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Kris Humphries

The Annulment Documents

12/1/2011 2:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has just obtained the annulment documents Kris Humphries filed in response to Kim Kardashian's divorce petition.

As you can see, Kris is seeking an annulment based on fraud.

Take a look.

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Team Kris!! Kim is a liar and a fraud. I hope Kris wins. (Too bad for him that his name starts with a "K"). Lol.

994 days ago


he HAS to go this route.....how else can he write a "tell all?"......with the divorce he has to adhere to the pre-nup,which prohibits him doing that.......jeez, it's about time for me to get a life,don'tcha think....jeez!!!!!!

994 days ago

BB not bb    

@79 -- I read the Dr. Drew article. Kris ripped off half her tonail and it hurt. Wouldn't you be mad if someone ripped out your toenail, not to mention with an expensive manicure on it jus done and ruined? She said he was always being rough and hurting her and that was the last straw. He didn't jump to her aid. He is a big bully. She got mad and hit him. It didn't even make him flinch.

I think what she did is not only justified but expected. If someone keeps hurting you when you tell them to stop, are you going to just say no problem, go ahead darling? You are the one who is full of it.

Also, Dr. Drew is a creep. Most of his celebrity rehab patients end up dead. Talk about a fame whore. His advice is useless.

994 days ago


Kris is a a big douche she doesn't want him, get over it now hes just after her money, he is a big boy and knew what he was getting into, his piggy bank got away so he claims fraud. BS

994 days ago


Stop clicking on anything about the K's and they will eventually go away.

994 days ago


BB, keep spinning your stories on here. She did not rip off half her toenail, she told him it was bent, either way it did not justify her close fist punching him over an accident that he did not mean to happen.

Kim needs to get over herself and you spinning her little lies of deceit for her on here is just BS, change your name from BB to BS. Fitting.

994 days ago

Throwback kid    

Kim really had the wool pulled over the public's eyes, now that the curtain has been pulled back and we see who Kim Kardashian really is. Not a sweet soft spoken girl like she wanted us to believe but a nasty, rotten spoiled brat who can't stand it when she doesn't get her way.Well she can hire all the PR people she wants, we know who she is. Just go away and take your greedy trashy family with you, the Kardashians are done!

994 days ago


P.S. ...BB do not call me darling. If you feel a need to emulate a Kardashian with their "darling lingo or doll lingo" whatever floats your big Kardashian butt down the river, but do not call me darling.

Condescending BB, just like a Kardashian. Take your "darling BS" and spin yourself to the point of a dizzy stupor.

994 days ago


Wow, there isn't anywhere that there not being slammed. I don't think pimp mamma is going to beable to salvage this mess with PR. I give it at least a month before Sears drops there line because a new headline states "Kardashian Touch Turns To Coal For Sears". Which means a big sale at sears to get rid of there crap. Hey Spencer Pratt! You can a spare room! LOL

994 days ago


Their Sears clothing line sucks. The Kardashian's little scamming fest sucks.

It sucks that Kris Humphries is being demonized and that the Kardashian's are using and exploiting him on their show, they tend to pick a target person on their show to humiliate and destroy all the time. Stinks that Kris got pulled into the Black Widow Kim's web.

Glad he is doing what he can to get out. He at least stood up against their superficial and diva behavior, the partying and everything that would distract him from his NBA career and working out. He called their BS out and they did not like it, they wanted him to play along and be a puppet they could pull his strings on like they do to Scott and Bruce.

Team Humphries! Do what you gotta do Kris, FOR YOU and your reputation!

994 days ago


BB is ahired blogger her phone number is six one eight six one six thow five five two. Tell her in perosn she is low life for blogging for kim, and shes not even doing a very good job of it!

994 days ago


The reason that Kim wanted out, was that Kris H. had her pegged. He told her that nobody would care about her after she had kids in a few years.....probably true, that she had no talent, also true.....and that she has a big fat butt, that is SO true. She will just be big and fat like her butt one day soon. She ain't getting any younger at 31.... Her time to have kids is limited.... Pick somebody younger next time Kris. Good luck,

994 days ago


According to these papers, they were married 2 months and 11 days. That is ridiculous!!!

994 days ago


Good boy he finally grew a set.......he really needed to do this in order move on if he didn't defend himself he would have regreted it later.

994 days ago


TMZ is number one of all the gossip media.

994 days ago
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