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Jerry Sandusky

New Accuser in Sex Scandal

Reveals Horrifying Allegations

11/30/2011 8:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

More disturbing allegations in the Jerry Sandusky scandal -- now, a 30-year-old man has filed a lawsuit against the former Penn St. coach for sexually abusing him more than 100 times when he was a kid.

The accuser -- who is only being identified as 'John Doe' -- is NOT one of the 8 victims listed in the grand jury report that rocked Penn State -- but his story seems to fall in line with the rest of the allegations.

According to John Doe's lawyers, the alleged victim claims he met Sandusky through the Second Mile charity when he was 10-years-old ... and was abused by the coach more than 100 times between 1992 and 1996. 

Doe claims the abuse occurred in multiple locations -- including the Penn State locker room, the Sandusky home, and also during a road trip to a bowl game.


8:30 AM PST -- The accuser has released a statement about the suit ... saying, "I don’t want other kids to be hurt and abused by Jerry Sandusky or anybody like Penn State to allow people like him to do it—rape kids!"

He adds, "I never told anybody what he did to me over 100 times at all kinds of places until the newspapers reported that he had abused other kids and the people at Penn State and Second Mile didn’t do the things they should have to protect me and the other kids."

John Doe says he hopes his lawsuit will encourage other victims to come forward and "get help and help protect others in the future."

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No Avatar


This GROSS, life rune-er of a man, should be hung by his gray walnuts, and beaten like a pinata!!!!!

It sickens me to even see his DISGUSTING FACE!!

1066 days ago


He should be issued a pair of Lee jeans instead of the standard pumpkin orange jumpsuit when he is convicted.

1066 days ago


This is so not about money--that's blaming the victims, and that's just WRONG. They didn't say anything until now because molested children are embarrassed, feel responsible and usually don't think it's happening to anyone but themselves. Now that they are hearing about the others, they are bravely telling their own stories--not for $--but to help put the molester away. They are victims. Please don't blame them.

1066 days ago


I think there were definitely more boys than the 8 in the grand jury report and this new accuser. Many will not step up and are ashamed and still trying to pu***** out of their brains. It's very sad how hard it is for someone who's been sexual abused to step forward and have to recall all the horror.

1066 days ago


Thank you TMZ for blocking and making it look like I said something dirty. Ew!

I was saying...
out of their brains.

1066 days ago


Oh hell to the no. So this new accuser was horribly abused by the coach more than 100 times between 1992 and 1996 AND DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING? Not once did this "victim" go to the police, parents, clergy - anyone? Bull-chit. If you're gonna keep quiet about someone raping you 100 times, don't be showing your face 15 years later after the creeper had a chance to molest a 1/2 dozen more kids after he was done with you. This supposed "victim" is getting no sympathy from me! He can go back to his "private life" which he was obviously very comfortable with.

1066 days ago


3 words. B.I.H. Burn In Hell.

1066 days ago


John Doe is looking for a quick buck. If he was really as concerned as he tries to make it seem, it wouldn't have taken 30 years to come forward.

1066 days ago


Geee, why didn't they tell anyone????? Well, FIRST OF ALL, even when an ADULT WITNESSED A BOY BEING RAPED, nothing happened.

What the hell is wrong with you people on here that want to blame the victims? And if you really want to know whay a child might not shout this from the highest mountain....take a look at your stupid assed posts on here! Seems to me some of you on here might just put the kid through the wringer BEFORE your superior detective skills allowed you to believe he MIGHT BE TELLING THE TRUTH! Yeah, sounds like it would be real easy to tell on the great Sandusky.....pft!

1066 days ago


these predators are after our kids !! It's time to stop these bastards ....I say ANYONE who works with kids needs to be subjected to polygraph tests starting today !! Let's get it done... as good citizens we should push for this extreme measure !

1066 days ago


Sandusky's own "investigation" works this way: Sandusky rapes or sodomizes each accuser and if it feels familiar, then he confesses to abusing which accuser feel familiar. Is this fair??

1066 days ago


What a bunch of neanderthals on here that think a 10 year old kid has the strength and power to stop the man that appeared to have a ton of control over them. What Sandusky did to these boys was more than rape, he had tremendous amounts of control over them. That's what rape is about - power and control over the victim. Then there's that little touch of total humiliation!

1066 days ago

Veritatis Amans    

It is stunning to see people commenting that this is all about a payday for victims coming forth now. How stupid and insensitive are you? Or is it Joe Amendola or the CFO or Counsel of Penn State posting all these blame the victim comments as a first PR strike?

1066 days ago


Here's the rest of the statement - clearly saying that this guy didn't know other kids were being raped as well. And by the way, he's suing the crap out of Sandusky and Penn State...

"I am hurting and have been for a long time because of what happened but feel now even more tormented that I have learned of so many other kids were abused after me. Now that I have told and done something about it I am feeling better and going to get help and work with the police. I want other people who have been hurt to know they can come forward and get help and help protect others in the future."

Come on TMZ, at least post the entire statement. It allows people to understand more clearly what the victims are saying.

1066 days ago


I am 64 years old and for over 50 years and therapy have allowed me to feel okay. In the early sixties I was abused by an older brother 14 yeats older than myself. Like Sandusky and others he was able to build a web of deception and denial....... he must be brought to justice

1066 days ago
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