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MJ's Family

Post-Sentencing Bonding

... at 'X Factor' Taping

11/30/2011 5:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

113011_jackson_kids_exMichael Jackson's family has gone from Judge Pastor to Judge Cowell -- TMZ has learned the ENTIRE Jackson clan just arrived to a taping of the "X Factor."

Paris, Prince, Blanket, Katherine, Jackie, Tito and Marlon just sat down in the front row for tonight's live taping in Los Angeles ... just one day after Conrad Murray got the book thrown at him for killing the King of Pop. 

So why the surprise appearance? We're told Katherine LOVES the show ... and tonight, the contestants will be singing some of MJ's greatest hits.


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Holy crap those Jackson kids look it just me ?

1027 days ago


The Jackson name (as in Michael Jackson and his children) USED TO stand for elegance and class. Jacksons are Jacksonfying those children. I find this apperance very tasteless but then what am I thinking expecting taste and grace from katherine? When did she EVER show taste? Hey Jacksons, now that the Trial is over, culd you pleeeease go back to the ghetto you came from and stay there? You disgust me?! TITO, MARLON AND JACKIE DID NOT COME TO CONRAD MURRAY TRIAL NOT EVEN FOR 1 SECOND....They ONLY remember their connection to MJ when it is time to show their DISGUSTING FACES exploiting Michael. I wish I could shout that it is Michael we love and wanted! I would die for Michael and I support his kids but I swear on Michael, this Family nausiates me. What kind of a logic would make Katherine do such a STUPID thing? This is SO inapproapriate. It is 1 after after verdict. It is like Jose Biaz celebration after verdict. Then the privacy of Michael's children. If I could, I would SPIT on Kate's face. She is classless! She is senile and she is F'ing up those kids! MJ is spinning in his grave! KATE, WALK TOWARDS THE LIGHT ALREADY!!!!!

1027 days ago


Paris and Prince look like they are happy and have a future. Blanket I worry about.

1027 days ago

Michael McDonald    

God bless the Jackson Family ,God bless Michael Jackson

May God watch over the the children and the money .

1027 days ago


MJ3 ARE SO B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!!!


1027 days ago


Most of all your comment are so rude and disrespectful! They're children! All of you people that have nothing nice to say about Michael, why do you care soooooo much to have to write your atrociou comments? Why not go do some research and actually learn something befor you speak. IGNORANT people sicken me!!! R.I.P Michael<3.

1027 days ago


there family looks is uncanny

1027 days ago


There is not a doubt in my mind that Prince's father is Arnold Klein. I mean the kid is cute now, I can't say anything bad about children. But Dr. Klein sports a certain kind of head, and the oldest Jackson kid is growing into that same look.

1027 days ago


I just realized from looking at the picture that none of those kids look related to each other. Probably because they come from different sperm donors ...

1027 days ago


OMG these kids are growing right before my eyes. It seems like just yesterday they were all so much smaller.

1027 days ago

My New Name    

I worry so much about that youngest boy. Any time they are all photographed, the oldest two are all smiles, but that youngest child seems so downtrodden and troubled - like he's got the weight of the world on his shoulders.

I hope they are getting those children some counseling, especially that precious young boy. He breaks my heart.

1027 days ago

What I Think    

Looking at Prince, it is easy to see why his "father" made him wear a mask. What a dork.

1027 days ago

Are You Serious    

For people saying MJ never lied to Prince and Paris. Katherine Jackson came out on national tv and said they thought Debbie Rowe was a family friend. The whole freaking world knew who their mother was but they did not. Talk about embarrassing for those kids no wonder the judge ordered counseling for them when they met Debbie. And Blanket doesn't have a clue who his mother is. That is called LYING !! Telling those kids their mother was a family friend when the whole world knew. It is sad what he did to them and they are too brainwashed right now with the lime light to wake up and see how they were lied to.

1027 days ago


WOW! I wonder how much the Jackson family got paid to show up tonight? Those leeches don't do anything unless there's a check in it for them. Tonight was hands down my least favorite show so far!

1027 days ago
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