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Kourtney Kardashian Shopped

'Til She Dropped Baby News

11/30/2011 6:30 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Kourtney Kardashian shopping in Beverly HillsThe day before confirming she was preggers, Kourtney Kardashian took her baby bump shopping in Beverly Hills on Tuesday.

The unwed 32-year-old is nine weeks along with her second child with boyfriend Scott Disick. The couple also have 2-year-old son Mason.



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I refuse to watch their show. I hope that their ratings are dropping and that people are really serious about no*****ching that stupid show.

As everyone knew, Kris is wearing the villain hat this season. No news there. However, it's apparent that they are desperate to get anyone to watch when they decided to broadcast an enema. How gross!!!!!

This is what the Kardashian's call entertainment! No wonder they convinced Kourtney to rush her pregnancy announcement.

1065 days ago

Bored Reader    

Its seriously not that hard to get stuffed by an alcoholic. Way to go kourt... the earth needs more of kardashian demon babies.. Tmz who f-ing cares about these hookers

1065 days ago

george fudge!    

The KarTrashian's are disgusting, they should all be sterilized as a public safety service.
Why doesn't Kim KarTrashian let her sister wear the $2M ring that she bought for herself as part of her sham wedding?

And that's a badass nose picker attachment that the fugly girl behind her has on her ring finger! Or does she use it to poke Kim in her fatass?!

1065 days ago


OMG, did she really have an enima on TV? That shows how bizzare these people and Hollywood are. They obsess on their bodies.

I can see why she doesn't marry the guy--she would end up supporting him for life if they stayed married or paying alimony and child support if they divorced.

1065 days ago


Congratulations Kourtney! It would be fantatic if you kept the birth of your child a private matter rather than film it on your show....just sayin'

1065 days ago

Throwback kid    

Does anyone know what the baby's father Scott actually does for work? I see him walking around in Armani suits dressed like an executive but he never actually has a job he has to get up and go too? I know Rob Kardashians job is to play video games with Lamar but I can't figure out what Scott does? can anyone help me with this question? Does Scott get paid to just hang around Kourtney and listen to her complain?

1065 days ago


I know the last kid came out of her like coming down a slip and slid. Hope this next one don't fall out on a NYC, sidewalk unnoticed. Must have something to do with Scott’s giant penis Aaahhahaah ROTFLMAF

1065 days ago


The gal behind her is a dead ringer for a gal I used to know named Kyshah Hell...

1065 days ago

Sherri McFadden    

Eeeewwwww!!!! God, her first baby is not very cute. I mean he is alright but has manly features for a baby. The mom is to manly herself and then you add a gangster to the mix, gross!!! She likes her gangster mafia looking bums thats for sure!!! All of them are media whores and the mother is the worst whore of them all!!!

1065 days ago


This could be just a way to deflect criticism towards her gutter trash sister. We might later hear that she had a miscarriage.


1065 days ago


I don't know who that person is behind her but someone needs to tell her Halloween is way over !

1065 days ago


As I much as I think this family is awful, I don't mind Kourtney and I think it was very inappropriate to call her "unwed". Does it matter? She's in a committed partnership with Scott and they're having their second child. That's just as big as being married. Marriage is outdated these days. Not to mention she's probably avoiding a wedding because of the fiasco with her sister's wedding! No doubt if another sister got married it would be televised, over the top and ridiculous. Good for Kourtney for saying no thanks!

1065 days ago


Hot, hes wanted it for over a year. Good job Scott.

1065 days ago


Who's her Courtney Love look-a-like friend?

1065 days ago

not surprised    

Wow, mama dearest, must be jumping up and down and clicking her heels. She probably threatened Kourtney if she didn't get pregnant right away because in their PR filled galaxy this would take the focus off her trampy princess, Kim. This so called family is pathetic and they will stop at nothing to lead us to believe they are GODS greatest gift to us and our country. Who gets an enema, shaves their pubic hair, holds another persons sex object in their bare hands, has their ass x-rayed, talks sex and filth endlessly, has no respect for anyone beneath them, has plastic surgery non stop IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE!!! Oh, I guess I answered my own question---THE ALMIGHTY KARDASHIANS. How disgusting these people are, they are a disgrace to all things living. Most of us would crawl in a hole and die, but not them--they just keep coming back for more because they can be bought at any cost and they are willing to do whatever they can to pad their wallets. I would rather have nothing in this life rather than have people look at me like they do this greedy bunch of trash. They think they are so well liked, because people are nice TO THEIR FACE, but they are the laughing stock of the world behind their backs. Someday they will look back on all of this BS they are pulling and they will puke at themselves just like we are doing now. They all need to go shower, clean up and start freeing themselves of the trash within each and every one of them. Seeing that PR stunt worked for mama dearest, let's sit back for five minutes and watch for them to make more humiliating headlines. I'm sure they are all working hard to get more BS out here, after all, CHRIST, was born on Christmas Day so I'm sure they are already planning to have this child born on Christmas to boost their ratings, and proclaim their almighty being. BIBLE!!!

1065 days ago
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