Drug addict way before Mr Conrad came into this picture. Yes I said it Mr Jackson was a drug addict, so why not bring all of Mr Jasksons previous Doctors in and make them accountable. Mr Conrad has to pay the price of Micheal"s death. Honestly if Micheal was alive today he would still be on various perscriptions and as Micheal called it his MILK, so im just wondering why Micheal has gotten away with his addiction for so many years? Instead of doing something positive for him self and for his children, like get help to get off the roller coaster of abusing perscriptions and telling the other dr's in no certain manner shall i continue to keep what u gave me. Micheal had control but he decided to make decisions that only benefited his drug addiction. Mr Conrad was not only the fall guy but sadly he was told to do exactly what micheal wanted him to do, why not go after the previous doctors as well who started this addiction. The Jackson family needed some one to blame but i feel laziness by not proscuting previous Doctors who accepted Micheals money knowing that he had an addiction and did nothing but keep enabling Micheal but had NO PROBLEM TAKING MICHEALS MONEY, so far the only person who is crucified for this is the last man to help him. Injustice is so easily over looked when narrow minded people just want someone to pay when several Doctors are walking around free but have the money that was given to them by Micheal is so easily to spend, and not have a care in the world. Yes Micheal is dead but only one Dr is paying! Truely it makes me mad and sick.

1058 days ago


but mj endored years of abuse from ur crazy husband as u stood by kathy!!!

1058 days ago


the dog called katherine said that 4 years would not bring back her question is a mother shouldnt you have done something to avoid his addictions...i know if i was an addict my mother would be busting down doors and busting ass to get to me her son....but then again my mother raised 7 wonderful gifted children that were never in any trouble...maybe its because my mother didnt have a lazy pimp husband who only cared how much money they brought in and went along with it....somehow this unfit mother who seems to love money more then her children, let her son die to gain control of his you see katherine...ypu should be joining dr murray in jail....most vile mother on this earth. so just hope your old ass is alive when dr murray comes out and starts to live his life to the fullest...cause your drug addicted pedophile manipulating son id dead and should be like any other pedophile!

1058 days ago


His family needs to be brought up on charges of tampering with evidence for taking out the tapes and other things from the property after he died, there is more to his death that they covered up and Murray is the fall guy...that family covered up and those tapes would tell a lot more they are evil all of them enablers

1058 days ago


And how many years should MJ have gotten for molesting children?

1058 days ago


All we need now is Human Nature typing in all caps (as per usual) and Missy saying Prince looks just like Jacko (when clearly he's Arnie Klein's son). Those two type the same thing on every MJ story. They must cut and paste the same thing.

1058 days ago


I thought the Judge said what we all wanted to say. And Murray should have to rot in jail, but the law is the law. As for Michael's family, however, they need to face the truth about Michael someday. He chose to do drugs, for years. And for whatever reason, not one person in his family seemed to try and stop it. He died like he lived--and his life was isolated and sad.

1058 days ago


++ Most of you are just jealous of this beautiful and
rich family. ++

Hate does not get you anywhere or anything.

Let it go !!

1058 days ago

John Fullerton    

He should have received a Zero sentence.

1058 days ago


Granted the man should be punished and will be . . however, let us not forget that Michael Jackson and all the people (including his family; attempts at interventions . . please) "around" him ALLOWED HIM TO CONTINUE TO ABUSE HIMSELF and did NOTHING ABOUT IT. Michael Jackson basically killed himself. The doctor only sped up the process of an inevitable death. It's easier to blame someone else.

1058 days ago


i fell ya ms. jackson the judicial system is a disgrace and they don't give a whoot about this whole this and they will just give him some years so the jackson family would be happy but they are not happy because 4 years is not enough ist ridiculous and complete bs but oh well life goes and nothing can be done about it but to except that and just move on just be glad he was convicted and not get off scott free for mj's murder.

1058 days ago


4 years won't bring her son back, omg spare the drama. Katherine Jackson and her family lost Michael Jackson years ago to drugs. Should of have been a little more concerned about bringing him back when he was alive. They might have still had him today.

1058 days ago


This woman seems so stupid. It's like she lives in a parrallel universe. She is iggernant. She didn't protect her son.

1058 days ago
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