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Occupy Wall Street Leader

Calls BS on Miley Cyrus Vid --

Singer is ALL TALK!

11/30/2011 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Priscilla Grim & Miley Cyrus
An influential leader in the Occupy movement wants less talk and more action from Miley Cyrus -- telling TMZ, the singer's recent music video in "support" of the Occupy movement is nothing but an empty gesture.

Priscilla Grim -- co-editor of "The Occupied Wall Street Journal" -- tells us, Miley’s music video tribute “rocks" in spirit ... but she doubts the singer has the cojones to actually hit the streets.

Priscilla tells us, “I double dog dare [her] to fight on the front line of economic civil rights at LA City Hall" -- adding, "Revolutionaries occupy, Ms. Cyrus."

Miley’s “Liberty Walk” video (below) encourages protestors to never “give up” and features powerful images from the worldwide Occupy movement.

So far, no word on whether Miley will accept Grim's challenge.


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i'm sorry but this is the dumbest protest i've ever seen, they have no plan on how to repair anything - and having celebrities like milie cyrus and russel simmons helping protest, even though all the celebrities made their fortunes with the big corporations occupy is protesting against, and now the lawyers for occupy just gave themselves a 22% raise today - so now they are turning into what they are supposedly protesting against

1061 days ago


I would be offended if Miley Cyrus even looked at me. Gross.

1061 days ago


miley cyrus would only bring discredit to the cause. Just be thankful she has no concept of whats going on, she'd only bring a element of douchyness to "occupy". pls stay home miley and bake your brain.

1061 days ago


Oh my God. I never had anything bad to say about Miley until just now. She is "supporting" these lazy thugs? What a fool.

1061 days ago


Wow, stupid song too. Miley ought to pick a better "cause" to exploit - the one she picked is literally full of America's biggest LOSERS.

1061 days ago

Fat Mike    

Of course she doesn't like Miley. Miley has a job and a future.
Go occupy a shower, skank.

1061 days ago


Let's see...what are they protesting? So far the ones I've seen interviewed on the news are just blithering idiots that can't give a straight answer as to why they are hanging out every day rather than working and being productive in life. What? Corporations making money? Hummm...isn't that what they are supposed to do, isn't that what allows them to EMPLOY people?! Get a job and be productive rather than ride the backs of the ones of us that are working and paying taxes.

1061 days ago


A bunch of unproductive idiots - all they are doing is detracting attention from real problems we have.

1061 days ago

Blue Lake    

Great song + video.

1061 days ago


I know her quite well, and you know she probably will.

1061 days ago


Miley is a useful idiot!

1061 days ago

Wash. Hts. Girl    

These occupy thugs would love Miley to empty out her bank account for them, that's what they really want.

1061 days ago


What is this whole "occupy" movement anyway? How about you occupy a desk? Or a counter at McDonald's? The jobs are there, ppl just don't think they should have to go to a position like that. You better believe if I was out of work, I would take ANYTHING.

1061 days ago

BB not bb    

I think that is a very cheap shot from someone who is sounding jealous that Miley can get attention and get paid for it, while she has to sit in a tent in the cold trying to get someone to notice. I didn't think you needed to be homeless to support their cause, I thought it was for anyone who cared about inequality to join. This rep shouldn't look free publicity in the mouth, whether it helps Miley's career or not. People are not hypocrites just because they don't confrom to your expectations. Priscilla had better wise up and stop knocking people who might even have an inside edge to what she is protesting against.

1061 days ago


I double dog dare Grim to get a real job and actually contribute to society rather than take from it? How much is this ridiculous protest costing tax payers?

1061 days ago
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