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MJ's Family

Post-Sentencing Bonding

... at 'X Factor' Taping

11/30/2011 5:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

113011_jackson_kids_exMichael Jackson's family has gone from Judge Pastor to Judge Cowell -- TMZ has learned the ENTIRE Jackson clan just arrived to a taping of the "X Factor."

Paris, Prince, Blanket, Katherine, Jackie, Tito and Marlon just sat down in the front row for tonight's live taping in Los Angeles ... just one day after Conrad Murray got the book thrown at him for killing the King of Pop. 

So why the surprise appearance? We're told Katherine LOVES the show ... and tonight, the contestants will be singing some of MJ's greatest hits.


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Katherine Jackson makes me sick to my stomach. That family is toxic. His parents and anyone who witnessed and did not intervene in his very public spiral downwards should also be behind bars for life instead of living off his money. Instead of helping him with his dysmorphia and pedophilia they stood by because why anger the money machine. Is there anyone but myself who wonders if these children are wondering who their biological parents are? You think perhaps both Prince's might opt for a name change? I would be stunned if these children were emotionally stable.

1024 days ago


Prince (I think) isn't even paying attention. He's got a set of ear plugs in to listen to his music.

1024 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

I think the Jackson kids were very respectful and nice.

However, it makes me sick that a child molester is honored in this way.

1024 days ago

moe l.    

The kids are a 'spitting image' of their dad! Only question is....who's the dad?

1024 days ago


I think the Jackson kids were very respectful and nice.
However, it makes me sick that a child molester is honored in this way.
Selebraties Suck: 5 minutes ago

Well, apparently for YOU, celebrities do not suck cause you've been on this site, continually, for nearly 2 years talking about every single one, nearly every story. Another TROLL trying to get hits????

WTF is wrong with YOU. A child molester...are you F@CKIN sick in the head, there were no charges found viable or you get THAT. Did you read the trial transcripts. DID YOU, HUH? Read them, get the truth, you f@ckin piece of ****. How dare you! That lying family shopped around their 'molestation' story for years, they couldn't even frickin' remember when the so called 'touch' happened, they rehearsed and tried to scam Jay Leno, Chris Tucker, the entire government and welfare system, and a host of other people and things. Get your damn facts straight. MJ never touched that d@mn kid, he lied, the entire court knew it. The FBI frickin invested MJ for over 17 years, 17 F@CKIN' YEARS...and they found NOTHING either.
So, you don't know crap.

Fortunately, this trash can website typically colllects low life losers, a lot of white trash trailer park, uneducated, nutjobs who post this crap, and often it's the same few people who have found their pseudo (in lieu of a job) playground. The majority of this planet knows MJ never frickin touched ANY child. Yeah...where are all the other accusers, like Sandasky. There are NONE, even Jordan wouldn't testify against him because Sneddon had witnesses who were going to testify IN COURT, under oath, that nothing ever happened, it's why Jordan basically legally divorced himself for his entire family too. hadn't seem them in neary 11 years.

Get your facts straight. Idiot!

1024 days ago

Pompano Ann    

Do you all think that Blanket may be autistic? What is going on with him? Poor kid; he never seems happy and when in public events he never speaks?

1024 days ago


I think the "x factor" kind of sucked. However if Michael's children want to honor their own father then they should. Katherine has been a wonderful job. The children are very well mannered,well spoken,and educated.I still can't believe the amount of ignorant people on this site(but then again tmz is just another trashy tabloid)Michael made some handsome/beautiful children,the more they grow the more you can clearly see those Jackson features showing.I also noticed how tmz lightened the picture AGAIN!

1024 days ago


Beautiful children.

1024 days ago


Who beat Prince with the ugly stick?

1024 days ago


OMG!!! Prince looks like that pimple popper doc.

1024 days ago


I see TMZ has lightened the picture AGAIN!

1024 days ago

Dazed & Amazed    

I think your creepy brains need a reset, people. Seriously.

1024 days ago


I wish MJ's 3 children the best BUT I feel sorry for them for being raised by such a psycho bunch of aunts, uncles and grandparents.

1024 days ago

george fudge!    

From this pic, the plastic surgeon is the likely sperm donor father for the oldest two kids and the youngest one probably from one of MJ's latino security guards.

1024 days ago


Poor Blanket-he always looks so sullen. Maybe if they stopped calling him that, and started calling him Mike, he'd be a little happier.

1024 days ago
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