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MJ's Family

Post-Sentencing Bonding

... at 'X Factor' Taping

11/30/2011 5:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

113011_jackson_kids_exMichael Jackson's family has gone from Judge Pastor to Judge Cowell -- TMZ has learned the ENTIRE Jackson clan just arrived to a taping of the "X Factor."

Paris, Prince, Blanket, Katherine, Jackie, Tito and Marlon just sat down in the front row for tonight's live taping in Los Angeles ... just one day after Conrad Murray got the book thrown at him for killing the King of Pop. 

So why the surprise appearance? We're told Katherine LOVES the show ... and tonight, the contestants will be singing some of MJ's greatest hits.


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Good for them, although the little one looks bored, like "grandma, I wanna play with kids". It was hard to imagine rap on "I'll be there", but turns out eve that was possible.

1018 days ago


So funny how everyone on here that is telling the facts/truth always gets the "dislikes" but other who are just spewing pure BS rumors always get the "like" Nice one tmz! I guess we see who tmz "favors" more on their comment pages!
Anyway,if the children want to honor their dad they should. We are not behind closed doors to see and hear what is going on. We only see and hear what the media wants us to.Some of you should also learn genetics,and understand that tmz does and has lightened pictures to make them look lighter. Look at the orginal picture(s) you can clearly see those children have naturally dark skin. Prince has vitligo which he inherited from Michael.Fact/botton line is Michael is their biological father. He did a wonderful job raising his children.

1017 days ago


All biracial children come in all shades and colors; and yes some biracial children and even black people can be born with natural straight hair. Have you seen Michael Jackson's brother Marlon Jackson grandkids? They are the same color and have the same hair type of Michael bio children.

Have you ever seen Eartha Kitt's daughter? She looks more caucasian then she looks biracial and her granddaughter is all caucasian.

Have you seen the movie called Imitation of Life? Where a black women give birth to a daughter who passes for a caucasian female.

Also, there is movie called Skin which it is out on DVD base on a true story that takes place in South Africa; a married caucasian couple (they are called Afrikaners) who had given birth to a black baby. They realize that they (one of them can't remember which one) have a black ancestry from way back. Which is called a throw back. This movie takes place in the 60's.

Why do you think so many black people come in many shades of color, have different hair type, and different eye color; it is because what happen waaaaaaay back then. Black people have caucasian ancestry and I believe Italian's may have black ancestry in them too. They come in all shades of color and have different hair type and eye color as well.

Heck! We as a people are all mix with something. If you go and trace your ancestry, you'll be so surprise in what you will find. Some where down the line one of you might have a throw back child. You will never know.

1017 days ago


California Medical Board Subpoenas Dr. Arnold Klein, Michael Jackson's Former PhysicianCalifornia Medical Board Subpoenas Dr. Arnold Klein, Michael Jackson's Former Physician
Posted on Dec 02, 2011 @ 01:00PM print it send it
WENNBy Jen Heger - Radar Legal Editor

The California State Medical Board has formally subpoenaed Michael Jackson's former physician and long time friend, Dr. Arnold Klein to appear at a hearing on December 15, is exclusively reporting.

Dr. Klein's lawyer, Herbert Weinberg, advised the dermatologist on November 30, via letter, that he would no longer be representing him for the California Medical Board proceedings.

PHOTOS: Key Players In The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray

The letter states: "Please be advised that our company is withdrawing as your counsel. We urge you to obtain counsel as soon as possible, as you have been subpoenaed to appear before the Medical Board on December 15, 2011. Failure to appear may result in the Medical Board petitioning the administrative courts for suspension of your license to practice."

During Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial in connection with the death of Michael Jackson, it was revealed that Dr. Klein gave Jackson staggering amounts of the powerful painkiller, Demerol when he would get Botox injections.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson Through The Years

Dr. Klein didn't testify during Murray's trial, but Jackson's medical records while under his care were presented by Murray’s defense. Over a three day period in April 2009, Jackson received a whopping 775 milligrams of Demerol.

The California Medical Board wouldn't comment on what Dr. Klein will be questioned about.

PHOTOS: Stage Shots of Michael Jackson Performing

Dr. Klein's lawyer, Garo Ghazarian didn't immediately respond to comment.

As previously reported, Dr. Conrad Murray was sentenced to four years in jail for the involuntary manslaughter of Jackson, who died of acute Propofol intoxication on June 25, 2009.

1017 days ago

check yourself    

Deadpan/scowling Blanket, as usual. Poor baby. Commanded, or even guilted into (exactly like she did Micheal) to look towards the camera, for their "oh, this is so fun!" pic... thinking, "I will forever be angry that my beautiful father was murdered, and that I am never going to be given a choice to REFUSE to be thrown into the public eye until I'm 18 and OUT of reach of the J Clan clutching and toxic drama money grubbing TALONS as I can get."

Blanket was his FATHER'S personal intimate nickname for him ... to the rest of us WE should be referring to him as Prince Micheal II. He looks so mini Micheal. Micheal saw it too, which is why I think he nicknamed him Blanket...for the soothing warmth of a living mini self, that HE could make every difference to in opposition of his own father's raising of HIM. If he had felt that way about Prince I or Paris he would have felt compelled to give either of them the nic... instead it was when Prince II was born and he looked into his own eyes.

Lord, please help him find peace with his father's UNWILLING departure, and the heinous reason's surrounding it. Amen.

1016 days ago

check yourself    

Don't get me wrong. Micheal LOVED the elder children also... I just think with PMII there was an added level of a very deep peace/connection/bond that's about inexplicable and just put that feeling all into one word "Blanket" that came came over him with his arrival.



1016 days ago

check yourself    

sofi: 1 day ago

it won't be the last time,there will be more.Unfortunately the children are dragged to different shows and as TSIG mentioned a couple of months ago,the clan doesn't give a damn about PPB's education,all it's interested in is showing Michael's children around and each brother taking the stage to make appearances.


Dead on. As per KJ's contract with that porn trash to profit off of exploiting PPB.. SHE gets $5,000 per appearance of herself concerning ANYthing MJ, and the same amounts PER appearance of EACH child. That pic up there - cha ching = $20,000.

Paid EACH and every appearance... including showing up for his 1st yr anniversary memorial in IN. Remember, his Birthday? which JW's aren't supposed to be "celebrating" remember? Exactly. She cashes in even when Prince I appeared in Germany alone a couple of months back. Again: EACH and EVERY appearance of any and all of them for ANY thing "Micheal".

That contract is still right here on TMZ --- "KJ's SECRET Contract" I find the KJ/Clan lovers to be a very disturbed lot. "MJ fan" but love the KJ/Clan is nothing short of an ugly oxyMORON of the nearest highest order. Right behind the HIGHEST order of the J Clan members themselves with their BS spewing of "loving" him.

Def has PLAYING the "sweet innocent old lady saint" down pat doesn't she. Cha-ching! As nauseating as ever.

1016 days ago

check yourself    

Add: That includes, Cha ching every single appearance at Murray's trial.

Far more apparent, now the blazing amazing strength Micheal had.

1016 days ago


Your news are not exclusive. I have seen these same news all over the internet, Youtube and radar on line. As always you are not telling the truth specially on subjects regarding our beloved Michael.

1014 days ago

What I Think    

Here, Prince. Here, Prince. Sit. Speak. Beg. Play dead. Roll over. Good dog.

1014 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Ahh, the Jackson's... Anything for a buck. When people become disinterested enough, I'm sure Granny, Grandpa and LaToilet will be shopping around sex tapes. Return these kids to their mothers! They can all take the last name Pyrex because that's where they were created.

1008 days ago


Geez the Jackson's aren't selling anything they were just a tv show,where the people were honoring their son,brother and father. The children are just fine with their biological grandmother,Katherine.
They were created naturally,so get over it "BnB"

1007 days ago
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