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Lil Boosie

I'm a Drug Addict

and I Need Help

11/30/2011 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Boosie
Lil Boosie
tells TMZ ... he's finally realized  he's a hardcore drug addict ... and now that he's been sentenced to prison, he wants to focus on kicking the habit.

As we previously reported, the Louisiana rapper was sentenced to 8 years in prison Tuesday after copping a guilty plea for attempting to smuggle drugs into prison -- 3 separate times.

Now, Boosie's lawyer tells us ... the rapper is happy with the resolution -- because Boosie is confident officials will allow him to participate in a drug rehab program so he can beat his addiction to codeine and other drugs. 

Boosie -- who's also facing 1st degree murder charges in an unrelated case -- released a statement to TMZ ... saying, "Don’t worry about me I am getting help with my drug addiction and I am accepting full responsibility for the choice I made."

Boosie adds, "I am going to fight the false murder charge till the end. Love you all."


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I cant believe a guy named Lil Boosie has an addiction problem!!

1058 days ago


"Play now, cry later"
Isn't that one of your slogans, lil Druggie?

1058 days ago


Don't compare this to that lohan crap and cry racism. It's not, it's politics. California is an etremely liberal state which is why everyone gets away with everything black or white. Louisiana is a just as extreme conservative state and no one gets away with anything. If lohan did her screwing up here instead of L.A., she'd be doing prison time guaranteed, just like if this talentless idiot was in L.A. he'd walk.

1058 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Piece of crap wants sympathy now after all of his bs. Put him away and throw away the key before this loser infects society anymore than he already has. Nothing more than a criminal and a murderer.

1058 days ago

don jones    

my ***** boosie too ****in real... keep ya head up badazz

1058 days ago


I am really glad to be a Canadian. You American's are right off your rockers.

1058 days ago


**** Everybody That Out Something Bad To Say About Boosie Pirsons Not A Game This Man Has A Family..Free Boosie keep Yo Head Up !!!

1058 days ago


**** white people they are the real thieves. Look at stupid ass rick perry. Classic idiot

1058 days ago


Lil Boosie aka Torrence Hatch has BEEN famous & has colaborated with various better known artists. He has had top of the chart singles. What part of he has an ADDICTION don't don't understand?? He didn't have to ask for rehab, it wouldn't have changed his sentence one bit, but he did it to get himself straightened out. Good for him and if you don't even know who the fk he is, then why are ya'll even commenting. And he happens to be a great dad to his children and did a lot to give back to his community. How many of you do that??

1058 days ago


dats wht his azz get lol

1057 days ago


Naw **** THAT Yeaall ****in whites anit shxt he going to REHAB , so ****in what & he tryna no the write thing & all yall wanna do is talk **** ; like foreal yall need to get on yall **** & HOP OFF HIS **** (:

1053 days ago


i dont get why ya'll trippin. youll find perple like that famous or not scrape out your f***in eyes i think Lil Boosie should be free and get the help he needs who cares the color!! f*** the racist people get a life instead of hatin on people who have a different color go hate on yo moma or sum sh*t!!

1053 days ago


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1052 days ago


Lil boosie don't worry about the media you keep faith in God and i guarantee he makes ways...and your family will always have your support..your music is nothing but real.and I know when you get out you gonna touchdown and cause he'll! You gonna always have that southern hospitality.

1052 days ago



1051 days ago
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