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Prince Von Ahole


by Zsa Zsa's Daughter

11/30/2011 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prince von Ahole claims he's the victim of a ferocious elbowing attack -- and the alleged elbower is none other than his 64-year-old step daughter ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

TMZ has learned ... von Ahole has filed a police report -- claiming Zsa Zsa Gabor's daughter, Francesca Hilton, made like Ludacris and threw some 'bows during an altercation at Prince's Beverly Hills mansion on Sunday.

Prince tells TMZ ... he had originally welcomed Francesca into zee house to see her mom, when she suddenly turned on him and shouted, "Why do you keep her alive for your own personal benefit?!"

That's when Prince claims Francesca got violent -- and fired an elbow into his stomach.

Prince says Francesca left the home and he went straight to zee police to file a report -- and now he hopes cops will launch an investigation into the matter.

TMZ spoke to Francesca's rep ... who claims Prince is "fabricating the story to get media attention."

The rep adds, "This pathetic behavior is just one more publicity stunt on behalf of Von Anhalt at the further cost of a mother/daughter relationship and the legacy of Zsa Zsa Gabor."


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I'm sure Fransesca would love to put a bullet through the Prince's forehead, making a mockery of her mother, and no doubt running through her money like water. FREELOADER!

1036 days ago


They're both whack jobs and deserve what they get from each other.

1036 days ago


I love the way TMZ refers to him as von Ahole like it's his given name!! Francesca is really hot....

1036 days ago


This guy is SUCH a liar. I do NOT believe Zsa Zsa's daughter said or did any such thing, though I would suggest pushing his pathetic fraudulent arse down the stairs.

1036 days ago


Somebody is in a hurry for her inheritance.

1036 days ago


So, she's basically waiting with baited breath for her mother to die. Shame on her if it's true what she said.

1036 days ago

Big Daddy    

Harvey, Am I wrong in thinking that this man has been good for Zsa Zsa?(Am I wrong in thinking you read these Harvey?:) ) Like one poster said, it's not like he's been out chasing woman that I've heard of anyway. He appears to have been, and still is a good friend, and husband to his wife. He shows pictures of her to people. He loves her. I'm sure life was easier for him when she was younger, but that's life, and he's not abandoned ship. Or left her to die. He cares, and yes he tells the media when she's hurting trying to keep her relavant. (Spelling)

1036 days ago


he is such a clown. for those posters defending him which is probably von AHOLE himself, he loved her so much that he threw himself in the Anna Nicole Smith baby debacle because he wanted to make sure Francesa stayed relevant??? that doesn't make any sense. and so what if it appears he doesn't cheat on her??? it's not like any of us would know anyhow! he might be sleeping with the nurse and none of us would know. he's been living off of Francesca's infamy for years...he's a joke. I'd believe the daughter of this poor excuse of a human being any day! in fact i feel sorry for the daughter that her mother chose this goofball and in the mother's last days, parades her around like she's some kind of trophy. what about that birthday party where he had her sit up while people were drinking around her? yeah sure - my b u t! he cares for her. he cares about himself and that's it. s*** bag.

1036 days ago


i meant to say Zsa Zsa, not Francesca. just got pissed off that someone can actually think that this guy is okay when he clearly is a douche.

1036 days ago


Good! She should have kneed him in the nuts, too!!

1035 days ago


Prince Von Ahole....that cracks me up every time!!! lolololololololololololol!!!!

1035 days ago


I don't believe anything he says. He's told many lies to the media, and pulled many ridiculous stunts,(tying himself to his steering wheel and saying he was attacked)etc.
He loves attention, and now gets it at his sick wife's expense.
I'm sure there is a staff that takes care of her.

1035 days ago

Alan Carver    

ZSA ZSA, it seems to me, was always wanting to be a 'star' but never quite got it. She made a couple of B-rated movies back in the 50's & 60's that no one has ever heard of and then she later in the 80's & 90's became known more for her antics, rather than anything else. Her sister EVA was the real star of the Gabor Sisters.

In regards to this marriage to Von Ahole - again another one of her antics to get press. She married for his money and now that they're both broke ... what does he have to offer her, other than keeping her alive so that she can make the occasional appearance being driven off to the hospital for her latest ailment. In the end, they both have gotten what they deserved and if it is her desire to stay alive well then so be it. Keeping this dried up old prune alive, who is it hurting, really? Nobody. If ZSA ZSA wants to die then she should tell the doctors not to do anything to help her and let her go, she can still speak.

1035 days ago


This is 50/50--I do believe he is an Attention Whore, but I also believe she elbowed him--so surprised Zsa Zsa has held on this long given the both of them

1035 days ago

jeff p    

That a picture of the Prince and Hillary Clinton, right?

1035 days ago
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