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We’re Going Into the Beer Biz

... MMMHop Anyone?!

11/30/2011 1:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hanson Brothers brewing beer... MMMHop
Still looking for that elusive follow-up hit to the ‘90s smash single “MMMBop” -- former boy band Hanson is now turning  to booze … in the form of a new beer they’re calling “MMMHop” … this according to drummer Zac.

According to reports, Zac made the announcement during an event at Oxford University this week … telling the crowd, “We are soon going to be selling our own beer … I’m not joking – MMMhop IPA anyone?”

Through a rep, Zac tells TMZ, "Yes a branded HANSON IPA beer concept is in the works under the moniker 'MmmHops.' We're glad to see a bit of buzz around the idea, which has been brewing for some time."

In the meantime, it's been 14 years since MMMBop came out -- feel old yet?



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Fat Mike    

It may have been 14 years, but I still want to punch that little drummer in the head

1036 days ago


Just to let everyone who reads this knows... I am 26 and YES I am still a Hanson fan. I am not weird or anything. I have a good job and great a family. I am just an everyday girl ;) Ok... So I am not trying to offend anyone or go against your comments or trying to change your opinions... I just want to state my opinion and show Hanson some love. I was reading most of the comments here on TMZ and there are a lot of people that just cant get past the "MMMBop" days. Although I do hope they change the name of the beer because its not very appealing. Anyway, as one comment mentioned, Hanson has done very well in the years following the Middle of Nowhere album. They have recorded several great follow up albums and created their own record label. They still have a strong following and continue to travel internationally. They are still filling up venues and after all that they continue to really stay fan focused. They are all about change and making concerts really a fan focused experience.Just to remind everyone time has past, everyone gets older, and we as people change. They are now adult men with beautiful wives, kids, and strong humble family values. They have gotten older and their music has evolved into even greater music. As someone said before my post, just because they are not out getting arrested, drunk, beating their wives, making sex tapes, exploiting their children, doing drugs, getting mixed up with any type of pornography, or have multi-million dollar wedding ( I love all of the Kardashian family ) doesn't mean they do not exist or aren't "cool".But unfortunately, That's the kind of world we live in. They are very much respected by their peers in the music industry. They have created a successful business and still stayed true to their music and most of all, their fans. Thanks guys! Happy Holidays!!! <3

1036 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

they better find another day job to keep when their music careers falter ... oops!

1035 days ago


Hanson has actually done very well for themselves. Unlike MOST bands these days that are in the news for DUI's,drugs,sex scandals and things like that, Hanson is in the news for GOOD reasons. They have done MANY charity causes such as "The walk" tour. Which every concert they played, before hand they walked one mile, with NO shoes, along with their fans, to help people in africa. They do so much that goes unnoticed just because its not negative. As previous comments have said, they have done many albums after middle of nowhere. They have their own record label and are actually AMAZING to their fans which they have loyal followers. This is what I can not stand about the media, they are quick to post negative things but when a band or person actually does good for humanity, it never hits the news. Its all about money. Yes they are best known for MMMbop, and I rocked the hell out to that song 14 years ago, and most of their loyal fans STILL rock out to it when they play it at their concerts today. best things of all is Hanson isnt ashamed for being known for MMMbop, they have fun with it. All of them are amazing parents, they have wonderful wives and families. But because they arent making sex tapes and things like that, you never hear about it. its a shame.

1035 days ago


Yes, listen to their more recent music. They were already childhood geniuses and prodigies back then - and as time and genuine natural talent would have it, they got even better and better and better! They were already the best at that young age and they get better and better...America ...should be proud of such genuine passion and undeniable talent. Love, not hate ...And enjoy! Hanson has really heartfelt music and live performances, HONESTLY.

Been There Before -

Optimistic (Radiohead live concert cover) -

Underneath -

1030 days ago
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