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'Twilight' Fans

Fake Engagements to Try on Bella Dress

11/29/2011 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bella Wedding Dress replica
Just when you thought "Twilight" fans had a healthy grip on reality -- TMZ has learned, lady Twihards are invading bridal boutiques, secretly lying about being engaged ... so they can try on a replica of Bella's wedding dress from the new flick.

The $799 replica is being sold in Alfred Angelo bridal boutiques everywhere -- and people who work at the chain tell us the scheming fans are driving them crazy, making it extremely difficult to conduct business.

By the way, we really don't think Twilight fans have a healthy grip on reality.



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This "saga" is for chicks who don't or can't get laid.

1067 days ago


You have to be engaged to try on a friggin' dress? That's like saying you have to be buying clothes in order to try them on in the store.

1067 days ago


Ha ha...dumbass fans. I prefer to wear something unique. I am more a fan of music than movies in general.

1067 days ago


Yes, TMZ, having a healthy grip on reality is to follow and chase celebrities everywhere they go and to live your lives vicariously through them. It's so "cool" and "healthy" to hate Twilight, isn't it?

1067 days ago



1067 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I guess everybody needs something to be in to. Some people have Star Trek, some people have Twilight, and some people have TMZ.

I just can't believe so many grown women have read the books though, I remember a few years back my daughter telling me that the books are only 4th grade level.

1067 days ago


I'm not a twi-hard, but I do LIKE Twilight, and it seems ridiculous that some people hate on it so much. Yes it's a love story, and yes it's OTT at points, but it's about an epic romance, and one that is all about purity and innocence of love. Is it poorly written? In places. Are the films as good as they should be? No. But please, get over it and just stop moaning about Twilight fans. It's a pure and epic romance, and men of the world today just aren't like that anymore, so men, give women their escapism.

1067 days ago



1067 days ago


And that dress is extraordinary because....? ***CRICKETS***

1067 days ago


Is this crap ever going to go away?

1067 days ago


i don't get it, its an ugly dress with nothing spectacular about it. I don't think it helps too that they have cardboard cut outs of the twilight characters next to the dress. If they want to try on the dress trick them into a 100 deposit or something so they think they have to pay it will get rid of few of them.

1067 days ago

Amanda potts    

I love this mans designs can't believe they didn't go with a vera wang though don't all the movies?

1067 days ago


Why don't you try talking about the little morons who think there actually are wizards and schools on how to become a wizard. People dressed up as characters from the Wizard of Oz and nobody had this kind of fit. And MightyMad try reading the books and watching the movies and paying attention before spewing what passes for an opinion. The story of Twilight has nothing to do with being worthless without a man. It's a fantasy version of Romeo and Juliet, about 2 people who fell in love young and are willing to do anything for each other, even those things that hurt themselves. The 1st starts off with Bella saying so (I never thought about how I would die but dying in place of someone I love is a pretty good way to go.)The fact that the characters are so young - well, so were Romeo and Juliet. As for the poster whose daughter thought these were 4th grade level - it is extremely obvious that she doesn't have the maturity to tell what this story is truly about. And guess what - I'm not a teen fan. I'm 55 years old and a great-aunt, though even if I do say so myself, you would never know it to look at me, college educated, work a well-paying job, I have gotten laid, and I absolutely adore both the books and movies.

1067 days ago


these people need to get a life. its sad middle aged women pant after untalented/ unattractive **boys**

1067 days ago


AND an actress who makes the SAME idiot face with the lip parted and has the SAME mono tone voice ! gross. cant wait til these crazies go away

1067 days ago
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