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Mark Burnett

Goes on Mission with Joel Osteen

11/29/2011 8:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Survivor" producer Mark Burnett is teaming up with Joel Osteen for a primetime network show in 2012, TMZ has learned.

Burnett tells TMZ, the premise of the show is that ordinary people will give up several days or longer to go on a mission with Joel Osteen, one of the most popular pastors in the world.

All of the missions will be in the confines of US soil to "start fixing things."

According to sources, Burnett and his wife Roma Downey have become close friends with Joel and his wife Victoria -- and the two couples have even spent considerable time at each other's homes.

As for the new show, a deal has not been signed with any network -- but Burnett has the power to make it happen.


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Joel Osteen is such a shyster, fleecing the flock. But, I'll give him this much---keeping those teeth nice and pretty must have cost a mint [the better to smile at the suckers with their itching ears just waiting to be scratched with the gospel of glad not sad any of that bad stuff]

973 days ago


I wondered how long it would take before the Right would find a way to push their views onto the American public with a larger venue - TV. I hope Burnett fails in his pursuit. Being brought up a Christian, I believe in separation of church and state. My views are my views. I don't believe EVERYONE should subscribe to my beliefs, particularly as an American. God means something different to eveyone. Conservative Christians today somehow feel their beliefs should override every one else's. It's disturbing to me as a Christian. Tolerance is gone.

973 days ago


Stick to your day job we go again...

973 days ago

Toasty J    

Burnett has the hair for TV evangelism.

973 days ago

Katie Koenig    

Perfect for Daystar Network!
The person who came up with this idea is smart!

973 days ago

Katie Koenig    

Perfect for the Daystar Network!
The person that came up with this idea is smart:)

973 days ago


There is no need for the negative comments about Joel Osteen. He IS a decent God loving man. It's a shame more people aren't as loving and caring as he is. I saw him in San Diego this year and was very moved by his message. I also watch him on Sunday mornings. The man is an inspiration. God bless him.

973 days ago


I'm so excited to hear this. I love Pastor Joel!!

973 days ago


Wife swappers.

973 days ago


You people are crazy. How can you condemn a man you don't even know. He preaches about kindness, goodness, and making your life better, and believing things into existance...he doesn't sell BS. He has philosophys that everyone, even athiests could agree on. I had the privelage of working for Lakewood church, and I can tell you, he is the kindest, sweetest, most geniune person, he believes what he says, and he lives his life by what he preaches. His wife on the other hand is a total prima donna, and has a horrible attitude. His mother was so sweet, and came in every day to handwrite personal thank you notes to people who made donations to the church. They're not just greedy people who only want money, they are kind souls, who not only care about people, and HELP a lot of people in the community, with all sorts of outreaches, and programs. You people need to actually take the time to learn something about a person before you make judgements. They have money, because they are blessed with it, and they give, just as much as they get.

972 days ago


Mark Burnett is a blight on society, bringing all this "reality" crap. Only way I'd watch this trainwreck of a show is if it followed Osteen and his wife giving every single penny of their fortune to the poor, homeless and those looking for work. Give it to the troops returning to a rotten job market. If Osteen and his wife were sincere in their churchly efforts, making tons of money wouldn't matter. But you can tell that it their main priority. I hope the show is scheduled after the Kartrashians.

972 days ago


I can see why "Amazing Race" wins all the awards, even though I hope "Survivors" will learn from them. The background music is ridiculous when the contestants are talking. The music is so loud I have to turn off my hearing aids, but the talking is drowned out! If you would like to beat the "Amazing Race"..cut out all that stupid noise!
Maybe Pastor Olsen can pray over it and get it corrected!

970 days ago


Joel Olsteen is a microwave preacher! He'll NOOK you and take your money all at the same time. The City of Houston leased that building to him originally as a "Entertainment Facility" it could NOT be used as a worship center. That's why they have so many concerts and the music ministry just keeps growing like seaweed! His message reaches the weak minded people. Anyone who is a born again, biblical Christian knows the difference!!!!

966 days ago
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