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'Twilight' Fans

Fake Engagements to Try on Bella Dress

11/29/2011 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bella Wedding Dress replica
Just when you thought "Twilight" fans had a healthy grip on reality -- TMZ has learned, lady Twihards are invading bridal boutiques, secretly lying about being engaged ... so they can try on a replica of Bella's wedding dress from the new flick.

The $799 replica is being sold in Alfred Angelo bridal boutiques everywhere -- and people who work at the chain tell us the scheming fans are driving them crazy, making it extremely difficult to conduct business.

By the way, we really don't think Twilight fans have a healthy grip on reality.



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the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

She doesn't think they are, they are. Don't be mad at my daughter because as a college educated person, you enjoy books that only require fourth grade reading comprehension. Good for you. Own it.

1024 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

And if you don't believe that Twilight books are fourth grade level, look it up, you have internet.

1024 days ago


who would have thought it would take a vampire movie to trend out those horrible strapless wedding gowns - they make you look like you're wearing a towel and just got out of the shower - ANYTHING that rids our society of those tacky, common, strap-less wedding gown trend is a move in the right direction - a decade of brides who look like they're wrapped in a chiffon towels may be coming to an end!

1024 days ago


I couldn't stand that dress...actually busted out laughing when the movie dramatically zoomed in on the back .. right to her a*s crack just in case you missed that the dress went 'that low'.. and the front is hideous with it's triangle design.. Bleh.

1024 days ago


Dress is just 'meh' and not worth a $799 price tag.

1024 days ago


now THAT is pathetic!

1024 days ago


It's kinda scary some fans go to these extremes. Not ALL "Twilight" fans are this crazy. This series of books and movie got my 11 and 8 y/o daughters interested in reading. And they don't get t see the movies until they read the book to myself or their father. And here's the kicker, when we watch the movies it's a family affair. And yes I'm married, have 3 kids and still get laid on a regular basis. just because you like these books doesn't make you a raving lunatic, some of us just enjy a good story!

1024 days ago


You think!!!! Completely pathetic when you are living your life through a movie. Obviously these chicks have serious issues. My suggestion is to go to a bar and have some drinks and try to let laid before its too late! LOL

1024 days ago



By "wizards and schools" I wholeheartedly hope you aren't referring to Harry Potter, because there is no way in hell Twilight and HP can be compared; they are worlds apart, on totally different levels.

And as far as the Wizard of Oz comment? No, I'm sure no one ever complained about people dressing up as those characters, but I'm quite certain they weren't FAKING an engagement SOLELY to try on one very expensive item of clothing either, which is (if you haven't noticed) what this article is about. Exactly what point are you trying to make with that statement?

1024 days ago


That death shroud is the pits; her dress was prettier in her dream sequence. Alice should be fired as her stylist. Ha

1024 days ago


As opposed to Kim Kardashian's reality TMZ?
after all the girls aren't taking the dress home free of charge and unwrapping gifts from friends brought to a fake wedding engagement party.

1024 days ago


we love twilight suck it up and move on!!!and Edward is Hot and if you say no your just jeoulous your not as Hot or you cant get a boy like that!!!

1024 days ago


I am a Twilight fan, and I liked Bella's dress, but I wouldn't stoop to this level to lie to an associate (and waste their time) to play pretend with it. I think a wedding should be about yourself and would want to choose my own dress, based on my likes- not what was worn in a movie.

1024 days ago



1024 days ago


Kelley: It takes smarts you obviously don't have to know the difference between being a fan of a book or movie and having an unhealthy obsession with it. And, although at 25 he could be my son,Rob is man, not a boy. What is really sad, though, is when someone like yourself has so little to do that you just have to spend your time commenting on something you don't like. This is not the 1st time a vampire story has developed such a huge, devoted, and lasting fan base. Google "Dark Shadows"- it was a soap opera that aried from 1968 to 1971 and the premise of the story was a resurrected vampire named Barnabas Collins who falls in love with a modern-day governess at his family ancestral home as she is the spitting image of the woman he loved 200 years previous to the inception of the story when he was still a human. The actor - Jonathan Frid - is now in his 80s and he and the rest of the surviving cast members still have extremely devoted - and numerous fans. And Mr. Frid was a trained and recognized Shakespeare actor when he took the role. So why don't you and everyone else who is bashing this just chill. Just because you don't care for it doesn't make it bad. It's just a difference of opinion - but you have to have some life experience and maturity to know that.

1024 days ago
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