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Kris Humphries

I Want an Annulment

Because Kim's a Fraud

11/30/2011 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Kris Humphries just filed for an annulment against Kim Kardashian, on grounds Kim defrauded him into marrying her.

Sources close to Kris tell TMZ ... Kris was not in on the alleged fraud, meaning he did not stage the marriage for Kim's reality show.  We're told Kris wanted this to be a genuine marriage, but Kim was never really on board.

Kim has already filed for divorce -- but according to the docs, obtained by TMZ -- Kris wants Kim to pay his attorney's fees. 

We broke the story the couple has a prenup, but according to the documents Kris claims there are "community and quasi-community assets."  Sources connected with Kim claim there's no community property.

The short story here -- there's going to be a fight, because Kris thinks Kim did him in.


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i personally think that Kris is a good guy and shouldn't have to go through all this crap with Kim

1060 days ago

Patty in MN    

Completely agree, Kris. You were used for the show. "I really loved him." Yeah, right. For 72 days.

1060 days ago


Kris, you should be getting on your knees and thanking God every day for the rest of your life that you escaped from that family of scam artists amd media whores. I have no doubt that one day you will meet a woman who is everything Kim Kardashian is not and the two of you will fall in love, raise a wonderful family and face together whatever life brings you - the good and the bad.

If people want the Kardashians to go away, there is a fairly simple strategy to make that happen. DON'*****CH THEIR REALITY SHOWS, DON'T BUY THE PRODUCTS THEY ENDORSE, DON'T READ THEIR BOOKS AND DON'T GO TO THE EVENTS THEY ARE PAID TO ATTEND! There is one thing this family cannot endure for very long and that's to be ignored. If they are, this pimple on the butt of society will fade into obscurity. And even making another sex tape or having another sham marriage won't bring their "adoring fans" back.

1060 days ago


team humphries , he deserves justice for getting scammed by the karTRASHians

1060 days ago


Kris deserves so much better! I cant come to any realization why anyone would fall for such a fraud like her. Shes trying to make herself look like a victim in all this. Saying oh wahhhh poor me poor kimmy i really loved him.. I honestly think she did it for ratings, more press, and to make reggie bush jealous! Stupid bitch don't deserve the best of anything.

1060 days ago


I hope Kris can get his annulment due to fraud (which is what it WAS)and then he can go after the Ho for the return of that ring!!!

1059 days ago


I almost feel sorry for Kris but then I remember he was dumb enough to not only date, but also marry Kim. You can turn no hoe into no house wife. I have no sympathy for guys that go after trash. You wanted trash...well you got it!

1059 days ago


HAHA! I guess he finally realized that family is only after the money. You can tell he did not fit in with this stupid family. He was honest and did not kiss their @sses which is why they gave him a hard time. Good for him!!

1058 days ago


Pa-leasssssssseee. Grow up kris, we wactched the show. she got tired of your bitchen, whining and bossing her around. you thought you would skate on her money and she saw through you. I'd of dumped you at the wedding controlling things, geez, every man in america knows its all ABOUT the BRIDE. You are a spoiled brat, who was looking for a free ride, you blew it. she is tooo ambitious for you. MOVE ON and for crying out loud MAN UP!!! Sheez, tired of who try to bleed off women. Ugh, bring back chivalry please. ugh

1058 days ago

Henchman Of Justice    

The biggest loser in all of this is Bruce Jenner! All the years he has had to put-up with the melodramatic behavior and elitist mentality of a super whore-famous family gone wild...

Bruce's wife wants last name changed for public relations for "The Brand". Youngest "K" daughter say she is sucking another ****....middle "K" daughter married to a drunkin ********.....eldest "K" daughter married to a rich pro athlete, err was, again .....

The family is a terrible failure that people should look down upon with great frown and shame....


1058 days ago


It's ALL going to come out in the depositions, ALL of it. HE isn't going to go away so easily, he wants to do it HIS way and no longer cares what she thinks. Some may think he is "slow" but I give him a lot more credit for thinking it through and when it ALL comes out, now THAT will be a "reality show" that I won't miss!

1058 days ago

Debra R    

I have never wrote or expressed my opinion about celebrities but I am disgusted at the assumptions people have made about Kim after knowing the facts that unfolded after she was married. She did what any self respecting woman who wants to be in a healthy relationship should have done. Marriage is about love and compromise. I know reality shows are what they are but Kris went on the show and acted rude, immature and selfish after they got married. He moved out after they had made plans to live together and in dong so technically ended the marriage. People would be talking negatively about her if she stayed with him after the behavior he was exhibiting. I am sorry if most people are jealous of her because of her looks and while many people complain how easy she has it. It is not an easy business to work in. She is not just a reality TV show figure, she is a business woman who has embarked on so much. If anything he is the fraud who manipulated her into getting married. He is a dummy, Kim finally saw through his b.s.

1054 days ago


Reggie Bush felt the it's not gonna be me and the away he went and never looked back

1053 days ago


I think Kim Kardashian is a huge b***h! Kris Humphries is one of the few guys who even after making it big in the NBA has stuck true to his roots, and it shows with the level of commitment he has to his family and his foundation. He never looked comfortable while appearing on the Kardashian show. You could just tell that it wasn't the life for him and I always got the vibe that Kim was forcing herself to make everything seem perfect which in fact is defrauding someone into marriage. She actually openly admitted to knowing that she shouldn’t have gone through with it but that basically it was too close to the final date and she didn't want to disappoint anyone. Also, even watching her on her own show she always came off as a self interested b***h that was never interested in what Kris wanted from the marriage or even the wedding. All I have to say is that looks will fade Kim and you are going to be left with the ugly person that you are on the inside. No one will ever truly love you and I hope one day you find someone you don't feel like you can live without and they leave you as soon as the next best thing comes strutting their way. You are doomed to be alone. At least your sister Kourtney is open about marriage not being right for her at this point in her life and yet without marriage she has had a relationship that has lasted longer than yours. You are only interested in what kind of ratings you can get. Oh, and Khloe was right you shouldn't have got married. She was wrong for the reasons behind that opinion, but it still comes to the same conclusion, At least she seems to genuinely love her husband and that she is going to be there through good and bad. You couldn't even last longer than 72 days without deciding to get divorced. I suspect you are so shallow that you were thinking the marriage wasn't going to last as you were taking your oh so sacred vows but were too self absorbed to call it off before dragging Kris down with you knowing his religious beliefs were going to make a divorce very difficult for him. How about you live a long lonely life and not poison anyone else with, well you.

1052 days ago


take her for all shes got Kris...you got duped in to a marriage...all cuz she was 30 and couldnt believe she wasnt married yet....take a hint whore

1051 days ago
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