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Kris Humphries

The Annulment Documents

12/1/2011 2:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has just obtained the annulment documents Kris Humphries filed in response to Kim Kardashian's divorce petition.

As you can see, Kris is seeking an annulment based on fraud.

Take a look.

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What does property rights be determined mean? and why did he check that one off?

966 days ago


Kris, Kim has 3 million fans, you have 300 million fans behind you. You are a naturally good looking man with morals. Continue to be the young man your parents wanted you to be and don't forget the values they instilled in you. Kim is damaged goods, there is no where she can go and get her name back and this is something she did to herself, all for the mighty dollar. Please, do not let her brand you and put you in the same trick bag she is in, you are so much better than her. I pray you get your annulment with without her muddying your good name. Distance yourself from Kim and all things Kardashians, she is not a woman any man would be happy with. Kim is nothing but a drive by and is not worthy of your love. Best wishes to you and your family.

966 days ago

Go Kris H    


966 days ago


Kris, Kim may have 3 millions fans, but you have 300 million fans that are behind you. You are way too nice for Kim, remember you are younger, better looking (naturally), have talent and morals. Morals is something money cannot buy. So be happy with who you are and stay true to the values your parents instilled in you because I am sure the women if they aren't already will be banging your door down, and remember you cannot turn a ho into a wife.

966 days ago


To BB, I wouldn't believe anything I read about Kris now. Not only am I 100% sure that the Kardashians will try and spread every rumor possible making him look bad, but E is going to edit those shows to make him look bad if not for any othere reason than all the money the Kardashians make them. Even if Kim doesn't have editing rights, e will not make them look bad because they are their cash cow. And as for any rumors or articles, anyone with half a brain knows the "sources" providing the info. Even if he does have his bad parts (we all do) no one would believe it except for her sheep followers and Kim has no one but herself to blame. I feel bad for him, she just wanted to be a fairy tale bride and dragged him through it. He is from a stable family with traditional values, not a reality family who has no values and no grasp of reality. The only reality they know is what is scripted. And they are rich from it. One of the many things wrong today with this country.

966 days ago


I don't know why everyone is in Kris' side in all of this. Why would she pull a stunt like this on purpose knowing that it would hurt her image? They are smarter than that. I think Kris is the one who married her thinking he could change her...then got pissed when she wasn't interested in that side of him. He's no winner people! That has been obvious since the beginning.

966 days ago


She is getting what she deserve. She pushed so fast to get married to make millions and millions and she fall out of love after 72 days. No value what so ever.Good luck to Kris. He is very good athlete at least he does something for living not like kk klan worse family ever.

966 days ago


Kris is a sollow person. She cares only about herself.

I have only seen one episode of the Kardashians' and they all are sooo emotionless.

But what do you expect from someone who made it famous by a SEXTAPE!!

966 days ago



966 days ago


Good for him, expose that fraudulent famewhore...

966 days ago


Hunter, maybe the wedding gifts, he has right to that property too, appears Kim and her family too the gifts. It would be considered communial property as would any earnings from the wedding, he was half of any profit then too and any of the wedding gifts. Kim and her Mom went bananas on their Bridal Registry picking out expensive crystal dining items. He should get half then too, IMO it was wrong of them to accept or keep the gifts, they should have donated the gifts to charity. He has rights and entitled to joint property from day of wedding on as a married couple, bet the Pre Nup did not say that in the event Kim filed for a divorce in 72 days that all the wedding gifts and cash would be only hers.

If Kim and her family made money off of Kris being on TV, the wedding or either show, he should have rights to those earnings too and to half the wedding gifts or half the appraised value of the wedding gifts. Crystal and China and all the popular celebrities that attended and brought expensive gifts, could be in the thousands of dollars that he is entitled to as well.

966 days ago


Talk about love being blind. Kris you were deaf too. Everyone knew it was a fraud. That family should be ashamed. I so hope we are done with them once and for all.

966 days ago


I love all of these comments. I just thought it was hilarious how she tried to make Kris look like the jerk for being upset there was a naked dude in his house when he gets home to HIS HOUSE!!! LOL I would have dumped any girl as soon as she tried to make me the bad guy in that situation.

I am so tired of her face.

966 days ago


He is removing her. You stupid ****. You are probably just as stupid as her. Wakeup moron

966 days ago


No she is not too smart to fake the marriage and cause this mess! Kim is just so spoiled and used to getting her way that she couldn't fake it for any extended period of time and she jumped ship before letting enough time pass to make it look legitimate. She wasn't getting Kris to behave the way she wanted him to and she couldn't even bear it living in separate cities! LOL

966 days ago
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