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Occupy Wall Street Leader

Calls BS on Miley Cyrus Vid --

Singer is ALL TALK!

11/30/2011 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Priscilla Grim & Miley Cyrus
An influential leader in the Occupy movement wants less talk and more action from Miley Cyrus -- telling TMZ, the singer's recent music video in "support" of the Occupy movement is nothing but an empty gesture.

Priscilla Grim -- co-editor of "The Occupied Wall Street Journal" -- tells us, Miley’s music video tribute “rocks" in spirit ... but she doubts the singer has the cojones to actually hit the streets.

Priscilla tells us, “I double dog dare [her] to fight on the front line of economic civil rights at LA City Hall" -- adding, "Revolutionaries occupy, Ms. Cyrus."

Miley’s “Liberty Walk” video (below) encourages protestors to never “give up” and features powerful images from the worldwide Occupy movement.

So far, no word on whether Miley will accept Grim's challenge.


No Avatar

shes probably home eatin bacon samwitches.

1024 days ago


Miley looks like she has an unibrow in the picture. lol.
Really... I don't take this protest seriously. And Miley... holding in my laughter.

1024 days ago


"I double dog dare [her]"

That sums up the intelligence level of these occupy idiots well.

1024 days ago


Miley supporting the occupy movement sounds like an attempt by her and her keepers to bolster her fan base by capitalizing on the energy of the moment. And I agree, if she is serious then she needs to get her salvia toking, rich ass out there in the trenches and earn it. Till then she's just blowing smoke

1024 days ago


To everyone rambling on about OWS, the entire movement has only one demand: "Take the money out of politics". If you think that's a bad thing then YOU are the moron. In american politics it's called "lobbying" but in any other form it's known as bribery. I guess that's a great thing though in your world view because OWS are all just hippies and lazy herp derp.

1024 days ago


On the news this morning a college class said that they WANT the governement to 1. pay for their college 2. give them a job 3. pay their down payment on a house 4. pay their medical care - gimme, gimme, gimme get off your arses and work for it like the rest of us did. I blame parents for giving their kids everything the want and the "everyone's a winner" society crapola

1024 days ago


Going against corporations because they're making too much money? Sorry to break it to you, but those corporations are providing jobs. You're too ignorant to even consider working at all these job locations like McDonalds or Burger King because it's "degrading." Stop blaming other people for your problems. Instead of being outside protesting, go get a freaking job. It's not Miley's responsibility to look after you.

1024 days ago


She should be grateful, rude ass.

1024 days ago


occupy hipocrisy, Miley represents the protesters perfectly.

1024 days ago


OWS is a joke. Bunch of idiots pretending they speak for the "99%". Fools took to the park and sat in cold, wet tents for 2 months, banging drums and singing songs into the night when nobody was around or cared.

OWS is a total failure because they didn't know what they were doing.

1024 days ago


The movement is just a bunch of lazy hippies who don't want to work. . . . EVER! All they want to do is get high and spend hard-earned money from those who are working hard to make it. They're just a bunch of liberal socialists who would rather get a degree in some stupid philosophy than earn an actual degree in something and make a lucrative career out of! They all just need to take a shower and get a freaking JOB!!!!

1024 days ago

Erik S.    

Seriously, who cares? I double dog dare these "protesters" to even explain why they are there.

1024 days ago

Ron Swanson    

Wasn't her stupid ass song released over a year ago?

All they did was make a video to go along with it, knowing full well that the media would pick up on it, give it undue attention and BAM! Mission Accomplished.

Straight out of the Michael Moore playbook. Let's just hope little Miley doesn't develope his addiction to anything with mass amounts of lard in it.

1024 days ago


I find it odd and ironic that people residing in the country with the most obese, laziest out of shape, inactive TV-addicted, population on this earth, who can't even go a few piddling miles without their car would be calling these protesters "lazy" -- or anyone else for that matter!

Let's get our attributions right: laziness is practically the creed of the suburbs and their artery-clogged denizens (and of those in the ghetto as well, where obesity is just as bad: while we're on the topic). It's worn as a badge of honor by people who choose to live in the exurbs under the reign of a Car Culture that, itself, is nothing more than the 1950's run amok, out of place and out of time in this century. It's worn by people who are getting heart disease, colon and breast cancers (which *are* linked to inactive lifestyle), strokes and other "diseases of civilization" and then demanding that the healthy normal few remaining in the US bankroll the ill-medical consequences of their misbegotten lifestyle by demanding (under the aegis of "individual mandate") that they help underwrite the higher insurance premiums this entails on everyone, and the higher medical costs that the increased demand on medical services entails (since higher demand entails higher costs in any free market).

Get out of your cars and learn how to walk like normal humans do everywhere else on this planet. If I can walk and run 12 1/2 miles (to get to a gym, no less) at an age that's old enough to have graying hair (as I did yesterday and 1000's of times over the past several decades; never mind the 42 miles I did on 9/11), then what excuse does anyone else have not to be able to regularly go 1/5 that distance.

Do all that, then come talk about how lazy these people are. Until then, as a collective group, you are the last people on this entire planet to be in any position to be complaining about anyone else being lazy or slothful!

1024 days ago


I really wish I could understand why people are continuing to try to make a change when clearly the government is ignoring them and couldn't care less. It's a lost cause.

1024 days ago
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