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Lil Boosie

8 Years in Prison

for Drug Smuggling Conspiracy

11/29/2011 11:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Boosie sentenced to 8 years in jail
Rapper Lil Boosie was sentenced to 8 years of hard time for conspiring to smuggle drugs into prison ... THREE TIMES.

Boosie -- who was featured on the 2007 hit "Wipe Me Down" -- was in court in Louisiana Tuesday morning, where he plead guilty to three counts conspiring to bring drugs into a penal institution.

The judge sentenced Boosie to 8 years in prison.

But Boosie has bigger problems -- he's also been accused of 1st degree murder in the death of a 35-year-old man ... and could possibly face the death penalty if convicted.

Boosie's murder trial is set to begin in April.


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1057 days ago


It's getting to the point that if you want to hear good rap, you'll have to go to jail. They are gangstas, stupid ones.

1057 days ago


Why are the prosecutors taking so long to decide whether they will be asking for the death penalty when the trial is in April ?

1057 days ago


How shocking... another street trash dumbass rapper breaking the law, getting caught and being sent to prison to play "I'm the bitch"...

1057 days ago


Don't worry you'll still get to listen to Lil Wayne the corporate puppet.. It's sad to see a real rapper with real talent, who isn't owned by corporations, being abused by this f'd up system. Boosie shouldn't have been in jail to begin with.. he's only in jail because of.. marijuana.. what?? The last several Presidents were marijuana users.. but Boosie's the only one who's in jail. It wouldn't surprise me if this was a conspiracy against Lil Boosie. Keep a real rapper out of the scene so the corporate owned little puppets can run around..

1057 days ago


Another turd rapper down the tubes........YES!!!!

1057 days ago


damn homie...we need you in the streets...sad day for hip hop....FREE LIL BOOOSIE!!!!

1057 days ago


to all you losers on her talkin about yall dont know who lil boosie is must not be from here lil boosie is well known so to all of you hatin a** ho** on here especially the h** that said let him rot you go to hell with gasoline draws on you dirty bit** and to the pecker wood that called him a pile of sh** who the he** are you a nobody so get yo weight up and then talk sh**

1057 days ago


A life may have been saved If the courts had done the right thing in the FIRST time he tried to smuggle drugs into a prion. I blame the courts.

1057 days ago



1057 days ago

buzz kill    

Why is it that these punks all want to be rappers or basketball players? Probably because they are to stupid to do a real job, so they end up selling drugs and shooting each other. either give them a 100% discount on ammo or lock them away forever.

1057 days ago


What is it with these young rap artists. If you can call them artist. They just can't seem to stay out of trouble. Just make the crappy music, sell it, save or invest the money you make and stay out of trouble. Pure and simple. When was the last time anyone ever heard of a rap artist donating money to help out the less fortunate or even donating to any charities? What a waste.

1057 days ago

j gutta    

yall **** riding hatin ass no life havin cracker ma****az!!!!!! WHO DONT KNOW BOOSIE BAD AZZ!!! SMFH!!!!!! FREE BOOSIE!!!! KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!!!

1057 days ago


i guess anyone can call themselves a rapper these days. Lil Boosie, Daddy Yankee, Little Douchie Bag - i dont know who these people are any more.

1057 days ago

Cool Breeze    

HE"LL be reemed booty when he gets out

1057 days ago
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