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Kris Humphries

The Annulment Documents

12/1/2011 2:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has just obtained the annulment documents Kris Humphries filed in response to Kim Kardashian's divorce petition.

As you can see, Kris is seeking an annulment based on fraud.

Take a look.

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Kris has been playing the victim as kk was, so those
2 are making utter fools of themselves,lol lol lol like a soap opers, with no end I'm lol , its comedy hr for me,and their both so patethic I hope kris gets out of this not believing in div?, give me a break its bs religious my a**
' dont buy it, kris says he is, Thats show biz -money sex big time, obession, big money inc duis", suicides, etc,,
its great comdey time for me, and many others, pity people that go into show biz buy their demednted pareesnt lik b spear, mentally damaged for life She lives for sex only to feel wanted.like her shows, what a dirty role model she make me sooo sick shea so repulsive spears, now we have kim like madonna What pigs , literally, many more we have to see, Hos and sluts like tigers slut rachel now famous, ha ha so she thinks, ha ha shes got slut all over her pics,, no class, like taylor swift theres class, and nicl smith class, for the young girls, its all about money , share the wealth from a dirty biz, Rem what goes around will come around by our higher power, disease, cancer, alcolism you get what you ask for and deserve, enjoy your money kris j and your divorce $ to share with Bruce, you embarass the Armenian culture,,and people --big time, Armenians are highly educted people Many DRs etc, professors, clean morally ,You have embarassed us all and your evil father alos oj'
s buddy now in Hell,the dark hole is your ;last stop, roi ,

1053 days ago


THIS COMMENT IS FOR LEAH. You are absolutely correct about Armenians being highly educated as doctors, professors, high morals, etc. The Kardashian/Jenner clan is an unforgivable stain on the Armenian community. It is interesting how they boast about being Armenian when it suits their publicity, but, when KK "married," she did not choose an Armenian priest to officiate, nor, was she "married" in a Armenian church. Not only are the K/J family a huge stain on Armenians but they are also a dark stain on our beloved country. I do not recall any other family, in America, quite like this one. Anyway, because I am interested in various cultures, I am pleased to defend the Armenian nationality against those who make nasty comments without educated knowledge. I am sure Armenians appreciate your compliments. Best Wishes, always!!!

1053 days ago

Lola Marie    

Kris I am glad you filed for the annulment,these Kardashians are fake ...count your blessings for getting rid of Kim who is a bitch as well as her whole family... bunch of fame whores. The Kardashians are trash nothing more than that...famous for having a sex tape and selling their souls to greed.

1053 days ago


another 'k' killkardashians

1053 days ago


Frist her monther only got cars for Kim's family for the wedding(frist clue)and then Kloe wanted to make sure the pre nup was singed (second clue)and last she would not change her name,even though it would not have mattered. Do you see the patteren? It was all fake from the get go,and they all know it except for Chris(note the C not a K)I can not stand this family they are all about the greed and yet they say it's all about family love! They love money more than anything else, that is way I refuse to buy anything with the Kardashion name I wont even look at a magazine with their faces on it. BOYCOTTING the Kardashions enough is enough.

1052 days ago


Good for you and your legal team. She wants you to just go away. NOT!

1051 days ago


This does not prove that the marriage was a fraud. If you look at the response to the petition for divorce, you will not that the only plausible grounds for an annulment of the marriage is fraud.

1050 days ago


Kim got famous because someone sent a sex tape without her permission out.. How is that her fault..She has taken advantage of a bad situation.. Now she lives every second of her life under a microscope.. She should at least have a **** load of money for all that... Most of u r just pissed because your not rich like she is.. Producers take a week of their lives squeeze it in to thirty mins of tv and edit the hell out of it to make it what they want u to c. Who the hell nos what really goes on.. But we shouldn't put her down because she is rich and keeps getting richer because she is using her brain to get it.. Sex tape stupid... turning it into millions.. Brilliant...

1049 days ago


good now lets hope he wins and gets away from the karTRASHians

1048 days ago


I really feel bad for Kris H. Even though he is obviously very immature, it appeared that he really loved Kim K. Kim has a lot of mental health issues and needs a psychiatrist's help to work through her many issues. Marriage was the LAST thing Kim K. was prepared for!

1035 days ago


How tacky, Kim should have returned wedding gifts and money!

951 days ago
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