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Michael Vick

Pumps Up Nate Dogg's Son

12/1/2011 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike Vick and Nate Doggs Son
Michael Vick just made another deposit in the karma bank ... 'cause dude inspired a young dogg -- Nate Dogg's son -- by reaching out to talk football and family this week.

Here's how Vick connected with Naijiel Hale -- a football stud at Lakewood High, outside Los Angeles.

Naijiel's mom entered him in a Vick giveaway contest on Facebook by telling the Eagles QB ... her son is a huge fan of his, and "a sophomore starting DB (defensive back) with awesome grades :)"

Couple days later Vick personally responded with an email to Naiji, saying ... "Congratulations on a good season and thank you for the support." Naijiel told his hero, "Its been a hard year with my dad passing," and added he and Nate Dogg used to watch Vick play every game.

A rep tells TMZ, Vick decided to contact Naiji after reading about his H.S. football success -- leading the league in interceptions -- despite his father's death in March.

In his last email Vick said, "Sorry to hear about your father but glad to see you're being strong and keep achieving."

Now, if he can just get back on the field for the Eagles.

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I don't believe this story because it is in direct violation of NCAA rules. NFL players cannot talk directly to athletes (one on one). They can give speeches/talks to a group of people. If he did this then that kid could lose possible scholarships.

968 days ago


Just what the poor kid needs, Michael Vick helping him out.

968 days ago


the man paid his debt to society. you guys keep talking about his past. is he still killing dogs? innocent people die everyday from bombs that we create. but you would stand up and hate a human for making the mistakes of killing dogs. if there was a god how would he feel about innocent kids getting blown to bits.

968 days ago


Omg. the man has paid his dues. he know he was wrong. just let him be.

968 days ago


VICK you are the man. Please don't let haters and nobodys with nothing else to do but make comments take you off your game. You only did what the white man did only they didnt give a damn until you got caught. People that wish bad karma on somebody such as he broke his ribs and leg lets hope it doesnt come back on them.... I hope it does!!!

968 days ago


That's really cool.

968 days ago


Michael Vick is a felon. He's a criminal. He tortured and killed animals for his own pleasure and profit. This man could save orphans from a burning building, but to me he's always going to be a felon, a criminal, an animal abuser, and someone whose job should include the phrase "Do you want fries with that?".

968 days ago


All of you people Hating on Mike Vick Have to get over it i will admit what he did is wrong but, everyone deserves a second chance

968 days ago


Oh my God get over it people he did a horrible thing yes. He paid his debt to society unlike a lot of other celebrities. I don't see anyone calling for Ben Roethlisbergers head and he harmed HUMANS! How would you like to be judged for the rest of your life for something bad you did in the past he's reaching out to a kid who lost his father give the guy some friggin credit

968 days ago

SMH @ You People    

The commentary on this blog is indicative of the society we are among today. Sick, sidistic and twisted. What makes many of you any different from what Michael Vick was associated with? Look at your rhetoric. You people are twisted, heartless, unforgiving, cold & callous. As you judge, you too shall be judged. Hell, at least Vic paid his debt to society. He forfeited a $100 million contract, did 3 years in a REAL peniteniary and is forever mocked by losers lames you! If you eat meat, roll over and DIE from your comments on Vick PERIOD!

968 days ago


Michael Vick, dog killer..Some say he served his time..True..unfortunately not enough time for his deeds. I guess that's how "some" rich guys entertain themselves.
Michael Vick, the only quarterback who gets sacked...

968 days ago


BRAVO! BRAVO!!! I want to commend everyone on here who are vehemently defending Michael Vick, the hero of this story. I can't think of a better person, no one, to put my energy into fighting for. Someone so unjustly convicted of animal cruelty, which some clinical experts claim is a gateway to some serial killer tendencies.

Again, let's keep up the fight against those bastards who are not so quick to forgive. Everyone deserves a second chance, just ask Lindsay Lohan, she's had ten second chances and people still hate her for NO reason. Let the hater*****e. Michael Vick, you are an inspiration and we support you. Every time I drown a dog, I ask myself, "How would Michael Vick do it?" Everyone should ask themselves that every day.


968 days ago


Wow TMZ "football stud"...ridiculous!

968 days ago


Why would any sane parent have their kid talking or watching someone like Vick? Vick is a piece of garbage who doesnt deserve to be in the NFL and to have a son or kid look up to him is just shameful.

968 days ago


with all that's going on in the world who gives a s**t about some stupid dogs right now!!!!!

968 days ago
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