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Kim Kardashian

Does Kris Think

I'm Some Sorta Dummy???

12/1/2011 12:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

kim kardashian makeup smokey
Kim Kardashian
is telling friends ... she's incredulous over Kris Humphries' claim that she used him as a disposable groom just to get a pop on her reality show.

Kim is bragging -- and on this one she has a right to brag -- she and her mom are marketing geniuses, so why would she set herself up to be skewered in the media by dumping her husband after only 72 days?  Kim acknowledges the split has been rough on her image and she would never have intentionally self-destructed.

And, Kim says, if this were really a wedding truly made for TV, she would have made it "way better," telling friends, "I'm no dummy.  The divorce would have been just as dramatic and dragged out as the wedding." 

Kim is telling friends Kris' latest move is "pathetic," adding, "Why fight over any of this?"

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She is such a vindictive bitch. She's a narcissist who is out to destroy a life, because she cannot control him. Kim and her mom are spiteful and malicious.

Keep selling your soul to the devil Kim and Chris Jenner.

Team Humphries!

1055 days ago

i said lesbians...    

so she just admitted that the wedding was dramatic and she dragged it out? stupid dumb golddigging whore.

1055 days ago


this this fat butted hore does is lie.she is a loser in life love and in the real world

1055 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

That's how guilty people talk. Innocent people never ask you why they would do blank when blank blank blank blank. People who are lying do that.

1055 days ago


Kim, your so vein. And pretty flippant about the importance of marriage and commitment.

1055 days ago

george fudge!    

When tmz reports that Kim KarTrashian is 'telling friends' or hearing from 'close friends', this is probably just her mother.
Kris Humphries is going to slamdunk her in court and lets hope the rest of her KTrash family goes down the drain with her.

1055 days ago

good as gold    

The Kar-scam-ians know that national publicity leads to fame which leads to big $$$$$. In their grand scheme though they failed to realize that you cant defraud another person or entity in order to make $$$$$. They made tons of $$$$$ off that wedding which was obviously a scam since Kim filed for divorce after 72 days. Any victim of fraud knows they need to act so the scammers dont screw anyone else over. Good for Kris! Finally, the advertisers on the E! show need to pressured to stop advertising on that show then the Kar-scam-ians will go finally go away.

1055 days ago


That's the same logic criminals use when they commit crimes in the most stupidly way possible!

1055 days ago


I think if she would have stopped planting negative stories about Kris and didnt re-edit the New York show after the backlash he would have just moved on. She has forced him into a corner.

1055 days ago



1055 days ago


Kim - top trying to play the victim. This was a stunt orchestrated by yourself, Ryan Seacrest and your pimp of a mother (who actually makes Joe Jackson look like a devoted and caring parent). The more you try to push this "victim" routine, the more America hates you and sides with Kris to spite you. I know it's hard seeing how it's how you built your brand, but seriously...keep your mouth shut! Just do it.

1055 days ago


Everytime I see her I just see her with a big black **** in her mouth. Grose!!!!!!!!!!!! Scank.

1055 days ago


The whole situation reeks of another ratings scam!

1055 days ago


No man would want you after all of this. Enjoy being alone forever Kim. You and your mother seem like two very sick, mentally ill individuals!

Who would ever want to be near or around you after the intentional way you are trying to destroy this man. You used him, now you want your sick revenge because you could not control him like you Kardashian women do to Scott and Bruce Jenner?

He stood up to your ploys, your BS and your superficial, narcissistic crap. All you worship is money and attention. You only love yourselves.

You and your Mom are sick! Disgraces to the human race, the lowest life form. Gold diggers.

1055 days ago


This divorce IS dramatic and drawn out. What the hell is she talking about? There are plenty of women in America who are also successful in life AND in marriage that are not living in the spotlight. You don't fool those of us that are genuinely working hard daily at these things. Please stop wasting headlines. There are starving children in the world.

1055 days ago
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